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    [QUOTE=""Marty_d"]@biggles [URL='https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germanwings_Flight_9525']Germanwings Flight 9525 - Wikipedia[/URL][/QUOTE] That was a terrifying time for those poor souls onboard. The two in the cockpit rule was a knee jerk reaction at the time, it's now slowly being unadapted due common sense!
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    Hi, I'm in the process of converting my GA licence (CPL) and instructor rating over to RA-Aus. Have always been interested in RA and enjoying flying the Sling 2 at the moment. Cheers!
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    I agree with post #2. For mine, a relaxed trip is to go whatever is a comfortable distance before 11am then plan to be a tourist on the ground for lunch up to 4pm or later. If it's possible to do another leg after 4pm, giddy up! I think the trick is to plan the midday stop somewhere it's worth stopping. For me that means fuel accomodation and shelter. Something touristy and phone coverage could be good too. If the weather looks suspicious I am already parked up and looking at a restaurant menu.
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    The media knee-jerk is at full swing, stuff like 'how could somebody steal a plane after 9/11' . It could just as easily have been one of their pilots with a severe depressive event.
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    If it happened in Australia that guy would have had an ASIC card. Shows how useless a card the anyone can get is. If anything it shows ASIC for what it is.
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    Gympie airstrip users have this: council think they have this ?: ........... and they want this: so that they can do this: by doing this: from this: .............. who knows - to get this ?: ................ all said in jest of course
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    Hi. New to the site and aviation, from the Sunshine Coast QLD Aust., flying Jabiru 170, low hours as yet and just starting cross country. Trained on Sky Arrow at Gympie.
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    You don't have to suck a pipe to get the flow going along with the attendant chance of a mouth full of fuel or lungs full of vapours. There are other ways of starting a siphon a trip to Bunnings will reveal a range of products. For the purposes of this particular conversation a siphon is a good way to empty a fuel tank rather than filling it.
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    ...and then if his daughter married into the Carbide family...
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    You might save a few bob by filling up with Mogas, but risk massive costs if you get a bad batch.
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    There's 100% similarity about access to an aircraft though; the locals had probably been blasting the government about stupid USIC (or whatever) cards, and the stupidity of having to padlock and aircraft, and the costs, and how it was easy to get around anyway.........and someone just walked in and flew one away. Not just a little Cessna mind you, but a half serious aircraft that could do a lot of damage in a shopping centre.
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    AC 43.13 from the FAA, use aviation ring terminals, and a computer to generate small wiring labels attached with clear heat shrink.
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    The octane numbers don't cross reference directly.. The avgas only have one product now as far as I know 100LL which would have a range usually for lean and rich mixture, (An older spec 130/145 as an example) and is higher than the same figure in a mogas product. so 98 is below 100LL by more than the two(2) difference. It's measured to a different performance measure of knock resistance. No mogas can de declared suitable for a certified plane. It really can't be guaranteed to meet any fixed standard like aircraft fuel has to do. The distribution structure isn't secure enough apart from the product itself being quite variable in what is in it. Same with oils. Aero oils are strictly formulated so they DO meet the same standard regardless of who makes it. Not all oil companies make an aero engine oil .There's probably less profit in it. Nev
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    burn him @mnewbery SPG-2 This gearbox was designed for aviation conversion of engines up to 180 h.p. It has been in production since 2000. The available reduction ratios are 2.03, 2.34, 2.5. There is a German (BMW) rubber damper between the gear box and the engine. The propeller moment of inertia up to 9,000 kg/cm2. Rotax-style propeller hub, propeller shaft with a hole. It is possible to use this gearbox for both (tractor and pusher) layouts. A hollow output shaft allows for variable pitch prop. .The advantages of this conversion kit are its big TBO and reliability, with the possibility of using heavy propellers. Using this kit, you don't need to change belts and pay for them. You don't need to modify the engine block so the mechanical part of conversion is very simple - just bolting the gearbox up. You will keep a stock water outlet wit h thermostat. I heard a lot about overheating problem from people using conversions with modifi ed water cooling system but have never had it even with my small radiator closed by BRS system. It is also its hi gh efficiency. For example, I got 375lbs of static thrust from my stock unmodified engine with a 2.5 RR gearbox and low noise 69" 3-blade carbon propeller. Now we provide not only conversion kits but also ready-to-install power plants based on low-mileage stock or completely remanufactured and modified GEO-Suzuki engines. We also sell gearbox conversion kits for the Subaru EA-71 EA-82 EJ-18 EJ-20 EJ-22. CONTACT DETAILS Suzisport Springwood 3339 Pacific Highway Springwood Ph: 07 3808 7637 Fa x : 07 3808 7519 E [email][email protected][/email]
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    Karin and Russel Middleton ( Maryborough Aero Club) did a great job this year, approx 25 planes arrived in picture perfect conditions. The Car, Bike, vintage aircraft displays and Scottish Band all made for an entertaining event. The Saturday night Spit roasts Dinner was a memorable feast with everyone enjoying a great get together. The Local councillors were present who thanked the organisers and Aviation community for a job well done. Next morning we were again treated to a sumptuous breakfast before we departed for the Seafood Festival at Harvey Bay. All in all a great weekend and look forward to next years event. The photos say it all.
