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    Now that we have confirmed the site name to be Recreational Flying (there is always a means to my madness) Ahmed has created a new site header logo of the name. I really like it so here is a sneak preview of it: Click to see larger
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    Apparently Sunday 18th November 2018 a Gyro hit a combine harvester near Moree NSW killing the 50 y.o pilot How is my question does one do such a thing? Harvesters are on the ground are they not? Or do they now have harvesters flying around at 500ft these days. Sounds a bit suss to me considering a harvester doesn’t sit in a back yard size paddock, there must have been a massive amount of clear paddock around it. Was it another hey watch this moment of madness from the pilot, or was it the farmer heading out to the harvester? I just cannot get my head around it. All that grief now for the family of the deceased. Condolences to the family
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    Better to try and avoid getting a damaged back than trying to get it fixed! At 15, I got the chance to go horse riding with a mate who had a couple of horses, I`d never been on a horse but me being me, I couldn`t let the chance go by! Horse let me get on ( Yeah! had a saddle and bridle ) and almost instantly, it took off at full gallop, no amount of pulling back on the bridle could stop it, it threw me high into the air and I landed, upside down on my neck and shoulders! I got up, dusted myself and that was that! To this day I`m still amazed that I din`t get a broken neck or killed. At 18, I reckoned motorbikes were easier to control than horses so I took up motorbike racing on short circuit dirt and grass track! This day I was practicing on grass, I got a bad front wheel wobble and the bike threw into the air, this time I came down, upside down, on my head and cracked the Helmet, again, I got up, picked the bike up and kept going! Who knows what long-term damage was done but it didn`t stop me from racing... Believe me! flying Ultralights has been one of the safest things I`ve done. When I was instructing, a big guy who was a truck driver, came to have a fly! He showed me the scar on his back from the operation he`d had on his spine, but what was really bothering him was the operation he was supposed to have next, on his neck...He told me that even though he`d been told by old truckies not to jump down from the cab he continued to do it and he reckoned that was what recked his spine. Frank, Franco!!!
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    Follow the blog, here: https://lilydaleairshow.wordpress.com/blog/ Pilatus PC21's and DC-3 confirmed. Next Sunday.
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    We need to again thank you and your team
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    You may like to start a thread in the forum Aircraft Building and Design however soon we will turn the Blogs on in the site which will be a great way to create a Build Blog and you can edit your Blog all the time
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    World’s Longest Flight Pilot Bob Timm Obviously satellites go millions of miles but they are unmanned, man had been to the moon, but that was using rocket power. These days with fuel efficient jet engines, composite air-frames, computers to aid pilots fly the best possible routes, you would think that today’s airlines fly the longest flights ever using naturally aspirated means. there has of course been a solar powered circumnavigation of the globe, but even that doesn’t come close. So if you’re thinking of some high tech military flight using air to air refuelling to stay aloft, that’s where you’re wrong this flight had no air to air refuelling. The longest flight ever was made in a Cessna 172 with a standard non turbo engine with a fixed propeller. Well it started as you might have guessed in the US, Las Vegas to be more precise and ended there as well. In 1956 a new casino, the Hacienda opened in Las Vegas, but it wasn’t in a good place, some might say that applies to the whole of the city, it was outside of the strip and couldn’t attract enough trade, so they needed some publicity. One of the slot machine engineers, Robert Timm, was a private pilot and came up with a plan to break the existing longest ever flight he needed sponsorship and the casino needed publicity, and so the casino chucked him 100,000 dollars and said do your worst, well he did. He bought a second hand 172, stripped out the rear seats and fitted a 95 gallon fuel tank,put in a brand new engine, he modified the oil lines so that he could top up the oil in flight and removed the passenger seat to put a mattress in, a small sink was added ostensibly to have a wash in but was most likely used to take a piss in and then thought oh Dear, I can’t fly 24 hours a day, so he had to find someone to help and he did, an experienced airline pilot and aircraft mechanic, John Cook and convinced him to join him. John Cook, Bob Timm, actor Preston Foster and Hacienda owner Doy Bayley On Dec 4th 1958 the intrepid pair took off bound for, well nowhere in particular, for the first few days they circled Las Vegas just making sure they knew a field to land at if need be and run the brand new engine in that Timm had fitted. Now I hear the keen eyed amongst you thinking hang on flying for days without landing to refuel even with an extra tank how they manage that? Well they had practised beforehand and rather than to air to air refuelling, they mastered ground to air in-flight refuelling by flying above a disused road, dropping down a line and hauling up a hose from a tank on the back of a truck travelling at the same speed, each refuelling took approximately three minutes and had to be done two or three times a day, food was brought from the casino and hauled up by the same method. I guess they just chucked human waste out of the door. Refuelling Endurance 172 Now Cessna 172s are pretty good these days, but back then they were noisy and not particularly comfortable but this one did have an autopilot and with four hours on four hours rest for both pilots the days turned into weeks and bored or maybe because of complaints from air traffic control around Las Vegas they headed out to the desert to fly the bulk of their attempt until day 36 when disaster nearly struck, Timms was at the controls and flying on the basic autopilot, he fell asleep, fortunately he woke up before the plane ran out of fuel in the tanks and was able to avoid a night crash in the desert miles from where anyone would be looking for them and was able to turn back and find the refuelling truck Two weeks later they broke the existing record of 50 days flight which had been set shortly before they started on their attempt, but rather than call it a day and be happy to have their names in the record books, these two wanted it to stay there for a long time so they just carried on flying. 50 days turned to 60, when they started to get engine problems due to carbonisation in the pistons and they were having difficulty climbing and maintaining speed and so on 7th Feb 1959 after 64 days, 22 hours and 19 minutes of flying covering over 150000 nautical miles the two barnstormers landed, a record that still stands to this day. H/T Wyombe Wanderer November 15 2018
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    The Cessna 162 was Cessna's Edsel.
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    Then the fees drive pilots and Aviation activities away , next step then is they use the dwindling usage figures to there advantage , to sell their agenda to the rate payers that it would not be such a loss if it was sold to Developers , turning it into a so called gain for the Council .. just you watch
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