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    You seem to be overthinking this whole thing. Forget trying to do mental arithmetic in the circuit. Landing is all visual, just like driving a car to the airfield. You don't do any arithmetic while you are driving, so, with experience, you land by instinct. The important thing is to fly a neat, rectangular circuit. To do this at your training field, have your instructor help you identify the reference points. The important ones are: The point on the horizon that you fly to so that you are close and parallel to the runway on the downwind leg. The sight picture over your left shoulder when you are 45 degrees off the end of the runway. The point on the horizon that you aim for to fly base leg at 90 degrees to the end of the runway. The sight picture of the point where you begin your descending left turn onto finals. Keep your eyes on the piano keys, numbers or the bare patch at the end of the runway and fly straight at your target. Initiate the descent with elevator and maintain with trim and engine revs. After the descent path has been established by the elevator and trim, leave it alone. If the target seems to be going under the line of sight, reduce power. If the target seems to be going above the line of sight, add power. Hold your nerve and keep flying to the target until you reach the flare point (That's another lesson in recognising the correct sight picture). On the ground, before you begin a session of circuits and bumps, identify any crosswind component in the wind, relative to the direction of landing. If the crosswind is from the right, you will have to keep in mind that your Base leg will have to be extended before the turn to finals. If it is from the left, the Base leg will be shortened. (Also do the same for a destination airfield when you are doing cross-country flying. If you have prepared your circuit entry plan before you leave home, it will be one less task to do when approaching your destination.) Also, start developing the skill to estimate position from visual clues. The best place to start is while you are driving to the airfield. Start estimating how far from an intersection you should start indicating a turn; how far from red traffic lights you should come off the accelerator or start gentle braking. If you do this practice in your car while you are driving your usual routes, you will hone the skill and it will be easier to apply it to circuits and bumps.
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    Get a good instructor
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    Hello all, I live not far from this monument and pass it regularly. As a relatively new flyer and someone who is still getting a huge buzz from each flight, it struck me that day how brave Harry Houdini must have been. Can you imagine strapping yourself into into a fabric & wire contraption, getting it airborne - something that nobody else had done (officially) in Australia before, and thinking whilst at some speed and height, that nobody had ever landed before either? Do you reckon he checked his speed over the fence and remembered to hold it level, letting it sink slowly as airspeed decreased and the gently flaring to land on main gear first? Lol Good on you Harry! Look what you’ve given us! G
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    Governments of the Left or Right have to borrow money to get things done. If they don't, Governments have to permit the private sector to do the things the community needs, and private sector gets it money back from the people ( tolls on motorways etc.) Whitlam's Labor Government had to borrow to finance the programs it promised the people. The people wanted these programs because the Conservative governments from 1949 to 1972 had done little to improve infrastructure, except maybe for the Snowy Mountains Scheme. The Snowy Mountains Scheme was originally suggested by NSW, but after Victoria and South Australia raised good points for their involvement the Chifley Labor Government chaired a meeting between the four governments and an agreement was reached to develop plans to achieve the objectives of each State. However, limitations in the Australian Constitution meant that the Commonwealth Government was limited in the powers it could exercise, without the agreement of the States. Subsequently, the Commonwealth Government introduced legislation into the Federal Parliament under its defence power;[6] and enacted the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Power Act 1949 (Cth) that enabled the formation of the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Authority.Ten years later, the relevant States and Territories introduced their own corresponding legislation and in January 1959 the Snowy Mountains Agreement was reached between the Commonwealth and the States. So Whitlam's Government spent money to set up Medicare. It put money into Aboriginal communities. It encouraged the Arts, including the motion picture industry. Maybe Blue Poles was up the pole, but Whitlam's government did save us a lot of money by pulling troops out of Vietnam and ceasing interrupting the lives of lottery losing young men for two years. Although this article is two years old, the economic principles expressed in it hold true for the time it was produced; the years when we Baby Boomers were growing up, and for today. Like statistics, the data does not lead up false paths. It is the errors of the interpreters the leads us astray.
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    As Fonti was an AUF pilot, I decided to post here for anyone who may have known her! My wife Frances just made me aware of a photo she took at a gathering of some family and friends, at her house, just a few weeks ago! Fonti is the beautiful lady holding the flowers Frances gave her on the night.
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    spacesailor, The Dynon D10A is working well after nearly 11 years. No problem. Panel is not shock mounted. The gyros are a silicon vibrating ring type which reject vibration. Some of the other MEMS types may not. One point - the Dynon used to go monochrome due getting hot quite easily. I replaced the access hatch on top of the panel with some perforated black aluminium I had from an old project and put in some cooling fans under the panel. No problem since, even on the hottest of days. Your radios and transponder will thank you also. Every 10 deg C decreases MTBF by half.
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    I was taught to adjust speed with elevator and rate of descent with throttle. Bruce
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    A little outdated ? My first RC was the "Galloping Ghost" Pulse proportional transmitter with a VALVE (glass predating the transistor) Then big update to 27m transistor, So much smaller & lighter, also only ONE battery. spacesailor
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    You’re quite right. With the income the government could bring in 10,000 more Sudanese refugees. This would cause more fighting, causing the States to boost their police numbers, which would create a need for more McDonalds, boosting the cattle, bun, and pickle industries, and Cleanaway’s business, boosting truck orders from Iveco, requiring more TAFEs for training technicians and Sudanese, so a clean, self-funding operation.
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    It's a joke turbo, just like the ASIC card
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