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    Enough of the slow I’m doing at least 100 knots downwind...at least for part of it. Then I have to slow down for base to less than 56 just to get the flaps out. And I might dawdle a bit on final at 45 or so (allowing plenty for gusts) as the stall is just 26 knots. and Turbs...did you have to post that photo of KAZ? John not only beat me for 1st prize at the Auster flyin, but he parked his next to mine!!! it is one of the nicest Austers I’ve seen, I have to admit. Beautifully restored by the owner and an absolute credit to him. kaz Meant to say a girl has to work really hard to slow a speedster up that much!
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    Hi All Another enhancement has been made to the site...a completely dedicated section for aviation videos. You can find it under the Media main menu section next to the Photyo Gallery. As each new video is added to the Video Library (currently just set to YouTube videos), a new thread iks created for the video in the Aviation Videos forum. A user can post a comment in the thread or in the Video entry in the Video Library and the comment is displayed in both areas. The Categories in the Video Library should cover all kinds of videos so you can view the videos specific to a category that you wish. Over the next few days I will be manually moving the videos that are in the Photo Gallery that were created when we migrated over from the old software over to the Video Library so you will see many video entries in the What's New page...my apologies if that bothers you So, please start adding any aviation videos that you find to the new Video Library section
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    F-111D Cockpit Crew Module USAF serial 68-0125. Completely restored to perfection. This is the only restored F-111D cockpit in existence and is truly exotic. The cockpit has all real flight instruments. 100% complete. Cockpit is currently owned by a former F-111 pilot. Send us a message with questions... Delivered to the USAF on 18 September 1972. Whilst with the 524th TFS, 27th TFW, crashed at 14:15 hours MST, on September 11, 1987 at Cannon AFB, New Mexico The jet impacted about one-and-three-quarter miles from the end of runway 22 at Cannon AFB. The crew were practicing single engine approaches and the engine that was providing thrust flamed out. A well known fact about the F-111 is that the engines don't have very good response to rapid throttle movements. The aircraft wallowed around for several seconds before the capsule separated. The ejection was initiated at about 200 feet and the parachute barely opened before impact. The airframe impacted on the right wing and cartwheeled several times before coming to a rest upside down. The vertical tail broke off in the ground. Crew ejected safely: PILOT Maj John Sides and WSO Maj. Russell Striker. Call sign Captor 11. The aircraft had accumilated 1,444 flights and 3,494.2 flight hours at the time of loss. USA SALE ONLY TO A US CITIZEN ONLY https://www.ebay.com/itm/F-111-Aardvark-Cockpit-Crew-Module/254054932151?hash=item3b26da9eb7:g:fToAAOSwmPlcMTeS
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    For 50k I'd sooner buy a whole aeroplane that actually flies.
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    Certainly was in June 6 of us in 3 planes flew in there early from Coober Pedy and we had a tour of the atomic test sites and then we went to Nullabor overnight i have photos of the trip on the Deniliquin Aero Club website on the Fly-Aways page https://www.deniliquinaeroclub.com/fly-aways.html Maralinga was an interesting place cheers bruce
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    Tried that, Spacey. Totally unwatchable footage, because my head is constantly scanning for traffic.
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