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    Just got back from a trip to visit our daughter and son-in-law in Katherine. Serpentine-Myrup-Nullarbor Roadhouse-Maralinga-Coober Pedy-Cadney Homestead-Kulgera-Uluru/Olgas-Ti-Tree-Tennant Creek-Katherine (Tindal)-Kununurra-Bungles-Wolfe Ck Crater-Halls Creek-Fitzroy Crossing-Sandfire Roadhouse-Meekatharra-Northam and back to Serpentine. About 4,300 nm all up. No problems apart from getting bogged on a sand track at Sandfire Roadhouse while taxiing closer to the bowsers. Also had severe winds overnight in a 15-20 minute event at Meekatharra (60-70 kph), but luckily the tiedowns held and no damage. Typical cruising speed was about 115kts, but saw 153kts ground speed at one point near Esperance, and 49kts crosswind on another occasion. Pilots are lucky - they get all the best views. A few random photos... Near Border Village Cliffs along the Bight Head of the Bight Uluru/Ayres Rock MacDonnell Ranges Devil's Marbles Wolfe Creek Crater, 300,000 years old - 50,000 tonne meterorite Great Sandy Desert - surprisingly colourful Airstrip at Karijini National Park Fantastic colours - Lake Moore, just south of Paynes Find First green landscape in nearly four weeks - near Northam.
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    CASA have updated form 61-1RTX for transfer of RAAus RPC to the CASA RPL. Most significant change is that you don't need instrument time for the navigation endorsement transfer which is in contradiction with CASR 61.500 5c, a bit strange. The list of design feature endorsements has also been shortened, presumably because a few of them didn't exist in the RA world.
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    I did a Basic Class 2 medical last week and my GP bulk billed me so my all up medical cost was $10 to CASA.
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    Yes Nev, at high speed ( 100knots) the only consideration I have ever had is keeping the ball centered. I like your comment about the keel area being the same so the loadings have the same reaction. Yaw inertia is something I have never tried, do you mean using the rudder to swing the nose as much as possible by timing the rudder pushes to give maximum effect?
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    Rudder effectiveness at slower speeds is what you're after and the extra area should achieve something there.. To load a fin and rudder you have to have some force opposing it. You still have the same fuselage keel surface area and effect and you aren't getting any greater sideslip angle. Yaw inertia can do this in big stuff but I doubt it's much of a consideration in a Jabiru. You would have made some stability changes. It might be more inclined to spiral slightly but I doubt that will bother you.. Perhaps the high speed considerations might be able to load more, but why would you be applying rudder at high speed? You will have some extra drag due to increased area. Nev
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    Thanks Micro. . .the fatal accidents involving Rans S6 models have been down to pilots transitioning from a MUCH simpler type,. . Weedhoppers, Cyclone AX3s, . .X'Air Mk ones. . . which Don't bite you n the ar$e if you get the Base to final Turn badly wrong by flying according to Groundspeed and Wind, WHICH believe ot or not. .a LOT of newly qualified pilots have been seen to do. . . . This is because they were presented with an Aircraft which is a TRUE 'Stick and Rudder' type. . . whereas the ones that they trained with were NOT. If only their Instructors were Awake to this problem. . .then a LOT of innocent flyeyrs might well still be flying, I Cannot in all conscience blame the students. . it's the bloody Instructors who should shoulder this Horrible burden ). I've been banned from Two forums for pointing out this OBVIOUS fact. . .they don't like it 'Up 'em Mr Mainwaring'. . . ( Dad's Army ). I don't care,. . I WILL if I get banned from here though. . . ( Got nowhere else to spread me bile see. . . )
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    Knew one of the previous owners, and flew it testing a prop. Sweetest drifter I've ever flown. Said owner would almost be tempted to buy it back, he had the Fisher and an RV4 and had to sell one of them. I think he was hoping the Rv would go first.
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    Well said TOSGcentral and the latest the idiots have come up with is the transition of our pilots certificate card into a club membership instead. I did,nt start flying to join a fucking club i,m already a member of three others and could,nt give a rats arse for their new (club) membership, this is discrace and absolute proof positive of how they regard us and are not even on the same book let alone on the same page as the pilots. Reinstate the only reason we are asociated with RAA (the pilot certificate endorsement card.
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    [QUOTE=""Jethro Belle"]Certainly a very nice plane well set up @dsam and it has gone up in my assessment. Being able to trailer is a great bonus that make up for a slightly lower cruise speed IMHO. I am impressed at the performance you are getting, and surprised they undersell it on their site[/QUOTE] Jethro, FYI the Australian importer & supplier for the Eurofox is Horsham Aviation in Victoria: [URL="http://www.horshamaviation.com.au/Aircraft/"]Horsham Aviation Services Aircraft Sales[/URL] Have a look, and if you are interested or have further questions, give Tony Brand a call about a custom configuration for you. He is extremely knowledgeable about GA and recreational aircraft. Horsham Aviation is also a major Australian supplier for Dynon avionics that makes my flying so much more enjoyable. As you can see from my Dynon screen-shot earlier, the airborne data display leads to excellent situational awareness at all times - a [B]huge[/B] safety factor, IMHO.
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    Hi All First, I did not start this thread. I replied to a question about the new ops manual in a medical thread, and it went from there. Ian perhaps if you pull out a discussion from a previous thread that is off target you could make mention of that fact. Not make appear that I have started a new thread. Second, re the ops manual. Yes it was an economic decision. You do the maths and add on the postage. For that kind of money we could hire another badly needed senior or two junior staff members. Flying schools and perhaps clubs will get printed copies sent free to them as will special hardship cases on request. Others, who wish, will be able to purchase a hard copy at cost plus postage. Mr Airsick, re the "discussion" about our own forum for "outward" information at the last board meeting, I suggest you seek out all the facts first from your local board member, and give him or her your personal input. That is what they are there for. As with your initial comments about Middos accident, you appear to shoot from the hip, and aim to kill the messenger without getting the full picture. We discussed ways to put "information out". We don't want a me too, tit for tat forum. We want information "in" to come through the board members. And/Or come along as an individual to the AGM and have your say personally. My personal view is the more members we get at the AGM the better. For the record, I personally support this forum, and don't wish to set up a copy cat forum (although to the best of my knowledge the RA-Aus did it first) I also know Ian is supportive of our association, and wishes to work with us. I would be most interested to know the mix of members here, GA, RA-Aus, Dual, Professional etc. However, as a board member, I also believe I must consider and discuss the long term view of our association (30-50 years). EG. What happens if Ian sells out. What happens if Ian starts to hate our association, or becomes very biased towards, say balloons, and wants to ban powered flight. (I know, unlikely considering his new purchase) But you people are the association. If you have an opinion, tell your board member. As for me, my phone number is in the magazine or on my blog site. Phone me. Tony, if you need further clarification please phone me. If you are unhappy with the performance of your board members, vote them out. Cheers John McKeown
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