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    I can't quite believe I am reading this thread. I think anyone who has been on this forum for a while recognises the significant contribution that Ian has made to the Australian recreational aviation community. I'd hate to think how many hrs and $$$ have been poured into this effort and I for one am willing to say good on you Ian for all you do even though I have not met you in person. It is an unfortunate fact that it is impossible to please everybody. If it is any consolation though, this thread caused me to go to the Clear Prop Shop and browse around to become more familiar with the range of products you offer. When purchasing products either personally or for my maintenance workshop I will now try to keep in mind your product range and will now try and consider you a 'preferred supplier' if I am faced with a choice of suppliers for a particular product. I hope that anyone who appreciates this forum will try and do the same, thus supporting both Ian and this website.
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    Coming from an military family (father in the RAF and RAAF in WW2, RAN after the war), I wish the damn politicians (and the festering media) would stop revealing what our lads and lasses in uniform are going to do, where they are going to do it, and the weappns systems they are going to do it with! It is the most apalling breach of military security. You don't go telling your enemies via the media what resources and assets you are comitting to a fight, and you certainly don't show them the faces of those who are going to be in the front-line. This is madness driven by populism! Yet this is exactly what politicians - and the media - are doing. The definition of treason in this country is far too narrow for the country's own good. My best wishes to all our servicemen and women, no matter where their duties take them. Thank you for your service. Come home safe.
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    Ian, I and all I converse with and I am sure 99.99% of the Forum Members wholly appreciate Yours and Corrines precious Time and Effort you give to provide this Forum for us and the marketing of Pilots needs through Clear Prop. I have Donated to the forum in the Past and I will do so again now.
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    Ada Elle, I can see that you are emotionally attached to your dream of getting your PPL because only then will you have a 'real' licence to fly. Don't worry, you are not alone with that attitude. You also don't own an aircraft. I do. It just so happens that an RA aircraft was the one I chose, so I have no need for a PPL. My wife and I have flown that aircraft around Australia four or five times since we retired, into and out of many major airports. It fits our needs perfectly. In the past my wife took on all the responsibility of flying in CTA. She happens to have a 'real' licence as opposed to the RPC I got by sending in the box tops off six cereal packets with the prescribed fee. Our situation has changed slightly so now I need to do the CTA flying and as a result I had to obtain the endorsement. So you infer that I have an ideological objection to using the RPL. That is patently ludicrous. I have no such objection. That is what I had to do. Of course you know for all the reasons you have stated in the past that an RA pilot has nowhere near the standard of flying or knowledge required to fly into a controlled airport, even those who had an exemption to fly in controlled airspace and controlled airports when they were students. You know that an RA pilot would never have the skill to fly a circuit under the direction of an air traffic controller or safely transit some busy traffic lane because RA pilots just don't do that sort of thing and if they want to they should get a PPL because then everyone will know that they can fly. Have I got is right? So let's look at the facts. Why do I need to hold two licences? Where is the logic of that? I fly an aircraft that could be registered RA or GA, and I hold the required certification to fly in CTA. Until McCormack arrived RA was almost at the stage of being given CTA privilege. You must have been relieved to see that that didn't happen. That was the reason I didn't go on to get my PPL. I had no need. I had my plane, I had my certificate to fly and I was about to be given CTA privileges. Let's look at the other nonsense you has stated ... Why would a pilot, flying an LSA or similar aircraft, not want to use an RPL to enter CTA? - fear of CTA No, no fear of CTA. Precisely the opposite. - ideological hatred of CASA No, where on earth does that idea come from? RA is licensed under CASA. - expense of training No, the money has already been spent and it would be spent regardless of which organisation issues the authority. - expense / inability to obtain a medical No, I have the medical and would have required a class 2 medical under the original proposal anyway. - inability to pass training No, I have successfully undertaken the training. Five Nos! Of course the simple answer to your rhetorical question is ... "Because I feel I should be able to use my RPC." This demonstrates conclusively that you have no grasp of what we are discussing. Either that or you are just having another go at stirring the pot, as has been suggested in the past by others. Wow! That is cool! I can see that, once again, logic is not your strong suite. Let's see if I have what you are saying right. If I pay an insignificant amount of money, say $3K to $4K, and get my medical and have my RPL, I can now safely fly my RA aircraft into CTA. If I spend the same insignificant amount of money (for the same training) and get my medical and the endorsement was added to my RPC I am not safe to fly my RA aircraft into CTA. Hmm! Then there's the sting in the tail, regardless of my training I'm unwisely frugal if I haven't undertaken unusual attitude training! Where did that gem come from?
