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    Thanks Micro. . .the fatal accidents involving Rans S6 models have been down to pilots transitioning from a MUCH simpler type,. . Weedhoppers, Cyclone AX3s, . .X'Air Mk ones. . . which Don't bite you n the ar$e if you get the Base to final Turn badly wrong by flying according to Groundspeed and Wind, WHICH believe ot or not. .a LOT of newly qualified pilots have been seen to do. . . . This is because they were presented with an Aircraft which is a TRUE 'Stick and Rudder' type. . . whereas the ones that they trained with were NOT. If only their Instructors were Awake to this problem. . .then a LOT of innocent flyeyrs might well still be flying, I Cannot in all conscience blame the students. . it's the bloody Instructors who should shoulder this Horrible burden ). I've been banned from Two forums for pointing out this OBVIOUS fact. . .they don't like it 'Up 'em Mr Mainwaring'. . . ( Dad's Army ). I don't care,. . I WILL if I get banned from here though. . . ( Got nowhere else to spread me bile see. . . )
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    Well I have now 34 hours flight time and I finally hit some turbulence.... Here is a video of my little trip. Search YoutTube ...... David Pianosi for more newbie flight videos
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    13 lessons in a Blanik? Interested in home build. Moving to Brisbane in the new year. May like to join a group. Very interested in electric propulsion. Looking for books or ebooks to read on construction, theory etc.
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    Rudder effectiveness at slower speeds is what you're after and the extra area should achieve something there.. To load a fin and rudder you have to have some force opposing it. You still have the same fuselage keel surface area and effect and you aren't getting any greater sideslip angle. Yaw inertia can do this in big stuff but I doubt it's much of a consideration in a Jabiru. You would have made some stability changes. It might be more inclined to spiral slightly but I doubt that will bother you.. Perhaps the high speed considerations might be able to load more, but why would you be applying rudder at high speed? You will have some extra drag due to increased area. Nev
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    The second picture is of 'mammatus' or 'mammatocumulus' clouds. These usually hang from cumulonimbus clouds, as seen in the pic you show. And yes, they are named from the Latin after their similarity to a pendulous breast :) Bruce
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    No i did not realize that post time having never seen it befor, thanks for the heads up sir, cheers
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    Well said TOSGcentral and the latest the idiots have come up with is the transition of our pilots certificate card into a club membership instead. I did,nt start flying to join a fucking club i,m already a member of three others and could,nt give a rats arse for their new (club) membership, this is discrace and absolute proof positive of how they regard us and are not even on the same book let alone on the same page as the pilots. Reinstate the only reason we are asociated with RAA (the pilot certificate endorsement card.
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    Butch I am off to the Rans factory in less than 5 weeks time to look at the S21 and the S20 kits. If I get my basic class 2 medical on thursday it will be the S21 if I dont get the ok then it will be the S20 The open days have a heap of classes on how to..like covering in rag also painting. I hope to be getting flights of each type
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    Of late many councils and shires view their airstrips as both a financial and legal liability and there are consultants out there who perpetuate that myth. Unlike a "grey nomad" a touring pilot and their passenger(s) bring little else with them apart from their wallets. As a result they tend to spend a bit more in the district than your typical terrestrial tourist. A few (not many) councils have woken up to this fact and actively encourage us to stay and spend.
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    Strange how we call ourselves a democracy but there are several things I want a vote on and its not going to happen. 1. Number of immigrants 2. Sugar tax 3. Level of military spending 4. cashless welfare ( credit cards ) for welfare dependent people unable to control their drug spending. 5. voluntary euthanasia for suffering people 6. appropriate housing for homeless. There would be more but that's my start.. I reckon a majority of people would also like a vote on these things.
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