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    Flight this morning from Stephens Creek to White Cliffs for a milkshake and a bucket of hot chips. By 11.00am it was rough as guts up to 7500ft, spew bag on the ready for my young bloke but to his credit he held on. Not a rain cloud in sight. Easy 10 minute stroll into town from the strip and well worth putting on the destination list for a couple of days. Above; 3500ft heading out before the thermals started getting too exited. Welcome to White Cliffs !!! ASIC not required!
  2. 4 points
    Got the freshly bent diagonal back, also the bloke welded on the grab handles. Drilled all the holes, deburred, rubbed the whole thing back with 3M pad and sprayed with etch primer and a top coat in satin black. Today I riveted it all together. Starting to look like a plane!
  3. 2 points
    Iridiums were supplied as std on CAE engines. Some low grade coils Jabiru supply have problems with them I have run for several hundred hours and have had good results
  4. 2 points
    Stall speed with flaps is given as 81 MPH (70.5 knots) so just over 100 knots would be fine over the fence, Same as a Mustang, more or less.. 730 metres landing roll. All seems fairly what one would expect. Some commentary is over dramatic with this stuff.. Nev
  5. 1 point
    I am interested to know if anyone has 6 egt and 6 cht gauges on their Jab to compare results. Thanks In advance
  6. 1 point
    My engine (2003) and those up to about 2010 came with red HT leads which are plastic core carbon type. To be fair, the old automotive carbon leads were much less reliable than Jabs (leads) as the core seemed to be cotton wrapped carbon which would crumble out. Jabiru switched to the black leads which are believed to be inductive wire type - I havent had the opportunity to test them. I use the Bosch ferrite core helical wire inductive leads from SCA. The wire is SS and has a resistance proprtional to length but generally less than the original carbon plastic core Jab OEM red ones. Cars use these leads together with R spark plugs, but that cant be compared to the Jab setup which uses lawnmower parts mixed with a car distributor (variable spark gap right there) so I tested the voltages and spark with different leads, plugs and gaps first. If you wanted low resistance you can buy Magnecore or similar. care needs to be taken if reterminating these leads, different plug caps use diferent ways to spike the conductor. I dont know what these quotes about silicon leads are all about. Silicone leads refers to the outer insulation covering, nothing to do with the conductor.
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    I did. As I said in reply to Nev's post, I agree that it seems too fast. I was reporting what was said by the wife of the previous owner. If anyone who was at Naromine can correct me, I'll be happy to withdraw.
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    170 KNOT's ? That seems a bit over the top. Sure it's not KM's? Russia is Metric. Nev
  9. 1 point
    The bane of my life .. Leaving it till the last minute. Use every "requirement" as an opportunity to bone up on facts you should be familiar with. It's not just a matter of passing the exam. Nev
  10. 1 point
    A GA plane stays on the register until CASA is advised that it is no longer flyable. To get it off the register it just about has to be impossible to even be repairable. There is no incentive to de register a plane as it does not cost anything to have it registered. that means the RAAus register must be far more up to date as nobody will be paying rego for an unflyable plane. The golden age could well be now as it is easier to fly now than it was last century. To fly then cost a lot and just about all the aircraft were certified types with costly maintenance. The real thing that made flying easier was the allowance of homebuilt planes, followed by a proliferation of relatively cheap factory ultralights, of which Jabiru was one of the leaders.
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