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    I have said several times here that we have been promised new stock of the recreational flying headsets arriving "in just a couple of days" by the manufacturer for over a month now, in fact i paid $12,000 for the order a couple of months ago. Sure enough, the day i give up on them will be the day they arrive. My wife Corrine who is running the shop whilst i work in Canberra is doing her best and she advised me the other day to issue a refund which i haven't done hoping the headsets would arrive that day. So it is my fault that i didn't do it on the spot however Corrine told me that you are most nasty person she has ever had the displeasure of talking to and your bully tactics to my wife, to any female, is completely disgusting. Corrine is the most gentle lady there is and would just take your abuse than to even think about hanging up. This vast recreational flying web site resource is provided to everyone free of charge because of the shop and my mobile phone number is plastered around this site in many places for anyone to ring me direct in the evening. The shop is NOT a business to make money from but to provide the cheapest possible products to recreational aviators who fly NOT as a business but for fun and the small contribition the shop makes pays the costs of this site for you. The alternative, drop the shop and charge the site out as a subsciption...who loses then, all brought about by a handful of arrogant aholes who think the world owes them everything. Sure, the shop could provide you everything you want when you want them but you would pay higher prices as a business with the normal associated business costs but again who loses. Both Corrine and I do our best to provide you with cheaper aviation products and a valuable huge recreational aviation resource of Recreational Flying AT NO COST TO YOU. I earn enough money for the family so why should I be bothered doing all this...I do it to try and help everyone including aholes like YOU and for nothing in return
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    OK, As promised, a follow up from my 'help wanted' thread with details of the ferry flight I was on. Being based at Taree, I'm close to Olie Hartmann (Australian Aircraft Kits and Gary Morgan (Morgan Aeroworks). Every now and then, either of these two will end up with a plane to be delivered, returned or ferried for whatever reason, and if they are busy at the time, they ask if I could fly an aircraft to wherever it needs to go. This time around was to be my longest trip yet, deliver a refurbished AAK Hornet Cub to Bond Springs, just north of Alice Springs. Not being the fastest ultralight around, I really needed to pick the weather for this one and unfortunately, a byproduct of optimum conditions for this trip would really mean crap weather on the east coast. With a tangle of multi centred Low pressure systems and attendant ridges and fronts, it was still a bit of a guess to pick the exact window. The trip would take a minimum of two days, and if I timed it right, my retrieve crew might also get a tailwind back. Naturally none of the above occurred. The more cautious route would be from Taree, WSW toward South Australia (probably Broken Hill), then around to the NW and upwards (Coober Pedy or abouts) and on up to Alice. Unfortunately the typically stable pattern of a High pressure cell over the Bight negates any chance of tailwinds for more than one day. The next alternative is to follow an 'anti clockwise' direction from Taree which would head more towards Bourke, then onwards towards Birdsville, then Alice. As expected on the day, weather at Taree was pretty dismal, but instead of blowing the howling South Easterly as predicted, the wind was still from the South West. I was tempted to wait another day (and in hindsight, it's still a mixed decision) but assumed the weather would be better once past the Dividing Range (called the Barringtons in our area). Tracking for Narrabri, I came across a wall of weather just before leaving the Barringtons, which caused me to track SW. This had me tracking towards Tamworth CTA, so I had to divert further South, and ended up heading towards Quirindi (never realised exactly where that was, Hi SDQDI) where I landed to access the situation, and get a warmer jumper out of the back! With the wind still strong from the SW, heading for Bourke was going to be a struggle, better to use the weather and gain some Northern lattitude for the rest of that day, so I continued towards Narrabri and looking at Walgett. Still a strong SW wind at Narrabri, I decided to keep going North and tracked on to Moree, where I posted my 'assistance request' post, after finding a minor problem with the engine. I contacted the team back at AAK, and it was decided to send out a guy with more tools than I had, and make sure the problem was totally resolved there, instead of having to send a warrantee crew to Alice! Day two dawned with the wind finally deciding to blow in the right direction, and blow it did! Departing Moree about midday with a 15~20kt tailwind, I tracked to regain my original goal of Thargomindah, assuming I would land at Cunnamulla. Within view of Cunnamulla, and