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    Ian, I and all I converse with and I am sure 99.99% of the Forum Members wholly appreciate Yours and Corrines precious Time and Effort you give to provide this Forum for us and the marketing of Pilots needs through Clear Prop. I have Donated to the forum in the Past and I will do so again now.
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    Clouds, military airspace is considered Class C (or CTA), by asking for and accepting a clearance your actually breaking the regulations set for RA-AUS. While military aircraft don't fall under CASA, civil aircraft operating in military airspace does (as too military ATC and the airspace).
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    Older models had deflectors on top of cylinders, most recent advice from Jabiru is to remove them altogether i think Fitted underneath they do stabilise temps. 21 lph is quite low, Hoping EGT around 700 deg? Valves can be a problem. Cht temps to 180 is approaching permanent damage level to Jabiru heads Theres a good instructions from Jabiru USA on these top of duct deflectors
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    An all Queensland NRL grand final! Those southern states are were they should be. OUT!. Graeme.
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    What does 'want to be RA' mean? I don't have any tribal identity with RA. I just want to fly an aircraft that I like to places I want to go. I don't have any ideological objections to using an RPL or RPC to do so. Why would a pilot, flying an LSA or similar aircraft, not want to use an RPL to enter CTA? - fear of CTA - ideological hatred of CASA - expense of training - expense / inability to obtain a medical - inability to pass training If you claim it is for a safety benefit, and you're unwilling to pay an insignificant amount of money (compared to the cost of aviation in general) for the training/medical, then you're being unwisely frugal. (this goes for anyone who hasn't done unusual attitude training!)
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    Whenever I and my mates made decisions to do something silly late at night, there was always a common factor, and it wasn't red cordial!
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    Save you worrying about a motel. You go straight to gaol do not collect $200. Nev
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    I apologise to you, Downunder, for any way in which you might have been offended, but I stand by the inference of my comment. If a person puts an allegation before a jury of the person's peers, then they must expect to obtain a verdict. We have listened to the Plaintiff, and the reply of the Defendant. All I have done, albiet rather more forcefully than some think appropriate, is to state my verdict in favour of the Defendant. I took the opportunity to express my suggestion for the manner in which Costs should be borne by the Plaintiff. Old Man Emu
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    FWIW I have had orders with Aircraft Spruce, the world's largest supplier of aviation supplies, delayed months often without notice. Manufacturers and wholesalers of specialist goods work on tiny volumes even they can't get stock when they want it.
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    Transiting is fine . to avoid "tiger" country. Believing that there won't be problems with mixing it with congested areas of big stuff is ignoring a real possiblity. Keep the cost and the fallout to those who have pushed it. The RPL was ruined, medical wise by the need for access to controlled airspace.. If I don't use it I don't want to pay extra "potentially LARGE" costs for someone else who is doing something I don't believe in. Plenty of GA planes never go there, and you shouldn't be flying single engined planes over congested residential areas, at low level.. I'm not speaking from a position of not flying in CTA. MOST of my flying was in CTA. Held a ME IFR for well over 25 years. I can't think of anything MORE removed from what we stand for. WE should concentrate in not penetrating controlled airspace but gain more access to airspace they don't have to have. Special VFR procedures to get into places should be investigated where the location suits it. Nev
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