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    Have you seen the Fiat CR.32, Fiat CR.42, Fiat G.50 and Macchi C.200? Each of them fell out of the ugly tree, hitting quite a few branches.
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    All good advice, Onetrack. My wife and I recently experienced meals in America up close. Even when we ordered simple things like eggs on toast, it arrived smothered in some fatty substance, with a layer of fatty bacon (which I hadn't asked for and can't stomach) hiding underneath. Unfortunately, too many of my countrymen copy the worst of American habits. Huge fatty meals might have been okey in the good old days of hard yakka. Today few of us do enough physical work to burn off those calories. Australia has led the world in improving people's behaviour with PR campaigns and financial incentives. The country has benefited by huge reductions death and injury from road accidents, smoking, etc. Maybe it's time we taxed sugar and fat. Of course it won't happen, because the likes of Coca Cola have lots of money to spend on influencing politicians.
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    The Italians should design the appearance of every aircraft. This way they will all look like Ferrari's, Maserati's and Alfa-Romeo's. By allowing this, the new aircraft will also go faster than any other aircraft. The Americans should design all the mechanical parts of the aircraft. By doing so, the reliability of the aircraft is assured. The Italians should never be allowed any input into the mechanical parts design. The Germans should be the foremen and QC inspectors of said aircraft. By doing this, the aircraft product will be aviation perfection. The French should design the interiors of the aircraft. This way, the interior styling, colours and comfort will be assured. The English should never be allowed near the aircraft design establishment, for fear of weird quirks being designed into it - such as oddball location of crucial levers and controls. Finally, the Japanese should be allowed to design and install all electronic and electrical installations. This will ensure the electronics and electrical componentry will be utterly fail safe, installed without a fault of any kind, and function precisely as designed.
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    pushes the Cessna 162 further behind the hangar
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    Following on from Shafs64`s Thread, "Lowering Your MTOW", lets take a look at ways of not just lowering your MTOW, but trying to keep it down and I don`t mean by adding less fuel or baggage to the aircraft. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is to switch my Computer on then go and put the kettle on for my big cup of sweet Coffee (Yeah! I know! not good! but it works for me!), I then come back to the Computer and while having my Coffee I check-out my facebook site and this site! Once that`s done, I get on my Push-bike ( yes! a couple of weeks ago I bought a Push-bike!) and push my 70kg weight around by cycling down to the far end of my main strip and back, a total of 1.4 km! that`s not far but it`s all grass and at this stage, it`s really taking me some effort, however, it`s got a little easier than when I started! If at the end of the day I`ve still got enough energy left, I do it again! Over a lifetime, I`ve found that the hardest thing to do is getting out of the comfort zone! By cycling, I`m hoping to be able to maint my 70kg weight, strengthen my legs, help my sore knees, maintain my balance and improve it, something we all need as we get older! My goal is to cycle 3 times a day and continue increasing the distance. So! What do you do? Be honest now!!! Franco.
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    I'd add to the RH side the Hawker Hunter, the best looking jet fighter of all time, the BAE Hawk, best looking jet trainer and of modern warbirds, the Tornado. I also like the Sukoi SU 27 & up. Makes the F35 look like a bus.
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    Cane farming is a big part of Queensland’s history, and, I believe, its’ largest agricultural crop. Don’t know many covert red meat farmers. Removing all sugar in food and pharmaceutical production can be technically challenging. We are all a mix of inherited genetics and our environmental factors, there’s is a lot of health mythology, moderation in all things is good.
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    Easily fixed, compared to an open cut coal mine. Nev
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    Governments, that is the Libs and Nats have too many vested interests in fossil fuel to make good rational decisions and push for sustainable renewable energy. The funny thing is that ordinary people and business are ignoring the politicians & doing it anyway.
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