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    The Lightning Bug flew again on Sunday. The aim of the flight was to determine the effect of reducing the pitch of the newly fitted Bolly blades by 1 degree difference from the flight that was made the week before. Here are the results. @Sea level, 27degc, QNH 1015 Max. static rpm 2600 @2,500’pa, SAT 22degc, QNH 1015 MAP 29”, RPM 3100, kcas 185, ktas 194 MAP ??”, RPM 3140, kcas 190, ktas 199 Max. CHT 320 (limit for max. continuous is 358 so well under limit) Oil temps still hovering at the upper limit so this still needs to be addressed. So with painting, fitment of nosewheel fairing and a general tidy up, with the blades set as-is, we anticipate a 3000rpm, 185-190ktas cruise. A more economical 2800rpm cruise should yield around 180ktas. At the bottom end of the speed range, bearing in mind that the ASI has not been calibrated for low speeds, stall speeds were as follows: Clean - 70kias First notch of flap (T/O flap 20 degrees) - 63kias Stall symptoms and behavior were conventional. Might this be the fastest Jabiru 3300 around?
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    It's not unheard of for pilots to admit to flying just a little closer to the limit when by themselves, and especially so if the flight is to pickup pax who are known to be waiting at a remote location. Publicly, we all deny any 'commercial pressure', but it's part of a charter pilots career. Anyone who has flown charter in the tropic monsoon season, or in mountainous terrain, quickly learns when to turn back. Most of us rode our luck and made it home, but many of my peers didn't. I feel for her family and friends. RIP
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    My apologies I was referring to the paragraph in the worked text - the statement that single engine aircraft are not allowed to this day to fly over built up areas. And that we are required to follow creeks and shorelines. Somehow I managed to delete a sentence that specified the subject. Its completely untrue and probably as a result we are going to have nosey busybodies ringing CASA every time an aircraft flies over a built up area.
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    Try this link: https://www.atsb.gov.au/media/5774750/asd_53_nov_67.pdf
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    I look up every day when they track right over our place. Usually two runs a day. As you said, Marty, there is often a pair travelling within sight of each other (never too close though). I'd judge the cloud base by their height and visualise their view of the tiger country that they were traversing every day. Its rugged country. Although I've never met any of the pilots, it feels like I've lost a friend. Sincerest condolences to all affected by this tragedy.
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    All very impressive, meanwhile millions of Americans have no access to good healthcare, bridges and highways are crumbling, their education system is one of the world's poorest and the divide between rich and poor is growing ever wider.
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