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    Was a great lineup. My wheel was at the front where it should be, but I only came to look. Thanks for the pics.
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    No harm in circuit calls if the channel is not congested. It’s easy to tell whether you are fighting for airtime.
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    Professional aircraft valuation services, backed by almost four decades of experience servicing government, defence, GA, industry and private interests. Authorised by the Australian Taxation Office since 1980 to provide aircraft - and aeronautica - valuation services. prompt and affordable.
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    Last one of those I went to in Toowoomba had two CASA guys more interested in telling us what they had done and who they were. Sorry to say I really didn’t learn anything of interest, to the extent that I wouldn’t really care if I didn’t attend another one. ( Haven’t seen one advertised in Toowoomba lately that I’ve been in a position to attend anyway!)
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    Quite right. There are no mandatory calls in CTAF unless to avoid a collision. All are advisory. I give a 10 mile call & an overhead call. If there is no-one else in the circuit that's it. On takeoff I give entering/ backtrack (with intentions) & rolling calls. When there is other traffic I call each leg in the circuit or departing call when leaving.
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    Read the small print. You could have ordered several othe r items for the same postage.
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    To me, it was a good experience to spread to other new pilots with low hours. Thanks for telling it. I like your quote about doubt. That's rather good.
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    To me it means you need more cross wind experience and not that you shouldn't fly in crosswind conditions. Be aware of only flying in good weather with good winds. It locks you in to a very narrow and dangerous skill set. Going out for day flights and cross countries you WILL run into adverse conditions. Either at your destination on upon return....... Best to have the skills up to handle it....
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    Yep, that...and gravity...are wonderfully reliable things.....)
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    If you watch the YouTube videos on heavy equipment accidents the first reaction might be that these Chinese and Asian operators are fools. But they are getting things done like we used to do 50 years ago. Putting diggers on the sides of mountains, trying to drive dozers through flooded ravines. Some them get killed, but we all gotta die somehow. Meanwhile they build a freeway in a few months that takes us five or ten years.
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