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    Some of my experiences with retail customers - Customer 1. "My gizmo didn't come with a ops manual and I can't believe that you don't carry them." "Where did you purchase the unit from sir, perhaps they can assist" "That's why I'm here, I bought it online from Zambia" Customer 2. " I didn't want to pay your price so I bought it online" Same customer a week later " just wondering if you have any jobs going as my son has just finished year 12 and is looking for work" Customer 3 "I have this brand new unit which has the wrong software for this region can you upgrade it. It's new so why should I pay to have it upgraded" "Where did you purchase it sir" "Online from the U.S. They said any dealer over here will upgrade it FOC" Customer 4. "Thanks for spending the last hour of your time explaining the operation to me, however I can another outlet in Melbourne $7 cheaper" So, Marty and Riley if you wonder why I'm bitter and twisted...... PS, Riley, I'm a bit taken back by your "love and kisses". I don't know you. Maybe we should date a bit before taking the next step. Cheers to all
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    Oh come on! Documenting a discussion and sign a form before 15 yr old student goes solo! What are we becoming? Did the parents not think junior would go solo one day? Perhaps we should have a discussion, documentation session every night. Lots of people die in bed you know.
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    I got blue pills to help with that
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    Oh the price of popularity ...... Have to see my schedule over the next couple of days ....
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    i dunno, most CR500's with a new ring every now and then would make it past 500 hours pretty easy.... and with 240hp, you wouldn't be running it very hard very often... the big issue here would be how it could handle a heavy fly wheel/prop and crank shaft strength... I reckon this would only cost $5,000...so if i was a home builder id be considering it or variations at some point... 4 cylinders of two stroke is a lot more reliable than two or one... This could become a first world suicide vest
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    Pretty short sighted to rule out vh reg aircraft.
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    swirl remover works well on polycarbonate, should work well on other plastics
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    Jesus, Australia is getting more like America everyday.
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    Don't like the breaking, but them's the brakes. Nev
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