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    Sorry for the long reply but I eventually get to the punch line I believe this required a systematic resolution without fear or favor on the part of the community affected by the Jabiru ban. We can be as objective and non witch hunt or department bashing as we like but is not going to prevent this from happening again. Since the initial thread comment from me, I have had an avalanche of emails and in a cursory view across the board, there are a number of big picture common denominators. There are no clean skins in this and Jabiru are not without a healthy dose of contribution to their problem. I suppose that's life. However if this is the way the department deals with the aviation community as a default position, I would be really concerned if I made my living in that industry or ran an enterprise. In my day gig industry, the industry body I am a board member of deals with the ACMA and ERAC regarding safety and compliance issues. Compared to the landscape I have seen so far with aviation.... the difference is night and day. So I will get to the point that will undercut the Jab engines and everything else I am seeing. The GA aviation industry is a disparate assortment of groups, interests, enterprises and individuals. There is a collection of associations that represent small sectors and push their own barrows to address whatever squeaky wheel is annoying them. A government department having do deal with that rabble is going to get frustrated and chart their own course. In the presence of groups with contrary motivations and no clear industry cohesion, any guesses what we'll get? That's what we have now. Yes we can bang on about Jabiru (and I will given a complete report), this will not solve the big and more landscape issues of the decline of the industry. The only long term viable answer is to have a real industry Peak Body. Governments and departments have to listen to them or suffer a PR flogging naming names and clarifying issues in the popular media. Though with an effective Peak Body, it generally doesn't get to that because things get resolved around a table. We have an opportunity now to create a real industry Peak Body comprising all the stake holders of GA/Training/RAA/Sport and agricultural aviation and also the manufacturing sector. The existing associations will need to be on board. If this is done with the participation from the groups and a well considered association constitution, board, policy and a hit list of things to do, we will get somewhere. Did I hear someone say "Too hard, it will fragment into special interests and politics?" That is not a foregone conclusion. I have seen it done and participated in the creation of functional industry body made up of people who initially didn't like each other at all. It was a get together or face a collapse of a vital section of the industry due to a massive government screw up. (The spectrum sell off). Their mutual interest overrode the industry politics. In the end, we had the department with us and now have a great relationship what works for everybody. As for the board, they all now get on well, so it can be done. So that's it - form a Peak Body. If we don't, sports and recreational aviation manufacturing will go, the costs will go up, education will decline or stagnate into a sausage factory for foreign students etc. etc. Also this is not a good outcome for CASA either. I am going to float this around every communication hub I can find. Any suggestions? Frankus [email protected] So..... Put a peak body together or expect more of the same.
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    Hi all nice people here , just landed as says the admin here, and happy to feel being in an intelligent community , with the wish I could be useful and meet the people who are the same to me , Am a Persian Origin made in Iran as we say joking about , grew up studied professionalized and started social life business carrier in France and Spain, Am an Automotive Polytechnic. professionalized at diagnostic repair and maintenance of Electronic, Hydraulic, Mechanic, Injection, Carburetor CNG LPG applied to Automotive Also 2 years study related to civil and light personal aviation,in France Since 2005 running my Company dealing with Import Export as the Consultant Buyer Office
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    Yes, the responders above are all the "nice people", and I'm the "intelligent community". Welcome :-)
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    No. it's not a silly idea. I just don't know where you'd find a computer controlled machining facility. But really, once you've prepared the blank it isn't very difficult to finish it yourself. If you don't feel comfortable using spokeshaves & chisels, etc, you can do quite a lot of wood removal with a coarse rotary sanding disc, as others have suggested. Why not go & buy some cheapo pine planks from Bunnings Aviation Dept, lay up 3 laminates, & have a go at a prop? You can put a clock in it afterwards & sell it on Fleabay & the whole exercise won't cost you a cent! You might find it's easier than you think.
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    Bexrbetter, I think you should stick to your original design goals. Filter the comments for what they're worth, I dont think your market is with the typical forum member, maybe initially it is for a few kits, but most of us are flying and have strong opinions based on aircraft previously available. You have an oportunity to improve on past practices, so use materials where needed that are very efficient to manufacture, easy to build & safe to fly.
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    The first objective of a peak body IMHO is to lobby for a complete overhaul of Aviation legislation. Only with legislative reform will there be any meaningful change in CASA. The system needs to be legislated to promote the industry and aviation not just safety alone.The calls for CASA to adopt the NZ CAA style system, itself modeled on the US FAA system were simply fobbed off with a comment "Can't be done. our legislation is different". Once there is legislative reform the process of changing the ingrained culture within the regulator can begin. It is obvious that changing directors has no influence at all.
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    I had a good flight today. Winter is here, with snow and short days a,d no heat in the sun. Thermals are out of question, but today I were soaring along a ridge until I hit a wave and could climb well into the TMA of the nearby airport.
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    The Canaries must be fun? So must the Porsche engine, the best I can manage is a citroen diesel ;) We live near the border with Geneve, been here quite some years now, my wife is French and I can speak, read and understand French well but writing isnt my strong point.
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    Hi Frank Thanks nice to meet you
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    Welcome, not so far from here. Your training would be useful to anyone wanting to convert an auto engine ;) Lots of fun and knowledge to be had here.
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    My Richard Sweetapple prop is made from "Victorian Ash" A species of gum tree, Nice to work and sands nicely, not prone to splitting. I would laminate at least 6 layers as the glue lines will help in carving....
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    I have on several occasions landed and fueled up when all the maths was telling me that I was good to get home. In every case had I not landed I would have gotten home comfortably. I just have this thing in my head, that when the fuel gets below 50% I start to question my own judgment. Not sure how to overcome it, in fact I am not sure if I want to overcome it, but it does affect my perceived endurance.
