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    Question - WHAT stops a hunmelbitd being registered with RAAus as a 95.55 airframe with 19- rego? Answer - NOTHING the wing load restrictions on 95.10 means you can’t tet 10- reg in the side but the Hummelbird design absolutely can be built and reg as an Australian ultralight and HAS been able to for the past 21 years. There were 8 years in the early 1990’s when they were a stuck design ... but come on spacesailor it was fixed 21 years ago.
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    If it’s paoerwork only I’d do it for him. All he needs is an L4 or L2 to do the final inspection - if his build goes back as far as o know it dies it’s grandfathered in and will not need 4 stage inspections. - so it’s just 4 paperwork bits to be completed. Applying for a number A weighing . A data pack and pics is another and the final inspection overseen by either an l4 or an approved l2. He he appears to be down in Sydney so there are several l4s available so it’s up to him. Soavesailor - open offer. I’ll come down to Sydney one weekend and bring all the paperwork RAAus require. You have an airframe and all your paperwork and history available and I’ll fill it all out with you. I’ll talk to RAAus if you want and then you’re only up for an l4 inspection and the RAAus fees and you will be up to test flying. Cant offer better than that.
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    My DAME issued me a 2 year medical directly under the new system. CASA cancelled it and issued me a one year medical. He has examined me, they haven't. Go figure.
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    A female pilot with 12 years experience made a successful forced landing on hard sand at Blacksmith's Beach after experiencing engine problems. The plane was towed clear of the waterline and will be dismantled and removed. The pilot was uninjured.
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    And I’m sorry to have confused you on “grandfathered”. It applies to ANY old rules that were retained but closed to new use when a change happens. 95.10 got grandfathered factory and high wing load airframes in 1990. Eg my factory sapphire is 95.10 and does not meet wing load - but grandfathering leaves it flying. Same with Brian Gabriel’s Hummel. All rego series got “grandfathered” rego display with the change in Tech Manual from issue 3 to 4. So you don’t have to display 10- on older 95-10 planes but any new ones now will. And of of course all part built experimental airframes at tech man change got a grandfathered process avoiding the 4 stage inspections and just keeping the single preflight reg inspection. its the last one your hummelbird can use to just get paperwork and an inspection to get into test flying.
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    The more damage to the airframe the better as would have absorbed more of the impact that way. Helmets or not the amount of trauma caused to a persons body coming to a sudden stop can easily cause multiple organ failures as well as those caused by impact with parts of the airframe.
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    A prime example is at one particular regional airport when being delivered by taxi in the morning the driver commenced driving past the terminal when I said in here my plane is out the front. His reply was everyone normally goes down here about 500m and goes through a plain wire two strand fence. The effect on security ZERO. At another location the refueler wanted to see an ASIC card before refueling after landing and parking in front of the bowser. Quite clearly the only people interested in the stupid ripe off card are those people gaining income from their use - nothing to do with security. There “may” be arguments made about their use at international terminals but in reality a red card being displayed is never checked so in effect serves no real purpose there either.
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    Thanks everyone for your advise...and yes it was the overfull, somehow I didn't get it all out when I did the service and when I checked on how much oil it would need with a filter in the Rotax manual I must have put in to much...anyway lesson learn't...I took some oil out (about 600 mill) and all is good... David
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    Facthunter - The answer to your problem of your computer "eating up" the letters ahead of where you're typing, lies in the "insert" button. Sometimes, one accidentally hits the "insert" button when editing, this inserts the letter you type, but deletes the next letter. Hit the "insert" button again, and this toggles off the feature.
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    My wife finished a course of 33 radiation therapy treatments last Monday. She had one treatment each day (Weekends and Public Holidays excluded). She could not drive because she was receiving morphine for pain relief. Fortunately, most of out appointments were for before 9:00am, and the trip from door to door took about 25 minutes. Still, from the time we woke up until we got back home, we spent about 3-4 hours of the day. You have to either be a country resident, or have family members in the country to understand how distance adversely impacts on getting medical treatment. While the wife was undergoing her course of treatment, we met people who had to drive about an hour each way, each day to get their treatment. And these people lived in the nearby Southern Highlands. Imagine if you worked in a mining town like Cobar or Parkes and had to travel to a major city like Dubbo or Orange to see a Specialist or get treatment. Also, Specialists don't live in places like Dubbo, Orange, Wagga or Tamworth. They live in the Eastern Suburbs and take the morning flight out of Kingsford-Smith (if there is one). I can't see the difference between a person undergoing a course of treatment which does not require a hospital stay, flying in a aircraft maintained to the standards required by CASA, and a group of friends flying in the same aircraft from a rural location to a metropolitan airport in order for them to attend a football or cricket match.
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