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    Watch this one if you don't need to feel good about yourself, buy a Honda, and just want some interesting facts.
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    CASA - Please speak English! How badly can CASA word this crap. (d) the person is carrying the person’s medical certificate, and a statement of the applicable conditions, for inspection by a passenger or a guardian of a passenger. Note* I usually tell any of my friends I take flying you are going to die if I have a heart attack anyway. Also with my CASA approved Med two a GP cannot tell me that I wont have a heart attack the next day anyway. Its all snake oil.
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    This is the part If applicants unconditionally meet the standard (except for glasses and hearing aids), they will be issued with a Basic Class 2 medical certificate by CASA. If you do not pass the Basic Class 2 medical assessment, or you have a pre-existing medical condition, you can still apply for a Class 2 medical certificate where you will be assessed in further detail by a DAME.
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    VH-XQQ, a VANS RV-14A made its' 1st flight , plus 2 subsequent flights, all on Sunday, 3rd June. The -14 is powered by a 215 HP Lycoming XIO-390 engine driving a Hartzell CS propeller. The initial flight was organised through a very helpful Jandakot Tower at 0900 - light traffic only. So light in fact, that I was cleared for takeoff before the camera crew had settled on the 'tower' hill. The circuit used was LH off 06 Left, and then a rectangular LH, wide, 'circuit' was flown at 75-80% power settings for 20 mins. Everything behaved itself. It flew wings level, hardly any rudder needed even at this cruise setting. The acceleration was rapid, (see the vid), and it was through 110 KIAS in a matter of seconds, with a 1000+ fpm ROC. Nearly busted my clearance of 1000ft! Seemed more sensitive in pitch than other RVs, but generally, it flew very balanced and responsive. 65 over the fence with full flap and a trickle of power allowed it to handle the small crosswind and touchdown neatly on the mains. Will post more when we get seriously into the test flying. RV-14A_Maiden_Flight_3rd_June_at_Jandakot_WA.MOV
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    Some years ago there was a flood-bound group of road-train drivers at Kulgera on the Stuart Highway. When I went to ask them about when the road would reopen ( they had sat phones etc ), I noticed no beer-guts hanging out. "how could you guys be truck drivers without beer-guts" I asked... "Those beer-gut guys all failed their medicals" was the answer.
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    The CASA medical has not actually changed AT ALL. Basic Med also has the completely unwarranted restriction of piston engine as if that has anything to do with medical fitness particularly in light of coming electric/jet/turboprop engines and aircraft becoming available. Of course driving a vehicle of any kind on the roads puts innocent third parties and other road users at far higher risk than flying a small aircraft does in the air. Totally irrational risk analysis and a complete lack of any rational cost/benefit analysis. In other news, the Pope IS a Catholic, the sun did rise in the east this morning and bears DO go potty in the woods. Also while CASA agonises with RAAus over weight increase to 760 Kg, gliders and motorgliders which weigh up to 850 Kg , aren't necessarily maintained in an approved workshop (even for flight training), are being flown by pilots on a self declaration medical including in Class C,D and E airspace and even above 10,000 feet. I'd say the weight increase experiment has been done, as has the experiment as to whether it is a good idea to run multiple GA regulatory systems (it isn't). It doesn't matter who administers the rules, it matters what they are. .
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    Not much to say except I want a couple of those engines for my sapphire
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    Distance isn’t a huge issue, I’m half an hour away , it is getting free of managing people at work is big. Juggling weather is another issue as good weather for farming is good weather for flying....
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    Essentially....what you are trying to say is...it IS a proper Ultralight Aircraft.
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    When everyone on a site is wearing HiViz clothing and one person turns up in ordinary clothes, that person stands out like the proverbial.
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