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    agreed Emu, the plane was a vampire, climbed all over it as akid. Also on the eastern side used to be several old dc3,sand a minibike track with the wreckage of two light aircraft that hadcollided in approach, and they just left the burnt out planes there
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    The response time is the thing. If you are flying in marginal visibility, (often why you are at lower level), then the slower your groundspeed - the more time you have to decide on direction and height. Also, your radius of turn is less, meaning you can manoeuvre in a smaller 'clear' space. Hitting terrain, wires or aerials is a real risk and safely flying at slower speeds is my recommendation. Better that you don't have to look at a single instrument; and have attained a level of flying 'feel' that allows you to fly the aircraft in balance with both eyes and 100% of brain focused on the scenery.
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    I think composite skins is a great idea - firstly it would be a bit lighter and secondly it gets rid of the horrible drumming that metal-skinned aircraft are susceptible to - I am guessing that once the various glass panels are all on you would simply join them together by using micro filler in the joins - sand it back and hey presto!
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    I've got one in the Nynja and tested it on ground and in flight. Also I can see mine from the seat and there a great unit.
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    Doing a few test on fuel consumption and ASI after the installation of the pod. Test done with 1Pax and 20Kg in the pod. For the same RPM of around 5100 it looks like we lose about 2-3 knots cruising speed. Fuel consumption went up from 13L/hour to 14l/hour. It was only for a short 1.2 hours flight so more test is required. So far I cannot see any difference in the flying behavior with the pod. Happy days. Xavier
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    Ahhhhhh! Just got it! Frank.
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    Nev, I`m a "Nice" person (Little slow sometimes) .....What is just for the record? Please Explain! Frank.
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    Hi and to you, also, nice person! Frank.
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    I am writing to the various organisations and any suggestions/email addresses will be welcome. I'm still following up on the Jab timeline but in reality, it is a side show and just one element to the big picture of reinvigorating the industry. All comments welcome including the critical ones. A group with no dissenters will eventually all make the same mistake.
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    Hey there, and welcome from NZ. How do you prefer to be called? Bob
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    Wasn't he short painter with an eye for the ladies? And to think he was still at it in 1981......)
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    Bex, follow your dream, do your own thing and forget the nay sayers. If Boeing can mix metal and composite materials, so can you.
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    Depends how good you are at aluminium welding. 0.025" is very thin. You'd definitely save some weight, exactly how much I don't know. The reason I got a pair of Sav tanks (second hand, but unused) was that it would have cost me over $1,000 to get the aluminium ones from Zenith, and I thought that was a bit much.
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    Greate mate, I was wondering what the agenda was.
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    World's shortest international flight: now just 21km in 7 minutes 21km international flight, replacing less than an hours drive. Can't help but think that with all the hassle of commercial aviation (check-in times etc.), I'd rather drive! mal
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    It's worth flying over any minefield or monster infested swamp. Nev
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    Slow progress but yes I'm following it up PM me if you want you know more, not sure it's really public information
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    I have one here - it is a tidy little unit. Seems to work well (we do most of our ADSB testing with AvPlan EFB with it)
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    Well I might have to tone it back a bit yet, seems to be a little controversial and generally that's not good for business. May have to go for a similar, but not the same, more standardised foam sandwich setup, I'll think about it over the weekend. As you can see a little from a few previous posts, and also elsewhere, traditions and creeds are quite well set in aviation and not easily disturbed. people probably think he's wearing a parachute on his back, bet ya it's a fuel tank.
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    Both Van and Vic are well known to the RV community and also very respected. When they speak we usually listen.Flying an RV is so much more fun than a Cessna or Piper and the performance is greater, making it easy to do something stupid. Personally I have given up showing off after beeing chastised at thangool for doing a high speed pass which one of the directors of ELAAA thought dangerous. I had been asked to demonstrate what a homebuilt experimental plane could do and I declined to do aerobatics as I am not current. No more demo's.
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    It shouldn't be normal. If it's from the breather, possibly a compression check will find poor ring sealing, otherwise it's leaking from somewhere and should be rectified. An oil leak can be a fire hazard as well. Nev
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    The user Don Ramsay has been given a 1 month suspension for not following site rules. This follows on from previous and continual warnings and previous suspensions.
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    You only need to do an AFR, or if you havent flown a GA plane before, you will need to do a conversion. That should take about 3-5 hours depending on your skill set If you have cross country endorsement, everything will be carried over. You will need to do 2 hours under the hood (instrument flight time) as well One of those hours may be in a registered flight simulator. but I recommend the real thing I have done mine and it was great. Such a powerful learning tool They even made me do an English language test to get my radio endorsement, even though I have radio on my RAA Certificate It must be becoz I dont talk like wot proper people talk like Bryon
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    Measured the original here it is 1.6mm and thats the size in Danny's S he is rebuilding. Actually Dan looks like he might have a 1200 x 1200 sheet....should be able to get about 32 brackets from that so thats 16 sets...got orders for 10 sets now. The laser mob has a minimum charge so depends on what the sheet costs but I still reckon I should be able to get a set done for about 25 or 30 bucks for the pair
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    when i was flying out of the Oaks, i always said when i win powerball, i will buy it, and turn it into an airpark! houses along the oaks side on the eastern runway, and to the south of the area, and keep the existing airstrip for the RAA flyers and regulars.
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    Some older models had different legs and Jabiru may not use or have them anymore There's plenty of parts even from just 10 years ago Jabiru can't supply anymore
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