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    I think we all would! but some of those who tried to find out, arn`t with us anymore! There`s an old saying that goes something like this! " It`s better to be down here wishing you were up there, than being up there wishing you were down here!" I`ve done a lot of "being up there wishing I was down here" but I havn`t yet found what my Drifter is really capable of, what I have found though, is, what I`m capable of, with my Drifter and what weather I`m prepared to fly in! Keep in mind that regardless of what weather the Drifter and pilot are capable of, in this country we are restricted to VMC. Frank.
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    We don't really Callahan; don't worry about FT, she's........different. And thanks for your service.
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    Aussies love snitching? Well, you guys tried your best & lost many of your best in Vietnam. So if any of you want to snitch, you go right ahead. Plus I'm too old to give a crap. If you guys are anything like South Africans you're a fantastic bunch...and I think you are! Happy New Year from Florida in what was the good ol' USA now the Socialist States of America.
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    Thanks for the tip Turbo but I kinda' figured that! :) Some renegades like me are alive & well there I'm sure. It's all about money over here. Now they want me to register my drone! Sure will, right after I finish registering my ass.
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    There's plenty of Australians who hold 'Aussie' values. South Africans are great, many values and character traits similar to our own.
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    I tried to fly the 'Alienator' forward swept wing RC aeroplane from about 15 years ago. I never got it flying. I feel redeemed having assembled this awesome wing in a few minutes and it flew brilliantly. Great fun on a Winters day.
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    Yes Merredin leased for $1 for 100 years, wow one cent a year, along with the sale of Darwin port authority we really are stupid white trash, talk about selling the farm:gaah:
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    If you're replacing the radio and have room for a 6" rack form factor, the Garmin GTR200 is a great radio. It's cheaper that the TSO (GTR200) version (if that's an option for you) and it has some really neat features like a stereo intercom and 3D audio. I wired up mine to stereo headset jacks and I have a pair of Zulu headsets that can do stereo. The 3D audio comes in when you have it on dual watch. The active frequency reception comes mostly into your left ear, while the standby comes into your right ear. Also, anything the pax says comes mostly in your right ear so it sounds like you're not wearing headphones. Also, if you're that way inclined, you can plumb in stereo audio from an auxiliary source such as an iPhone iPod etc and listen to stereo music. It will automatically mute the music when you get a received signal. The radio has good power out, a great automatic squelch function, nice clear audio quality, a very bright readable display, the ability to have a remote memory select and active/standby toggle, and heaps of other nice feature in addition to the Garmin reputation for reliable gear.
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    Alarmingly, China is also out to garner control of every strategic mineral source in the world (they already own every zinc mine of importance in the world, and have the worlds largest stockpiles of strategic metals, ranging from copper to lithium, to iron ore, and every metal in between). They are the worlds largest gold buyer (and gold owner). In addition, China also owns large swags of prime farmland in many countries other than China. You and I can't buy farmland of any type in China, without the Chinese Govt or its major businesses holding 51% of the land or business (and the Chinese Govt is a majority shareholder in every sizeable Chinese business). But Western Govts allow large slices of our prime farmland and station country to be 100% owned by Chinese individuals or companies. The 99 year lease on the Port of Darwin by the Chinese should never have happened. Could you imagine the Chinese allowing an Australian business, majority-owned by the Australian Govt, to lease a strategic Chinese port for 99 years?? Not a hope. In all of Africa, the Chinese are making massive inroads into major projects and infrastructure - often associated with those African nations giving the Chinese huge concessions by way of cheap natural resources and other very useful strategic assets. "Black money" from China is the greatest concern in all this. The amount of bribery money in China is huge, despite President Jinpings morality crackdown. Jinpings crackdown is less about stopping bribery, and more about stopping powerbrokers from taking over his position, by jailing those "black money" powerbrokers, for reputed crookedness. It's all about getting that "black money" laundered into "clean white money" - and what better way than to get it outside of China and into Western and African assets - that will eventually prove to be of great strategic importance to China Inc.? One must never forget that the Chinese play the 50-year game, while dumb business people and politicians in the West, in Europe, and in Africa, only look to the next quarters earnings. Chinas investment money must seem like Manna from Heaven for many cash-strapped Western businesses - but it comes with a lot of hidden reasoning, along with long-term plans, that will provide far more benefit to China, than it ever will to the West.
