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    Have you seen the Fiat CR.32, Fiat CR.42, Fiat G.50 and Macchi C.200? Each of them fell out of the ugly tree, hitting quite a few branches.
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    Following on from Shafs64`s Thread, "Lowering Your MTOW", lets take a look at ways of not just lowering your MTOW, but trying to keep it down and I don`t mean by adding less fuel or baggage to the aircraft. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is to switch my Computer on then go and put the kettle on for my big cup of sweet Coffee (Yeah! I know! not good! but it works for me!), I then come back to the Computer and while having my Coffee I check-out my facebook site and this site! Once that`s done, I get on my Push-bike ( yes! a couple of weeks ago I bought a Push-bike!) and push my 70kg weight around by cycling down to the far end of my main strip and back, a total of 1.4 km! that`s not far but it`s all grass and at this stage, it`s really taking me some effort, however, it`s got a little easier than when I started! If at the end of the day I`ve still got enough energy left, I do it again! Over a lifetime, I`ve found that the hardest thing to do is getting out of the comfort zone! By cycling, I`m hoping to be able to maint my 70kg weight, strengthen my legs, help my sore knees, maintain my balance and improve it, something we all need as we get older! My goal is to cycle 3 times a day and continue increasing the distance. So! What do you do? Be honest now!!! Franco.
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    Well.... to be fair, in terms of pure aesthetic if you put a Hurri right next to a Spit then it's going to look like the ugly sister. However, if you put it next to a Fairey Gannet then it looks like Claudia Schiffer. It's all relative...
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    Also, on the monetary side of things, remember that using "unimproved" ingredients (like grandma used to do) immediately gives a 10% reduction in cost your food bill. At least, I'm pretty sure that raw ingredients don't attract GST. Correct me if I'm wrong. In that case, I'll have to work on my veg garden
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    F4 Phantom Lockheed Super Constellation SR71 Northrop F5
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    Mate...hot hair is the least of our manual worries...believe me!!!
  7. 1 point
    Excellent! The Sav uses a double diagonal, but would probably still be overhead. I'll find out if I ever get through this painting...
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    @Jim McDowall Hi You'll need to recreate a new login on lastPass for the new plat form... LastPass, as I remember, mainly depend on form id, which is different between the 2 platforms.
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    All we need now is a govt with the balls to plan and put in pipelines from the tropical north to the southern States and pump fresh water down and get rid of these expensive and short life desalination plants. Irrigating farms on the way down is a bonus. Where you have gas, you have power. Where you have power, you can run pumps. Buried poly pipe(s) would last hundreds of years. ....
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    If cops talked like Pilots.
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