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    Fitted in a short fly on New years day. Weather windy and a bit of rain where I wanted to fly pass my daughters place and give the grandkids a look at the Nynja in the air and a wave.
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    Reg Brost made it up..I will look to see if I have any pics of mine....it works a treat
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    I don't think the yak landed on either runway, the big orange things could have been a aircraft holding.
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    I suspect it was, in effect, just leaning it a bit more. Not sure how it could “shock the plug”. After all nothing really changed except the fuel:air ratio. The temp change from sucking in pre-warmed air would be minuscule compared to the temp at the plug.
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    Washout gives more aileron control when close or at the stall, but you would be best advised to not count on it. A Cessna-172 can behave very benignly but bite when heavily loaded. Resist relying on ailerons UNTIL you get a more normal flying speed on any plane . Stick relax or forward and power is the go, unless you are already pointing at the ground. The conventional way of training for stalling is only a box ticking exercise and gives the impression the nose will be at a crazy high angle when you stall.. People are dying with the turn onto final . Nothing to do with a high nose pitch attitude. .Nev
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    I recall that when we were talking about this incident back in March, the consensus was that putting obstructions beside the runway was asking for trouble. I hope that Mr Dovey has good records of the content of the briefing, or other pilots have good memories of it.
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    Extensive amounts of rules and regulations regarding safety, are generally put in place to prevent idiots from killing themselves and others. As the crash rate shows, many people still take "calculated" risks - whereby their "calculations" are inherently faulty. One classic "calculated" risk that come to mind, is the attempted turnback after EFATO. Many other disastrous events can be put down to inexperience, unfamiliarity, and overconfidence. I'd have to opine, nearly all the pilots involved in disastrous events, caused by the three above reasons, rarely thought their combination of actions would end up in total disaster. This is why comprehensive training, and total familiarity with your machine, are crucial factors in avoiding disasters. Training has to cover overconfidence, and instructors have to be alert, to the overconfident, brash personalities.
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    With the risk of this thread degenerating into a political argument about 1975, one has to remember that Whitlam pissed (our) money up against the wall like a drunken sailor - gave us 17% annual inflation (who remembers the nearly monthly prices increases of almost everything?) - and then when he ran out of borrowing ability, tried to source more money for the country, via devious, hidden negotiations, from some of the shadiest people on the planet. And he got caught out on that stunt. Whitlam more than tripled the Govt debt of Australia in 3 years, with very little to show for it - unless you count "Blue Poles" as an outstanding Govt investment. While I have very little time for Fraser, with his "silver spoon in the mouth" superior manner, and his traitorous move in personally over-riding Immigration laws, and allowing a horde of criminal Lebanese into Australia without background checks - he did do the right thing in ensuring Whitlam "faced the music" promptly, for his economically-unsound, debauched behaviour. A lot of outraged Labor supporters have short and selective memories.
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    A couple has survived a light aircraft crash in the outback WWW.NEWS.COM.AU A couple has survived a plane crash after their aircraft plunged in the outback.
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