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    I find you last comment about areas where planes can't take off or land a bit speculative Jetjr. What reliable factual evidence of this effect is about? Wind farms are not a particularly NEW phenomena. We know mountain Ranges can make turbulence miles away. Mt Fuji for Instance .Standing waves. Tall building in Melbourne don't stop light aircraft and helicopters flying overhead..Nev
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    It does, so brother I will pm you my details so with 2 great minds we can get these aircraft flying
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    Yep. That’s exactly what happened with mine only difference being the cable was the aileron cable not the elevator. Although not not that expensive and not that difficult to replace. Replaced both aileron cables @ $160 ish each plus postage. Easy enough to replace. Undid both ends and stamped the new one to the old one and pushed/pulled the cables through till the new one was in position. And yes - can’t buy them off the manufacturer. I bought one for my autopilot a few years back and spoke to the manufacturers who were very happy and we were almost at the stage of giving him credit card details until he causally asked what it was going into and I said a jabiru aircraft. He instantly went cold and said he would not sell me or deal with me at all. I had to go back to jabiru and order it through them.
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    I've owned several of these head sets. In short they are good value for money, and the warranty excellent. However they are at the lower end of the market, and are no comparison to a Bose or Lightspeed Zulu set for comfort and clarity. Recognising the latter two cost $1000 more than the Rec Flying ones. If you're used to a high end brand, you won't like these ones. If you are on a limited budget they are excellent value for money.
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    For a loooong time. About 10,000 Christians a year are killed in Indo. Some British funded rebels, oops, I meant Assad of course, drops some chemicals on 20 people and war breaks out. I was talking to an Oz who was there (Indo) for a few years doing business and he reckons stick to the 9 to 3 day only. Move around between those times during the day, but stay indoors between 3PM and 9AM, your life is in genuine danger aparently.
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    Well what an eventful day. After getting up this morning and seeing posts from users that I respect saying they were finding the new IPS software platform too complicated to use. I freaked out and thought what have I done. As I have previously said I really like the Xenforo software as it is easy to use but because of that it is very limiting. On the other hand we have a far more powerful platform in IPS. Did you know that I can create any type of new section that users ask for using a feature built in to IPS...it's called Databases. I create a database and add a front end of fields and adjust the default template to suit, that is extraordinary and the key in making Recreational Flying such a powerful resource for everyone. So I ran a poll, even tried to tip it in Xenforo's favour by conducting the poll in the old site however it still came out after 75 or so votes that narly 75% of those users that voted said to stick with IPS...so IPS it is. I also turned on the new Clubs feature. Now that is one powerful addition to the site as it allows not only individual site users to create their own club, could be an aircraft type club like The Drifter Owners Club or a club on anything like the CASA Lovers Club but also any of the flying clubs or Schools out there can represent their club or school here. If they create a club here they can have, manage and administer their own forum, photo gallery, events calendar, promote their sponsors, have file downloads and much more...what a great way to promote their club to the entire recreational aviation community...I call it Facebook Groups on Steroids. I really hope that they will take advantage of this great new feature here on Recreational Flying, and they can even get their own website hosted on our very own dedicated server absolutely FREE from any hosting costs.
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    You must be a CASA approved license holder with a CTA endorsement in either: a VH registered aircraft or; an RAAus aircraft of the approved type. But must also hold a RAAus pilot certificate if flying an RAAus aircraft NO RAAus pilot certificate permits access into CTA.
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    Why is any of that a problem. If you are GA qualified as am I, I hold a radio operator license as I sat that exam in 1980. I can use that to contact ATC at any time as I am a PPL holder. But I cannot enter controlled air space as a PPL in an RAAus aircraft unless that RAAus aircraft is approved into controlled air space e.g. a factory 25 type as an example. Cannot fly a 19 registered RAAus aircarft into controlled air space even as an unrestricted PPL.
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    The lower one is the Ghost of Bomber Past. (Thank you Charles Dickens)
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    A single wind turbine may not cause much of a problem but do remember that there are tip vortices off the blades. Now get an array of turbines and the right wind direction when you pull megawatts out of the air and some of the vortices align and reinforce. I'd give them about 5km clearance on the downwind side. At least. Maybe more under certain weather conditions- low inversion etc As for environmental effects, they are noisy close up and within a few kilometers with infrasound as well. US DOE did a study on this about 20 to 30 years ago and the infrasound causes problems INSIDE houses which are worse than immediately outside. This study seems to have been buried. They kill raptors and bats but the companies get a free pass while a coal or oil or gas company would be heavily fined or shut down. You'd better hope that they produce more energy over their lifetime than went into manufacturing, transporting, installing and maintaining them or your civilisation runs down. Nobody would consider putting up a wind farm (actually they are tax farms) if it wasn't for the subsidies and the fact that the RET means that the power companies MUST buy all the wind energy when it is available. Which means that the coal or gas power station must vary its output and can't make enough money to be economical as it would be happy running at close to full load 24/7. Gas plants which can't vary the load easily are combined cycle plants and are much more efficient than open cycle gas turbine plants which can. With wind you need to provide backup for the times when the wind doesn't blow. Backup can be coal, gas, nuclear, hydro, pumped hydro or batteries. Factor in that expense and the price of electricity is many times that of coal or nuclear generation. If you don't like CO2 go nuke. BTW the climate has been about what it is now for around the last 10,000 years. Sometimes warmer, sometimes colder but on a cooling trend since about 8000 years ago (know as the Holocene optimum). Check out the Greenland ice core record. 20,000 years ago where Chicago is now was under a mile of ice (probably not a bad idea actually). The level of CO2 at the end of the last ice age was getting into the range where a whole class of plants gets stressed and much lower,die. Go to 100ppm and even the plants adapted to low CO2 die. Then all the animals, including us. Now it may be feasible to go "Wind Farms + Solar Farms (PV & Mirror/molten salt) + pumped hydro & batteries" (with occasional blackouts and compulsory demand management) but any company making stuff will re-locate to other jurisdictions outside Australia where only lip service is paid to the green madness, if at all. There won't be any jobs here for you or your kids. The public service is not a wealth generator.