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    I have a somewhat different take on this. Everybody wants something for nothing or at best, cheap. Take my club; $130 an hour ( instruction is by volunteers and our L4 does a good deal with the club) so you could solo for about $1500 to 2000 with club joining fee of $450. At such a low price we take students from the schools in our area. So does this work out for our club? NO! We have 4 Jabs churning thru students with training 6 days per week. But the bottom line is many of these would be aviators tick it off their bucket list once they have gone solo. We never see them again; it was cheap; volunteers look after the fleet and grounds; time to tick off the next task on that bucket list. I feel that if you don't work for it or it is cheap, others don't appreciate it as they just use you up so long as you get what you want. We also run a gliding operation and we were overwhelmed with TIF customers running the cfi and instructors into the ground ( we picked up very few students as a result) so in the end we put a 50% increase on the cost and we had a few less TIFs but revenue was the same and less burnout. I wish we did this with Rec Aviation. Flying is expensive; Pay What It Is Worth. This will ensure that the flying business survives. Ken
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    You can’t legislate common sense and a safety culture - if both (or either) are missing pieces of paper mean zero. It is a developed industry and will be defended to the death by individuals making money by writing heaps of paper to justify their existence but in the end someone has to do the actual work or in our case actually fly the aeroplane or the paper shufflers cease to exist. I can forecast some of the replies but will not entertain their attempted justification, life goes on with or without the tree destroyers (some actuall claim to be greenies as well).
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    Most are small businesses who are simply cutting and pasting to fulfill a legislative or contractual obligation - probably with their fingers crossed. It is only large companies (and government - checkout how much your local council spends on WHS) that can genuinely implement SMS. And BTW the ubiquitous yellow (orange sometimes) and blue are only worn as they are cheap and they get you on to work sites without a fuss. I doubt that, because they are so commonplace now (ie functional blindness) they improve a workers visibility.
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    ............. very low level flight
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    Forced in at a rapid pace may also disappear with a relatively short break. away from flying . CONSOLIDATION has to happen. That is putting your learned skills into practical use comfortably and confidently for a reasonable time. More than 2 hours of inflight instruction a day of other than X country is a bit intense at the ab initeo stages. You certainly will not get value for money on a concentrated session of over one hour. You should be briefed and debriefed each session. or you aren't getting the right treatment. If the guy/gal says (taxiing out,) what did you do last time you flew? you are at the wrong school or the instructor is having a bad day. You are wasting YOUR money. Nev
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    Just like in the building industry where most people just tick the safety paperwork off as "done". It is very rarely read much less interrogated with any vigor.
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    I'd have to say he's got a major undercarriage problem there. It's obviously loaded beyond the manufacturers specifications. 😨
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    Thank you sir ! A pleasure to hear you with positive feed back, ! I'm happy to read people's opinion on here but thought this needed more facts ! I can join another school and teach any time I feel like it and probably make more money but I have my own style, don't stick to exact time always give a little extra because I love to fly, I have my own strip with no waiting, disadvantage is I have to mow it !
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    You guys are on the ball. You must have been great pupils.
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