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    Hi to all Recreational Aviators and members of Recreational Flying (.com). Corrine, Caitlin, Lachlan and myself would like to wish every single one of you a fantastic Christmas and very happy New Year. We hope you stay safe and spend time relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends. I would like to also take this opportunity to say thanks to you all for your posts and support of this fantastic resource Recreational Flying (.com), you have made it the incredible success that it is and your help to each other is what this resource is all about. Also I would like to express my sincerest thanks to the site Moderators who have helped to keep the site a most enjoyable experience for all...thank you. I hope to read all about your interesting flying adventures over this holiday break and please...stay safe!
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    They had this video from Sun-n-fun '17;
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    Hi Jterry, I have had a Savannah S for a couple of years and like it very much. I have the long-range tanks, so that gives me 140 litres of fuel. The book gives a burn figure of 18.5 litres an hour, but I have been getting around 15, so that gives me more than 8 hours plus reserve. I also like the low stall speed of 26 kts (less with just me in the plane), which gives me the best options for getting down safely should the fan stop. I plan on a TAS of 90kts at 5000 revs, which seems to have been pretty accurate. I also have the adjustable seats, which I have found to suit most different size people. So I would recommend it for people like me who like low and slow flying with STOL performance. HTH Cheers, Neil
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    "Oh yes M61.....why I'm rich too! I have a 22 year old Trike and an '87 Drifter. Total worth about $15k. Maybe." I truly don't think the $ value matters. We are a privileged generation to be able to fly at any price, and to have the freedom to do so without too much interference from the authorities. To me, you are a rich man Callahan :)
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    We're a "diverse" bunch.....most people will refuse to talk to an authority about import stuff, like kids being harmed, but then they cant wait to get someone in trouble by whinging about minor issues. Tall poppy syndrome is bad here, and if you have a plane, you must be rich.
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    Merry Christmas all I must be crazy working in the desert in 45 degree heat on Christmas Day That’s right I am crazy PLANE crazy that’s why I do it
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    Well, you guys have it tough down there with all your rules & regs. Not really bragging but I've been flying two illegal "ultralights" for 30 years or however long its been since they changed the B.S. from ultralights to Light Sport Aircraft. (Ca-(ca-ching...cash register). Friend of mine crashed his illegal ultralight (2-place Kolb) on a Florida beach, hit a woman walking, broke her collar bone, almost cut his foot off with the prop, totaled his a/c.....our FAA, Federal Aviation Admin. didn't even bother to attend the festivities. I'm 68. Not really an outlaw. Just still in the ultralight frame of mind. Why change? My new video, Drifter Flying Part II will be out on YouTube in a few days. Will post a link soon. Four music videos, a few girls & a wild 2 minute slo-mo loop. Something went POP as I was pulling out. We can't figure out what caused it. I did another one to see if I could figure it out. No luck. Weird.
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    The current requirement as per the tech manual is to have the rego numbers on both sides of the fuselage between the wings and tail or on both sides of the vertical tail surfaces with a minimum height of 150mm or if 150mm not possible an application to reduce the size is required. There is also a form to enable change from the old location (under wings) to the new fuselage sides only. The photos don't show the rego so it must have been obscured by the empenage & I'd say somewhat smaller that 150mm
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    Simple answer, you fix it, static test run it and wait til 0500hrs the next morning when there is no one on the beach and bugger off. Completely safe and justifiable methodology.