with three GPS units, good fuel gauges, a fuel flow meter and the relevant maps, I crunched the numbers and figured I could still make Thargomindah, where I arrived half an hour before sunset, with reserves. Up early the next morning and off towards Birdsville, still with the 20kt tailwind. There really is a lot of Nothing out of Birdsville towards Alice, but it's not the hot, dry, parched desert that everyone expects. There's an amount of foliage on the ground and lines of scrub trees in the long dunes, that run for miles in either direction. Some of the dunes even have small creeks in them that even from 6,000 feet, looked to have water in them. With the survival gear I had and my RAAF training, I could probably kick back and take it easy for a week or so if I had to land. Biggest problem would have been the cold!, although there looked to be plenty of wood to burn. Reached Bond Springs after 17.9 hours flying time over three days, $590.00 worth of fuel (not counting the full tanks I left Taree with) and $217.00 worth of accommodation. I've yet to find out what the retrieve flight will cost in a Twin Commanchee, but I saw the pilot put in $500.00 worth at Thargomindah, although he said we could have made it non-stop, but not with IFR reserves, so we topped up. Now for some pictures; Terrain around Thargomindah. Filled up at Birdsville. Rows of dunes out in the Simpson. Arrived Bond Springs, might be a hard plane to find out there ? Phone image of my log sheet. Summery, not a lot of adventure, just a lot of flying...
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    Well don't splurge too much if you jumped off a burning Jetstar flight, you might only end up with a voucher for a free coke.
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    I thought there was personal abuse rules?
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    I have purchased several products from the clear prop shop. I have never had a problem. I do have a habit of asking if a product is in stock before I order, but I do that with all my online purchases. If you order something that is not in stock then you must expect delays that is why I ask first.
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    Clouds, military airspace is considered Class C (or CTA), by asking for and accepting a clearance your actually breaking the regulations set for RA-AUS. While military aircraft don't fall under CASA, civil aircraft operating in military airspace does (as too military ATC and the airspace).
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    K-man, I don't quite follow, why would you not just get the RPL now then or is your argument that RAA should have CTA access and that's it ? Also because Airservices can't get RAA info on registered owners this would also become a barrier as they want to charge ! Do you agree ? I thought that Ada Elle made sense in her Questioning ( for once ) and I think you were a little harsh on her. Before you go off at me I'm only interested in the reason for not getting a RPL as Ada was asking and believe you are saying why should you have two licences ? My reason for wanting transit rights only for RAA and not full access is to increase safety in passing Coffs and Williamtown as examples, if full access was granted we then start having regulations on the standard of the aircraft increased and before we know it we are GA reinvented because if you look back in time that's how RAA got to exist because of what we couldn't do and slowly we are getting all those things ! Years ago you couldn't cross a road ! I am worried about the future of the freedom of RAA and what SASAO is doing is watching us likes Hawks to justify their existance. Your argument is fine but are you not wanting all freedoms of GA on an RAA budget ? Which would be fine for a while until the costs go up and the regulations esculate and effects everyone flying RAA that don't use or need CTA. I also have a REAL licence, and have to do Two Bi- annual reviews as I hold an instructor rating, plus class 2 medical so it's a pain but that's the game, but the benefit is I have a plane in the shed and can fly anywhere I want and the best part I can maintain it ! That to me is a big advantage and to be more specific I am a Motor Mechanic by trade or for want of a better title an Automotive Engineer, when my GA plane was serviced I always found faults they had made so I always tried to stay with it and watch and help. I also worked on other aircraft helping LAMEs and I consider myself competent. If I could not maintain my aircraft I would not bother any more and hire aircraft is not an option for me as when I have preflighted I find things neglected and that's GA as well. I'm not saying all LAMEs are bad just human as I've seen plenty of auto mechanics make mistakes including myself. If CTA was granted we may get forced into more stringent maintence inspections and in my opinion this will add cost and not nessecarily make it any safer but more dangerous in my opinion.
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    Three of us flew up to Millawa for lunch today. Beautiful weather and the most scenic flight. I'll see if you guys can recognise where these are taken.
