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    The current CASA Safety Seminar talks about communication and CAR 166. Worth going to one if you get the chance. Then what is legal/illegal becomes clearer, along with what is mandatory and what is recommended. AvSafety seminars
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    A few basic rules for Forced landings. Over shoot until you are absolutely sure of making the field. Aim further in than normal.. Better to hit the far fence at walking speed than the near one flying.. A long final into wind is not a good plan. Remember you won't know how high you are with much accuracy as you don't know the height of the terrain you are over unless it's the familiar aerodrome you are used to and there you are kidding yourself, if that's the only place you practice.. Keep the field in sight. Sometimes a stopped engine is "cleaner' than a turning one. Nice to know what your plane does in reality though. If you have the place to yourself perhaps cover the altimeter and fly watching your designated place to land. It should have no familiar features that you normally use in your circuit to aid your circuit planning. Have an alternate place if it turns out to be unsuitable Ditch or SWER (single wire earth return) electricity supply. Pretty much ALWAYS force land into wind if you can. Less roll and energy to dissipate if thing s go wrong. Have seat belt quite tight also. Fuel off ,switches and brakes OFF door unlatched etc. If someone knows exactly where you are all the better.. Hold the nosewheel off the ground as long as you can and keep the weight off it as long as you can.. You don't know what the surface is like and one rabbit hole can wipe it off.. Nev
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    Have a look at the AOPA letter and attached extract showing how Monk votes AGAINST medical reform for private flying. For those still to realise the disastrous mistake made giving the autocratic control to a couple of people that quite obviously have a hidden private agenda that is contrary to the wishes/desires & benefits of ALL private flying. Members of RAA really need to re-assess their position on this type of behaviour before an implosion
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    I came across another Pilots Eye video last night,.featuring Herr Capitan Frick and Jenny, this time departing Zurich in an A-340, from pushback.
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    Airspeed was 110-120 MPH. The decent, I actually never looked:faint: You would think i would have, but i was looking at airspeed,RPM and outside.
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    Kids used to eat dirt to build immunity to these things.
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    Lol Dave's a very reasonable guy but me not having a x-country endorsement may cause him to say no
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    Don't be too paranoid. If that were the case, you wouldn't touch door handles, escalator hand rails, that you are strongly warned that if you don't keep hold of, the earth will stop rotating on its axis.......blah blah blah. Take it all with a more than a grain of salt. Just about everything outside your house, and if you have toddlers within your 4 walls its much the same, is equally as "contaminated". Us humans aren't built to operate in a sterile environment. If we were, we would all be on the Moon.
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    "Parking is $10 per day" One of the reasons we decided to go to the fly-in at Narromine in October instead.
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    The chickens are coming home to roost, and as a result RAA would now have officially the worst reputation amongst all of Australia’s flying organisations. This blatant push by Monke will be seen by others for the power grab that it is. AOPA can’t be blamed for wanting to maintain their members. Shame on Monke for his push for “the new GA”. RAA needs to revert back to just having a “point of difference” to attract people who want to fly aircraft up to 600 kgs and should leave the older GA type aircraft to VH registration and CASA licensing (medicals or not). Having a board full of ex (and current) GA pilots is not in the best interests of the members who joined RAA to fly ultralight aircraft up to 600kgs in a more relaxed regime. 8000 members joined knowing what the rules were - not where we are heading now. We are all fools to continue putting up what is being perpetrated recently.
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