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    Frank, Did you bring them back, too? Welcome to the forum, Andy
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    And the Trigs fit well in the centre of your handsome panel, Mike. I think you can get the pair (Radio & Xponder) for about $4.5K these days. Very tempting.
  23. 1 point
    A nose wheel wouldn't have faired so well in the soft sand.
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    Yep. Before the -2S was official, many builders did that off their own bat. IIRC this was first publicly recommended in the Neil Bingham article as a way to reduce pitch responsiveness. I didn't find mine overly twitchy, but then, I never flew with a passenger. I did experience PIO on my first few takeoffs but quickly learnt to adapt. A good armrest to fly by wrist, rather than arm, action would have solved that early on. The total stick movement for maneuvering in the KR's is very small.
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    I love this comment from the man in the suit.... Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson said the incident was being investigated. “We’ll be getting a more detailed report from the pilot and reviewing it to ensure the engine problem is fixed,” he said. So until he gets that engine running again he won't be allowed to take off. And that's official!
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    Oh and to be relevant to the thread it is a Lot better having a wing between you and the sun, I still taxi with my door open but that is just to look cool not get cool:what the:
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    I have often wondered about this visibility argument. From what I have seen the only time a low wing has 'better' visibility IMHO is in turns but seriously how often are we turning? Flying in a low wing you do get an uninterrupted view of the sky but generally there isn't too much of interest up there (not in the conditions I fly in anyway) to see. In my high wing other than the nose area and fuse I get an uninterrupted view of the ground. On longer cross country legs I have spotted so many things looking down past my leg in a 'normal' straight and level configuration that I never would have spotted in a low wing without flying hard turns. Anyway not having a go at low wings but just pointing out what I see as 'great visibility'
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    Trig are expensive...nice gear though
  29. 1 point
    C'mon Yenn. Which bit of Post # 8 did you like?
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    "when the $50,000 twin-seater aircraft" ... Well there's more people lost to flying. Good result otherwise.
  31. 1 point
    No complaint from me - this thread is a report of the incident. The other is a standard non-report
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    there's no real reason some won't keep their older engines running well enough. Heads when over heated are unserviceable at any time if they get hot enough At 4-500 hours I would pull them and service and change valves regardless. It's nor even worth refacing them. As far as the flywheel retention goes it's a dogs breakfast. everyone will have their own ideas. I can't see how you could satisfactorily do it with any oil about the area. If it's coming loose you have a problem. Perhaps the starter action is part of it also. I'd like to se it out the front like a lycoming. Nev
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    The pilot has now been named, he was 40 yr old Sam Ferns. The crash site is in inaccessible heavily vegetated terrain, so a bulldozer was called in, to cut a track into the crash site. Plane wreck 'spread over 100s of metres'
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    I built my CH701 from a Zenith kit bought from the USA. I was, during the build process, a LAME looking after a fleet of 12 aircraft pretty much single handedly. If you are looking for a build log, my log is purely photographic, pretty much nothing written down. However, for two whole years I didn't touch this aeroplane because I was so frustrated with the plans and the difficulty in complying with good aeronautical practice. Bear in mind that I was a LAME with years of experience in the U.K. and Australia, so if I found it difficult, how would your ordinary non- aeronautical builder cope. Things as simple as edge clearances for rivets were sometimes difficult to achieve. There were absolutely no instructions regarding firewall forward nor instrument or radio installations and I have often wondered about how many kits are either a) sitting unfinished somewhere or b) not truly airworthy if you could actually view the internal structure. Having said all that, this aeroplane flies much more precisely and is 1000% more fun to fly than any Piper, Cessna or Aerospatiale product so if you can find a good home built you will not regret it but just be very, very cautious.
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    Savannah 8020 is born! Flown home this afternoon in the beautiful Savannah "S" smooth air to its new training home at Caboolture. Reg is an absolute legend and everything was on time, as promised and professional. His Aerokits business is stand out IMHO.
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