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    My guess is that on the ground emergency services are now unaware of the TWO standards of mayday that now exist and were reacting to the former, traditional sense and not the lower risk MAYDAY FUEL....... Perhaps after this success, casa will introduce MAYDAY TOILET for those busting to go....
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    Wow...... how close was that, when he ran back across the prop....... You can have the money, but that doesn't mean you've got the "brains".....
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    This strip is located a few km’s North of the Port Douglas/Cook Hwy turnoff. Nothing doing when I called in a few months ago, but seems to cater for mainly trikes and home of Port Douglas Microlights .... Bob BTW Frank here is that 3.5 croc we recently saw in the Russell and one your good self ..B
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    Farri. Good to hear the weather is improving; same down here. Cheer and have a nice fly.
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    Nope. It clearly says when the pilot calculates that the fuel that will be left on landing is below the fixed reserve NOT when you reach the reserve. So in theory this could be quite some time and distance from the landing. “ 5) The pilot in command must declare a situation of emergency fuel when the calculated usable fuel predicted to be available upon landing at the nearest aerodrome where a safe landing can be made is less than the fixed fuel reserve for the flight. The pilot in command must declare an emergency fuel state by broadcasting MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY FUEL. Note The emergency fuel declaration is a distress message.” Well not quite. And clearly says “MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY (3 times) FUEL”. Not “Mayday fuel “. And given that a real Mayday call is then repeated 3 times -ie 9 MAYDAYS then odds on that the same pattern will get followed for this call. Which in the real world means that by them time the listener gets to the second or third “Mayday” they are likely to be thinking “emergency”, brain in go-fast mode, miss the fuel bit completely and be off on a tangent of a real emergency management not just thinking “Ho Hum, OK let’s see if we can expedite the entry”.
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    I've registered and will fly. Have nice flights.
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    Thanks Franco. Can't find out much yet anywhere else. Nev
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    It’s a company. The accounts are as per disclosure requirements and the board and management are not directly responsible to the shareholders — stop thinking I yourself as a member and you’ll start getting the position you individually hold. 1 of 9,346 votes at a general meeting ... a general meeting where 30 proxies held by management would see anything they want passed and the cynic in me saying they will use the company funds to use legal actions and directions to avoid unpleasant questions or ones they can’t stop if it came to a vote. The financials are again hard reading. Shareholder numbers are now back to where they were when the 2Ms took up control in 2014 and all I can see for it is a 17% increase in membership fees. A removal of a magazine. An organisation that is sized for a lot more people than we have is now JUST wiping its nose and the total cost of this has been several million dollars of direct cost to our association and the - on my opinion - total capitulation to CASA in an attempt to grow the business into GA to capture the members needed to support the empire and systems built using ultralight pilots funds. I’ll leave out the cost to members of having to navigate ever increasing admin and complexity.
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    How does Ra-Aus get to have a vote regarding the regs of another division of aviation, Smells like a conflict of interest to me. I understand Ra-Aus not wanting GA to have lower medical standards as it may lower possible future Ra-Aus memberships but nothing good can come of sticking our noses in other people's business. We need to be promoting Aviation across the board, not making selfish desicions to feather our own nest. My opinion only.
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