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    Agreed. With my aircraft, 1000 foot circuits are way smaller than when I was flying GA Cessnas & Pipers so my turn on to base is a descending wide 180 degree turn to line up on final at 4-500 feet with power back to idle on a light wind day so basically a glide approach. High wind day, same approach but may need a bit of power if my circuit is not tightened up quite enough. Usually though I have excess height so a sideslip sorts that out.
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    Henry used to tell us that the whole wind/tunnel shook when the model stalled! The prototype had a violent uncommanded roll which was fixed by the wing fences. Seems to me that those cuffs were too large. I have a copy of the Aircruiser W/T test report. I’ve used smaller wing root cuffs successfully. As an example take a look at the T-34C.
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    oh and easier to keep the bloody ball in the centre 🙂
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    I assume you have installed a sliding track from a front car seat for your wing attachment so you can easily adjust your CoG. I wish I thought of that when i installed a lighter Jab engine to replace a VW, requiring moving the engine forward 50mm, new engine cowls, and then 1kg of lead in the tail because 50mm forward was too much!
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    I,d be very suspicious that this is a specificly targeted theft from someone with a commercial interest and intent due to the technical nature of the stolen goods, in any event I wish him or them bad health and many accidents for the future, mongrels all. Cheers Hargraves
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    sounds like its time for another grass roots organisation dedicated to just flying lightweight aircraft for fun. We appear to be in danger of being regulated to death as an organisation. Vested interests and corporates seem intent on pushing their interests at the expense of the grass roots, just wanna fly, members. This is rapidly becoming a vehicle for self interest, barrow pushing and empire building. Just saying.
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    100% with you. As I said to one council officer after they were spruiking about the importance of tourism, " You want me to pay, to come and spend my money in your town?" A landing fee on a rec aircraft is like tolls on motorcycles entering the town.
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    To clarify, Temora Council management and councillors have been very approachable and have deferred any decision for a thorough consultation process and review of financials. I doubt any changes other than making the rates at the airport the same as those in town. This was an oversight and something I certainly did not realise was the case. The council has always been supportive of the airport and very easy to get on with. Suspect this was a poorly thought out plan of some staff and now the councillors are aware it will go away.
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    Thanks Markdun, was the alternator problem with the original Jab alternator or the powermate? And where exactly did you install that AC breaker? I'm interested in avoiding what happened to you. I thought I understood electric systems but at present I'm baffled by this electric bike. There are only 2 wires from the battery to the controller but from the controller to the motor there are 3 main ones (ok so far) and then about 12 fine wires. I have no idea what all these fine wires do. In my model planes, there are only 3 wires from the controller to the motor.
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