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    That's a shame, I thought it might be a good solution for Bruce's dilemma. Don't worry though, I didn't break any RAAus regulations, actually RAAus didn't even exist back then. What I described was during a five month trip I did in a Drifter in the 1980s from SEQ to the Top End and back. I requested dispensations from DCA/CAA (can't recall which it was called then) to enter the mil airspace because I didn't have sufficient range otherwise, and they told me to request clearances direct from the bases' control, so it was all above board and with the regulator's knowledge. Here's a pic of me being refuelled at Tindal Air Base near Katherine NT -
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    Older models had deflectors on top of cylinders, most recent advice from Jabiru is to remove them altogether i think Fitted underneath they do stabilise temps. 21 lph is quite low, Hoping EGT around 700 deg? Valves can be a problem. Cht temps to 180 is approaching permanent damage level to Jabiru heads Theres a good instructions from Jabiru USA on these top of duct deflectors
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    One of my other projects is to build an aircraft engine out of a BMW bike engine. This idea spawned from the german company takeoff which does a lot of these conversions in the EU. This is going to be a pusher setup for my Tornado using an Ivoprop. I have RT engine with 8000miles from a cop bike and RS motor with 24000 miles. The BMW engine is a good choice for a aero conversion, its a well engineered engine compared to most auto conversions, everything in it is extremely well made, the photos don't convey the feeling of quality in all the components. 95HP @ 7250 rpm 100NM @ 5500 rpm 2.5:1 gearbox vibration isolator in the gearbox 35% air cooled and 65% oil cooled engine has 2 oil systems with one dedicated to cooling the engine less than 80KGs ready to fly ECU with 2 ignition systems I have started placing things in there positions working out how to fit it all together...
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    An all Queensland NRL grand final! Those southern states are were they should be. OUT!. Graeme.
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    Hi all, after spending days looking at the forum it is probably time to do the jump. Xavier from Darwin, flying a homebuild Savannah VG 80HP from YMKT, working on the Nav Endo at present in the beautiful Top End. Cheers, Xavier
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    Funny about your interpretation of service. Yes years ago Clear Prop did provide charts and that was because people wanted charts when they ordered other things. Air services and others sold charts but you paid extra with shipping, in fact Air Services shipping of charts don't provide the normal low cost shipping options that Clear Prop provides. Extremely expensive when buying 1 or 2 charts and having to pay $15 shipping. So to provide you with cheaper shipping and the ability of including charts with your order we went out and got them for you, not making any money from them and in fact costing us in time and petrol so they could be bundled into your order for no extra shipping and to enhance safety by making it easier to have the latest charts. In fact we kept 1 of each of the most popular ones in stock knowing very well that they were not sale or return and we would lose money on them come update time if we hadn't sold them but if we did sell that 1 that someone wanted the day before, who got there order straight away, we had to go and get another one. Now if that isn't extreme customer service and really going over the top I don't know what more Clear Prop could do for recreational aviators...seems people's interpretation of service is over ruled by their desire to be antagonistic
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    Camel, I have my RPL. The reason I have gone on to get my PPL is that I own my own aircraft and it is exactly the aircraft I want to fly. It just happens to be registered RA. My arguement is that RA pilots should be able to get CTA endorsement on their RA licence as was originally going to happen before McCormack pulled the plug about four or five years back. I'm not sure what Airservices are going to charge for if I fly into CTA. Why would me flying into a controlled airport on an RPC cost more than flying in on an RPL or a PPL for that matter? Ada Elle has been belittling the RPC in many threads so this is nothing new. Harsh? Perhaps, but can you explain the rationale for me to be required to hold two licences to fly the same plane under certain conditions. Remember, I have an RPL so it's not that I am against getting one. It is just that I believe RA should have the same endorsement if it satisfies the same requirements as the RPL. And the sky might fall in tomorrow. Really, if you are concerned that that may happen, surely it will be the RA aircraft in question that would be subjected to the more rigorous requirements. You've lost me totally. What are the costs of GA that I'm not paying now? The RA budget is the reduced cost of servicing the aircraft and if I wasn't an owner I would be paying about the same as a GA pilot. I can't disagree with that. I also now have to do two BFRs, one of which will be in an aircraft I fly once every 2 years. Perhaps you can explain the logic of that. And, FWIW, I stay with my aircraft as it is serviced too.
