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    You could not rule it out unless all OAT's were above freezing where the plane was operating at. Unlike Carb ice it is directly related to visible moisture and actual OAT (temperature) for the types of planes we are referring to because they are not fast where some heating effect is present. Ice accumulation can be rapid and the only way to counteract it is to fly clear of cloud and descend where possible to a warmer level. The props ice up and vibrate making the instruments impossible to read and the airframe loses aerodynamic efficiency and your stall speed can become quite high due to the altered airfoil shape and added weight. Supercooled rain drops can form ice very rapidly. Nev
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    This is the status quo. Nothing is being changed. You know what you are getting into with an expired meter. The RAA on the other hand are REVERSING previous policy without member/ client support or authorisation. And in fact publically approved and acknowledged this previous stance. Almost claiming it as an " advantage" to the RAA membership. This is the difference.....
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    Adelaide Soaring Club gets 1000 hours out of their Jabs and they are used for training. They stick to the book when it comes to maintenance. Too many pilot/owners do not and then cry when their plane breaks.
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    Even number's issued & payed for ?. "RAAus have been using low vacant numbers for quite a while now" No chance of a refund, Do all company's rip off their clients, by changing rules. spacesailor
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    "We are pleased to announce an agreement HAS been struck....." Past tense, not future intention....
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    At Kyneton we have an excellent relationship with council. They let our club run the airfield and our members do a great job through working bees, we save the council heaps. Hangar owners pay ground lease fees and rates. A similar size, about 65 aircraft on the field in hangars.
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    “Whilst RAAus accepts this decision may anger some members”. (Implied - but I don’t care, RAAus is no longer interested in the wishes of mere members, we will decide what will happen so there)
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    I get Sport Pilot in the mail. I believe hundreds of others do too.
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