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    I enjoy watching the videos from Gyrocopter Girl too , but I’ll be honest . I’m not interested in the aviation content . I can get that elsewhere .
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    The need for food etc at home is irrelevant. It is the idea of moving such a massive climate controlled moving city across the plant for a tiny human weight fraction. It is a incredibly wasteful way to travel.
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    Just checked on aircrafts spruce and they are $1099 for the standard model without Bluetooth and $1199 without Bluetooth. On the golf coast avionics website the standard model is $999
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    All i will add to this important topic is that I chose to travel, by road for 2hrs each way, passing probably half a dozen flight schools to the persons,school and aircraft that I choose to train me (J3 cub) because I wanted profesional training only. No cowboys for me thanks. Cheers hargraves
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    Try Taree. Pylon 500 may know. Cogar aircaft were painted when built there years ago.
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    One of the last Dambuster squadron members Died in December 2018, His Wife also passed away ten days later. The couple had no known family so it might have been a very quiet funeral, had it not been for the Media Officer at RAF Cosford, who picked up on this and immediately alerted as many people as possible about the situation via local and social media. One of Our pilots at Otheton noticed this and alerted me with a screenshot of this Twitter Post. With only one and a half days to go, I called a friend in Oxfordshire about this and he said he would be there. . there was no time to expect other local flyers to attend, being a working day. https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/local-hubs/telford/2019/01/22/hundreds-at-funeral-of-telford-dambusters-raf-couple-who-died-10-days-apart/ The crowd was amazing. . over three hundred people were there, and My mate and I supplied / served hot bacon rolls and tea afterwards for the flag bearers, the pall bearers and anyone else who fancied a bit of snap. . .out of the car boot. My Mate Clark thought of this, as, since the people had no relatives, there would be no wake as such. . and the crematorium is on a hilltop ad it was bloody freezing in that wind. . .He's a Good Man, ex Marine (UK) It's a shame that Edna and Victor were unable to see it all. . . the RAF Bugler with his last post was very moving. . .
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    In Summer I fly in Thongs. It is just too hot for footwear. I am prepared to take the risk. I have heard a number of instructors advise students to discard shoes to get a better feel for the rudder. I would be wary of that advice if the session was at the end of a hot Summers day as the fumes may be overpowering.
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    An amazing story, amazing group of aviators and technicians who pulled off the impossible, and the incredible Barnes Wallis who only had a slide rule to come up with the method.
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    "but you only have a CPL but no MECIR, can you explain that?" Yes Sir. Just bureaucracy ! spacesailor
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    BD-5 kits come up every now and then, but you've gotta be keen. If you want turbine time, you're better off trying to build a Cri Cri, and running two JetCat turboprops or AMT (or equivalent) model jet's on it. TWIN-turbine time! And you don't need a multi-engine endorsement to fly it. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the Qantas interview..."So, Mr Planenut, I see you have 1,500 hours twin turbine, but you only have a CPL but no MECIR, can you explain that?".
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