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    What does 'want to be RA' mean? I don't have any tribal identity with RA. I just want to fly an aircraft that I like to places I want to go. I don't have any ideological objections to using an RPL or RPC to do so. Why would a pilot, flying an LSA or similar aircraft, not want to use an RPL to enter CTA? - fear of CTA - ideological hatred of CASA - expense of training - expense / inability to obtain a medical - inability to pass training If you claim it is for a safety benefit, and you're unwilling to pay an insignificant amount of money (compared to the cost of aviation in general) for the training/medical, then you're being unwisely frugal. (this goes for anyone who hasn't done unusual attitude training!)
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    Whenever I and my mates made decisions to do something silly late at night, there was always a common factor, and it wasn't red cordial!
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    If you haven't seen a part 61 licence, it consist of about 5 A4 pages which must all be divided into quarters and put in a licence holder in the correct order. The American FAA licence is the same size as an RAAus certificate.
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    Suggest this 12 lph install was mine, kind of the true story...... After significant time and evaluation it seems elect pump and flow sensor are the problem, particularly the flow sensor. Despite apperances there is almost no head differential from wing tanks to carb at AOA and long lengths of 1/4 hose burnng what there is. EGT monitoring should pick up this problem, my experience ( totally separate issue) with low flow says if it is a problem EGT levels go very high vey quickly I do have an issue with the way Jab plumb fuel filter upstream of boost pump in new versions. Some time spent rooting around now sees 38 lph and scope to improve further if required.. With elect boost theres 90 lph so limited risk as it is used in most high use phases. Withou EGT monitoring , could eaaily account for some engine losses.
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    So I'm guessing if you have a bad experience with a store you can have a whinge about ,unless the store owner does some stuff for free ,then you need to suck it up , personally I bought some charts from clear prop about 6-7 years ago ,took so long I ended up calling to see what was up , turns out they had to go to another retailer ,buy the stuff, then post it on to me,,,,,lesson for me was just go to the well known suppliers first up,,,,but hey ,if someone does enough free stuff I guess bad service doesn't matter.
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    Save you worrying about a motel. You go straight to gaol do not collect $200. Nev
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    no rules were good rules. ask and ye shall receive, just do it 28 days in advance. good old days sigh
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    I apologise to you, Downunder, for any way in which you might have been offended, but I stand by the inference of my comment. If a person puts an allegation before a jury of the person's peers, then they must expect to obtain a verdict. We have listened to the Plaintiff, and the reply of the Defendant. All I have done, albiet rather more forcefully than some think appropriate, is to state my verdict in favour of the Defendant. I took the opportunity to express my suggestion for the manner in which Costs should be borne by the Plaintiff. Old Man Emu
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    Yep and sometimes you got to put some things in the hard basket and go with simplicity. It's a nice thought modern technology and better fuel economy but at what expense.
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    Cool Cyclists in Queensland have it made. They have right of way over everyone now. If a cyclist rides into the side of my 65 tonne B/Double then technically I am in the wrong. It is a legal requirement now for me to give him 1 metre clearance, so if he hits me then I am in the wrong. So as the cyclist of the air can I demand to be given a wide berth by everyone else.
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    Agree .When you politicise involvement in military events you on a low level of morality. The servicemen might not like it but can't comment and often can't really resign, either. Nev
  32. 1 point
    FWIW I have had orders with Aircraft Spruce, the world's largest supplier of aviation supplies, delayed months often without notice. Manufacturers and wholesalers of specialist goods work on tiny volumes even they can't get stock when they want it.
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    Perhaps you simply did ring the wrong number and are blaming your error on my wife...if that is what you said on the phone why wouldn't Corrine, not knowing who you were, say no this is not Clear Prop. If you paid by credit card then you will have to supply the credit card number as for security all credit card purchases are done directly in the westpac bank servers and we only know the last 4 numbers so please PM me the card number. No need for the card date or any other info.
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    Transiting is fine . to avoid "tiger" country. Believing that there won't be problems with mixing it with congested areas of big stuff is ignoring a real possiblity. Keep the cost and the fallout to those who have pushed it. The RPL was ruined, medical wise by the need for access to controlled airspace.. If I don't use it I don't want to pay extra "potentially LARGE" costs for someone else who is doing something I don't believe in. Plenty of GA planes never go there, and you shouldn't be flying single engined planes over congested residential areas, at low level.. I'm not speaking from a position of not flying in CTA. MOST of my flying was in CTA. Held a ME IFR for well over 25 years. I can't think of anything MORE removed from what we stand for. WE should concentrate in not penetrating controlled airspace but gain more access to airspace they don't have to have. Special VFR procedures to get into places should be investigated where the location suits it. Nev
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    Even then it can be managed. We blew a tire landing at Broome and stopped dead in the middle of the active runway. I actually had the aircraft off the runway before the local guys arrived to offer assistance. Apart from being busy, controlled airports are no big deal. Controlled airspace is no big deal. As long as you do what you are trained to do it normally works like clockwork. To think that trained RA pilots are going to cause mayhem in controlled airspace is a red herring. RA should have access to CTA and in the very near future I'm sure they will be given that privilege for those who are prepared to undertake a small amount of additional training.
