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    I have been lead to believe that the design of the piston internal combustion engine has been inherited from the steam engine. The source of the energy & how it is "liberated" to drive the pistons is different but he principal of a reciprocating piston, driving a crankshaft, to produce rotational movement remains the same.
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    These look fantastic. If I needed medical attention in the middle of nowhere, something that could move at 700+ kph and land on a dirt strip would be just what the (flying) doctor ordered. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-03/regional-patients-to-be-treated-in-emergency-ward-jets-in-sky/10574702
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    I can remember when they used Dehavilland Dragon-Rapides from Alice Springs for the flying doctor. I have a strong memory of one of these which failed to get airborne at Hermannsburg once and finished up as a wreck in the bush just off the end of the runway. But when I tried to check on this, I could find nothing. It would have been in the late 50's I think. Connellan's were busting to get American planes but the Menzies government insisted on pommy planes and the government were paying for the mail contracts which kept Connellans in business. Those dragon-rapides were very low powered with their 2 gypsy motors.
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    That brought back memories, Phil. In 1979, I imported a Pterodactyl kit from the States, & built it in my shed. No microlight schools on the Isle of Wight in those days, so I taught myself to fly it from nearby farmers' fields (which were way too small). Eventually got to fly it ok, so went cross country. I took off an hour or so before dawn from my home paddock on the Island, as I wanted to try night flying. I flew to a mate's house on the Isle of Sheppey. Somewhere north of Brighton, I needed to refuel. I found a little village with a recreation ground on top of a little hill, and opposite it was a petrol station. I landed on the footy field, and unstrapped the fuel tank. Carried it over the road and filled it with mogas from the pump, plus my stash of 2-stroke oil. By the time I got back to my plane, half the village had turned out. It was a very noisy direct drive system, and microlights were all but unknown in those days, so they'd all turned out to see this strange flying machine. One guy struggled to believe I'd come from the IOW that morning. I took off between the 2 sets of goal posts, & managed a double arm wave to the masses as I headed north east, into the increasingly murky weather of a front, as it happened. Made it to the Isle of Sheppey, but after my arrival sad to say my 'Dactyl was in more than one piece. But that's another story. . . Quite a few of my contemporaries landed by motorway fuel stations to refuel. And I once landed in a field by a pub just down the road from Popham Airfield to ask the way. Everything seemed so much simpler in those days: no licence needed; no inspection or build regs; and initially, the only instrument I carried was a Ventimeter for an ASI. Aye, but it were fun! Bruce
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    Hi Trevor, and Welcome to the Forum. There are some really knowledgeable folk on here ( I don't include myself in that accolade Btw ) I wonder how long ago you did your Commercial ?. . .I ask, as a long lapsed CPL got the bug and came to our airfield for a TIF and appraisal of how much he remembered ( ! ) He had not flown for 15 years. When informed that it would not take him long, he signed up and completed all sixteen exercises in 11 hours thirty minutes, flying an Evektor Eurostar low wing aircraft ( similar to the Aussie Sport Star ) . . The CAA allowed him to take a retest, as he'd Obviously got the skills. . .which he passed and is now building a Zenair CH 601 ( Low wing ) He is 63 yrs young and says that now he's paid off his mortgage, and for two kids to go through Uni,. . it's HIS turn to have a bit of fun !
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    I think the atmospheric pressure on Mars is actually 0.6% of the pressure on Earth.
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    Just be sure to get an Affirmative before you Roger...)
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