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Just a Q to you guy's I have not seen any Bantam opperators on the forum and was wondering how popular they are in Aussie.


Here in SA we have about 100 flying.


Just thought they might be a wee bit slow for the vast country.



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Guest Fred Bear

Hello Agent/Ian,


I used to fly the Bantam out of The Oaks Airstrip in NSW. I am now flying the Jabiru (due to increased comfort,speed and warmth)!!!The Bantam is excellent fun, don't get me wrong just wanted something more comfy to fly in the end. I believe that Holbrook has a Bantam flying there. Not too sure where the others are flying. Looking at the Members Market in our magazine gives us some idea as to where there are other Bantams floating around. One of our Oaks flyers has an X-Air and I believe he has this a/c at Wedderburn.I can try to find out some more info on where there are other Bantams and get back to you but I dare say there are quite a few flying around.



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