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    I will try to remember to take some pics next time I rig. Hopefully tomorrow.
  37. 1 point
    My Blonde Lady neighbour has two Rottweilers, called Rolex, and Timex. I said "What sort of names are those ? " She said,. . ."Helooooooo , duh, they're Watch dogs stupid " I'll get me coat. . . . .
  38. 1 point
    How about asking Ian first for a reason before dumping on him and the business.?
  39. 1 point
    Thank God ( no I don't actually own a Rolex ) but I think you already guessed that.
  40. 1 point
    $3 nz at local club. Diesel $1.50 nz so at 10 liters per hour I will fly that one
  41. 1 point
    In the Pacific the P-38s were told not to engage with the Zero as it was much more manoeuvrable, however the P-38s nose armament ( 30 cal and Cannon) was far superior, so the Zeros had no chance against that. The intercept of Yamamotos' Betty bomber was only made possible with the help of Charles Lindberg who was then an engineering advisor for the Allison V12 engines. Now well into his 40s, he flew as a civilian non-combatant with a frontline P-38 Fighter group to teach the much younger pilots how to best lean out the Allison's, which gave them the required range for the long- range intercept of Yamamoto. During this time in the P-38s he shot down one of the best Zero aces of the war after the Ace and two others had run his other P-38 friends out of ammo. After two of the three Zeros had been shot down the third attacked Lindberg, who had no choice but to let loose. The Jap had attempted a head-on ramming of Lindbergs ' P-38 which proved a fatal mistake, as Lindberg still had full ammo. He also flew the Corsair in this theatrer during this time which was one of his favourite aircraft. He had done the test flying in the Corsair and P-47 Thunderbolt, another of his favourites. After some R&R in Brisbane ( Gen Macarther had ordered him to Brisbane after he shot the Jap ace down....he thought he was in big trouble, but Macarther just wanted to meet the legend )...he went to Eagle Farm to select a fighter in which to fly back to PNG. He selected a P-47 and filed non-stop Eagle Farm to Port Morsbey.....the line office refusing to accept it saying the Thunderbolt didn't have that range. They accepted one from Eagle Farm to Cairns. He flew the aircraft non-stop Eagle Farm to one of the allied strips on the north coast of PNG !. He was actually a trained US Army combat pilot ( Capt/ Col) Lindberg, but was too late to see service in WW1. Refer.: The wartime diaries of Charles Lindberg......which is a great read.
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    Strewth closer look and this happened yesterday. pre lim out already https://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2015/aair/ao-2015-110.aspx
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    Hopefully about to transform from ugly duckling to less ugly duck!
  44. 1 point
    did my conversion at Adelaide Biplanes, they have the process sorted, minimum fuss, accepted all previous Navs etc, sent the paperwork in (including ASIC application) on April 30 and received my License today. Whole process was very easy. Now just have to finish the Onex! Peter
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    he's obviously not interested in the Australian market, perhaps Jabiroo could have a go at the top end market!
  46. 1 point
    AT LAST a pic of a gyro with "proper" wheels:thumb up:
  47. 1 point
    I'd feel a heck of a lot safer with the Yamaha than the 1300 cc Harley.....
  48. 1 point
    I think these engines have been used in the USA before, or maybe earlier models. Another bike engine used was the Honda Goldwing engine, they kept the gearbox, using 2nd gear as a reduction drive.
  49. 0 points
    indeed a very sad read (without being direspectful)! makes me think though, what human factors are involved here. why would the pilot put himself and the lives of others in such a situation considering his unlicensed/no medical and very low time in such an aircraft and no flight plan filed. i wonder what was happening during those rapid decent and claims! RIP
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    It was <half a GB but with a it of a clean out now about 2GB. that's another thing,with the new IOS, I've only got 12gb available. Looks like the software take up allot more room.
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