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    The media knee-jerk is at full swing, stuff like 'how could somebody steal a plane after 9/11' . It could just as easily have been one of their pilots with a severe depressive event.
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    There's 100% similarity about access to an aircraft though; the locals had probably been blasting the government about stupid USIC (or whatever) cards, and the stupidity of having to padlock and aircraft, and the costs, and how it was easy to get around anyway.........and someone just walked in and flew one away. Not just a little Cessna mind you, but a half serious aircraft that could do a lot of damage in a shopping centre.
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    AC 43.13 from the FAA, use aviation ring terminals, and a computer to generate small wiring labels attached with clear heat shrink.
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    Didn't see it turn any corners ;-) But very arty design.
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    It was in the US. He was ground staff for the airline, though I don't know if he was an engineer or not. But he definitely knew how to start the q400. From the audio he knew what the consequences would be, and decided to crash rather than be arrested or shot down. And from the audio he was completely done with life, so it was suicide. I feel for the guy and his family.
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    Any hope that ASIC card requirements will be relaxed for recreational pilots in Australia is probably gone now, thanks to this episode.
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    Hello everyone:wave: I'm from outer suburbs of Sydney....Hawkesbury. I have recently started my journey into getting my RPL... it's been my dream since I was 11yrs old. Getting ready to do my very first solo and I'm pretty nervous Looking forward to taking part in this forum. Cheers
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    Hi i'm looking for a tall, leggy blonde wife that cooks, cleans, is thrifty, knowledgeable with machines and doesn't talk much.
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    Dynons last software upgrade for a D1 was 13/12/2016. While the D1 was their entry level EFIS and a stand alone product with no connections it is pretty poor that they no longer have any parts less than 2 years after the last upgrade. The D2 replaced the D1 in late 2013 & was pretty much the same except for adding WiFi connectivity & a second screen with a Gmeter
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    I used all Tefzel wire (aircraft wire) for mine. I threw away all the automotive wire supplied in the kit and started from scratch. Also any plugs I used for my own wiring harness other than where spades etc are used were all Deustch. Spades and ring terminals should all be double grip and use the correct crimping pliers not those stupid supercheap crap to do the crimps. Breakers are also a must for each power rail you run and of course all radios and EFIS ets should all be fused as well Mark
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