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    Note: this build is for the taildragger version of the Skyreach Bushcat, so bear in mind some sections may be a little different to the tricycle version. So I won't be posting every time I screw a nut onto a bolt. Mostly I will highlight points of interest, tricks and solutions and general thoughts. Also I am discovering that I am needing 'special' tools sooner than anticipated, so in this first post I will list any special tools/materials and the section of the Bushcat build I first needed them in. That way if anyone else is building a Skyreach Bushcat they can see when they have to spring for them without having to buy them all at once. At the time of writing this, I was up to section 17. I would suggest it won’t take long to get that far. Torque seal - Section 1 Pop rivet gun - Section 2 (not really a special tool as such, but I didn't have one handy so it goes in the list!) Loctite 243 - Section 12 Cable tension gauge - Section 14 0.82 safety wire - Section 14 (choose any unit of measure you like- miles, parsecs, cubits. I myself went for millimeters as that will have the best fit in the hole) modified pointy nosed pliers - Section 17 M6 taps (through and bottom) - Section 25 special wheel bearing grease - Section 29
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    I see that the accident and defect records published by RAAus are once again becoming useless. There are 9 published in the current list which have no details except for type of plane time and place. Not much to be learned from that info. I have queried RAAus once before about this and they replied that they were short of staff to complete the job. Studying the problems others have had, is in my opinion one of the best ways to fly safer, Studying the info given by RAAus is just a waste of time.
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    Radials have a bad name in Oz, mainly due to neglect, a well maintained radial is no worse than any other recip. If you do 200 hours a month and only log 50 then little wonder engines don't run to TBO. There was a time when you could hear a radial on a working aircraft most days, can't remember the last time I heard a radial.
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    The Scout caught my eye also! I can say I`ve successfully flown a Scout a couple of times.
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    I had another look today and the situation is getting worse. Not only are there few actual write up of what happened, but it seems that on the same day, 2 different planes had he same incident at Mildura. Funny one was in Vic and the other was in SA.
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    I suspect it was, in effect, just leaning it a bit more. Not sure how it could “shock the plug”. After all nothing really changed except the fuel:air ratio. The temp change from sucking in pre-warmed air would be minuscule compared to the temp at the plug.
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    Even though Houdini was an entertainer, and no doubt brought his airplane to Australia as an entertainment prop, he can still claim the first powered, heavier-than-air flight in Australia. https://www.airspacemag.com/videos/category/history-of-flight/houdini-in-australia/ By the same reckoning Joseph Dean can claim the first balloon ascent on 1st February 1858 at Richmond, Victoria. George Coppin owned an entertainment park called Cremorne Gardens. On a talent finding trip to London, Mr Coppin enticed experienced balloonists Charles Brown and Joseph Dean to Melbourne. Brown brought his home-made 18-metre-high muslin balloon, the "Australasian". Both Brown and Dean were supposed to ascend in the balloon, but a leaking canopy and strong winds forced Brown out of the basket, leaving Dean to rise for a 25 minute flight, landing
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    Was staying in Dalby Thu night at sons place. Heard aircraft depart with first load and return. Heard second takeoff then nothing more until news report. Glad old mate is ok.
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    THEY don't use the experience and skills out in the Ranks. They have the system as they want it. "Under Control". Nev
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