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    Nev, I don't think the chooks were supposed to be frozen. I think that was a mistake and the chooks are supposed to be thawed out first.
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    Hey all, Someone asked for it so here it is. We have a few ATC in the house (Myself, Nathanc, Ian0098, Rhys(unsure of username) and perhaps even more. I may have dobbed the others in for this but if you have a question we will see if we can answer it. Admins, if this is in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it. Cheers, Shags
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    “It is extremely unlikely such a scenario would occur on multiple engines simultaneously.” I am not convinced. Birds often fly in flocks.
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    While on the subject of preflight inspections, this came up on Pinterest-
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    Good, important to fix that and develop good habits.
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    Yep, email came out this morning. Homework done & accommodation's booked, now just hoping the weather's good to turn a 6hr drive into a 70 minute flight.
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    I believe that was something people did in the last century, a bit like "I'll ring you up", which could get you into a lot of trouble today. (BTW, a few hours with a Ferguson and grader blade would almost bring your old CASEY field back into operation for STOL; Monash University set up a campus there but misdiagnosed the demographics and it failed.)
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    Be pretty careful what you use. I have only ever used "aero" recommended products. Might cost a bit more for the product but less in the long run. Nev
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