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A howdy Hi from South Africa...

Guest ForensicFlyer

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Guest ForensicFlyer

Hey guys,


I'm from SA, getting into flying and looking to learn some form you fine bunch...


How do you feel about South Africans?


Dig us?


Hate us?


Come on - be honest...





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Guest ForensicFlyer

Wow, thanks guys...


Was a bit worried.


Heard some cultures have "un-spoken" animosity to others...


Just wanted to see if I am honestly not in the wrong place.


To answer that question: I travel a lot, so I am in JHB a lot.


I often go to Rand and Grand Central, coz they have better facilities and more aircraft than any private or small airstrip here in CT...


Other than that - I am looking into buying my own plane (light and small, like a SkyRanger) and using it for my business as well (as a company car, type of thing).


I wanted to do my PPL or MPL (or do you call it an UPL?) already but I have an Asthma problem I needed 6 months to sort out first...


Then I'm gonna be up there with the rest of them/you...


I am also looking at imigrating to Oz, and have family there that moved a while ago and a friend in the same industry, so...


So I have some questions...


1. Is there a spot on this site for Non-Aviation-related questions and stuff? Also want to find out more about Oz..


2. Are there any "unspoken" rules I should know about? I'd hate to get BANNED or sumthin...


3. For A/c manufacturers or other pilots - what's the most recommended U/L or M/L for "general" enjoyment AND business use?


Thanks again...


That's me!



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G'day Forensic flyer.


How do I feel about South Africans.


Ive been there and for a while kept wondering why there were so many Dutch tourists, until I realised they were Africaans speaking South Africans.


They frightened me when I ended up in downtown Joburg just on dusk on a sunday evening, not a good time or place for safety. Really they are good people except for the lawless few.


Iv'e got relations in Cape Town and Joburg and they love it. I loved the bush.


Ian Borg



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