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    Some bloke knocked off a Q400 from Seattle, Barrel-rolled the thing before crashing it. Sad as it is, kudos for A) Getting it airborne. B) Not injuring anyone else and; C) Putting every other Dash-8 pilot to shame!
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    We already get that with our railway Cat I medical exams. The whole 'do you feel suicidal?' etc etc...Yet we've had one successful and several attempts at it in the last couple of years in one depot...So no matter how good the psych profiles are, no amount of security cards or medical histories will prevent every possibility, every time. IIRC, we had a serving Qantas line pilot do something similar in a bug-smasher off Ballina a year or two ago, an Air Botswana pilot do it, the Germanwings Effo 2 years ago. This is only such big news because of the novelty of it - "Non-pilot baggage handler steals commercial airliner....". Were he to have done the same thing in a Pitts Special, we would be lucky to have heard of it in Australia. I don't mean to trivialise the event or its' repercussions - far from it - as an employees mental health is arguably more important than their physical health in both the flying, and railway, environments given the safety-critical nature of both. But I don't really see how this can have been prevented.
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    It was in the US. He was ground staff for the airline, though I don't know if he was an engineer or not. But he definitely knew how to start the q400. From the audio he knew what the consequences would be, and decided to crash rather than be arrested or shot down. And from the audio he was completely done with life, so it was suicide. I feel for the guy and his family.
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    Any hope that ASIC card requirements will be relaxed for recreational pilots in Australia is probably gone now, thanks to this episode.
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    I know you mean “ per minute “ Turbs ! ...... Bob
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    Welcome comrade! I thought you are from Vladivostok Russia. I might have couple questions for you down the road.
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    Hello everyone:wave: I'm from outer suburbs of Sydney....Hawkesbury. I have recently started my journey into getting my RPL... it's been my dream since I was 11yrs old. Getting ready to do my very first solo and I'm pretty nervous Looking forward to taking part in this forum. Cheers
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    Well today I soloed in NX237F. Super Smooth air and expert prep by my CFI made for a memorable first three times around the patch at Hartford Airport in Wisconsin.
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    I thought this may have been another New Zealand Member. But it's not, so Welcome!
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    Far East? I’m pretty sure you are west of most of us. Welcome,
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    ............ that could mean a number of things FH - most posts (and yours) are read and appreciated - lots don't respond nor do they think it / is required - its just read and filed away in the central puta to be used when needed - all the different viewpoints and experiences add up to some worth (think that's what you meant FH)
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    Hi i'm looking for a tall, leggy blonde wife that cooks, cleans, is thrifty, knowledgeable with machines and doesn't talk much.
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    From my point of view I am only interested in the flying content. Religious/political/greenie etc. matters are all subjects that everyone has their own views on (many strongly held) and there is plenty of places to debate that if one is so inclined, even WUA I guess but I never go there as I have my own opinion and not interested in hearing others. If Rec Flying is to be about “flying” and associated matters like CASA & RAA then there is not space for the other social distractions - after all there is enough disagreement and debate about flying/aircraft/administration and the like without including unrelated subjects. Just my view and I accept there will be plenty who disagree with me on that also, but so be it.
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    I thought that the daughter, Whats Up , was the de facto off topic site. However, it does annoy me when the serious topics on this site start to wander off track and no amount of opposite ruddr will bring them back. And Yes - mea culpa
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    Gayndah, not very far away is welcoming. Also Thangool, Theodore, Biggenden no problems. Not sure about Agnes waters, I think there is a landing fee.
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    And I would always contribute at a privately maintained airfield. It’s the Council controlled airports that annoy me intensely. Shepparton introduced landing fees at the beginning of the year and attendance at our flyin breakfasts and lunches has plummeted. Our club spends most of its time trying to raise money to pay the clubhouse and hangar site lease and rates charged by them ($11500 pa). Council has just announced it will,spend $2.1m on bike tracks and not $1 is recovered from users. There is a network of walking tracks around the lake in town, picnic facilities and boating facilities, but no use pays fee. I don’t ride a bike, walk the lake, or picnic there or sail a boat but my rates go to paying for these facilities. I don’t skateboard either but there is a $0.5m skatepark paid for with general rate revenue. I don’t object because they are assets that assist and benefit the community. BUT so does the airport! We have several flights of the Air Ambulance and RFDS daily. The CFA base their helicopter there over the summer and the pilot, fuel tanker driver and half a dozen CFA guys use our club rooms at no cost. In fact everyone uses our club rooms rather than the terminal. So I object to them charging fees to visitors arriving in private flights and so obviously do the large number of Pilots now staying away in droves. Kaz
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    Hi nobody, do you have a contact link for aeroelectric. I couldn’t find one. Thanks
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