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  1. 3 points
    Question - WHAT stops a hunmelbitd being registered with RAAus as a 95.55 airframe with 19- rego? Answer - NOTHING the wing load restrictions on 95.10 means you can’t tet 10- reg in the side but the Hummelbird design absolutely can be built and reg as an Australian ultralight and HAS been able to for the past 21 years. There were 8 years in the early 1990’s when they were a stuck design ... but come on spacesailor it was fixed 21 years ago.
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    A female pilot with 12 years experience made a successful forced landing on hard sand at Blacksmith's Beach after experiencing engine problems. The plane was towed clear of the waterline and will be dismantled and removed. The pilot was uninjured.
  3. 2 points
    Went on my first trip away with my better half Anna. We shot up to Agnes Waters for a short 2 night stay. Agnes was a tricky strip to get into and really had to work, was a great challenge. On the day we planned to come home the weather was very marginal all day so opted for another night in Agnes Waters with the weather looking better for us the next day. We got down to the airport early (0530), so early the strip was full of Kangaroo's. My first trip away without another pilot (safety pilot) was a success! Can't wait for my next big one away with a mate who is also hour building, we are planning on heading up to Darwin way and then round to Cairns and back through every CTA down the coast, and hopeful to come back with some extra experience which will help us with our CPL. Cheers, Kyle.
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    If it’s paoerwork only I’d do it for him. All he needs is an L4 or L2 to do the final inspection - if his build goes back as far as o know it dies it’s grandfathered in and will not need 4 stage inspections. - so it’s just 4 paperwork bits to be completed. Applying for a number A weighing . A data pack and pics is another and the final inspection overseen by either an l4 or an approved l2. He he appears to be down in Sydney so there are several l4s available so it’s up to him. Soavesailor - open offer. I’ll come down to Sydney one weekend and bring all the paperwork RAAus require. You have an airframe and all your paperwork and history available and I’ll fill it all out with you. I’ll talk to RAAus if you want and then you’re only up for an l4 inspection and the RAAus fees and you will be up to test flying. Cant offer better than that.
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    My DAME issued me a 2 year medical directly under the new system. CASA cancelled it and issued me a one year medical. He has examined me, they haven't. Go figure.
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    Hi all, just musing over the topics of the last few years with some more depressing than others. I fly a SP 500 Jab, that I built and maintain myself but I am lead to believe that; My engine will fail and CASA confirms this. I have to inform my passenger that we might crash and get them to sign off on it. I did not put photos of the right hand side of my plane grounding me for a few weeks, thanks RAAus. I don't fly a tail dragger so I am not a proper pilot. I have to fly 760kg so I can have 8 hours of fuel and every IFR instrument available. I live in the Stone Age as I have steam instruments, even though most of you with flying flat screens still run steam coz you really don't trust them. I don't know what a Jacobs Flair is...I just land it (how have I managed so far?) Now I read that I am probably using the wrong grease in my bearings, great. At least most of you agree that when my steam gauges fail me causing my engine to also fail, and I glance to my right and I confirm that my pax did sign the release to fly with White Knuckle Airlines, my Jabby airframe will save us! At least that is something positive. How ever have I managed so far? Ken
  7. 1 point
    And I’m sorry to have confused you on “grandfathered”. It applies to ANY old rules that were retained but closed to new use when a change happens. 95.10 got grandfathered factory and high wing load airframes in 1990. Eg my factory sapphire is 95.10 and does not meet wing load - but grandfathering leaves it flying. Same with Brian Gabriel’s Hummel. All rego series got “grandfathered” rego display with the change in Tech Manual from issue 3 to 4. So you don’t have to display 10- on older 95-10 planes but any new ones now will. And of of course all part built experimental airframes at tech man change got a grandfathered process avoiding the 4 stage inspections and just keeping the single preflight reg inspection. its the last one your hummelbird can use to just get paperwork and an inspection to get into test flying.
  8. 1 point
    Life's a Beach sometimes ? Nice weather for flying; for a change after the early start-up of the wet season. A1 flying conditions. Great to catch up with the Whitsunday Flying Friends gang. Cheers
  9. 1 point
    Life's a Beach sometimes ? Nice weather for flying; for a change. Great to catch up with the Whitsunday Flying Friends gang.
  10. 1 point
    The more damage to the airframe the better as would have absorbed more of the impact that way. Helmets or not the amount of trauma caused to a persons body coming to a sudden stop can easily cause multiple organ failures as well as those caused by impact with parts of the airframe.
  11. 1 point
    So, they flew a machine that was grounded. Not good.
  12. 1 point
    Facthunter - The answer to your problem of your computer "eating up" the letters ahead of where you're typing, lies in the "insert" button. Sometimes, one accidentally hits the "insert" button when editing, this inserts the letter you type, but deletes the next letter. Hit the "insert" button again, and this toggles off the feature.
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    good onyer Ken. Yes we gotta just do our own thing huh. AND no matter what we do, it will all end at the funeral place. Even if we do all that stuff.
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    My first solo was in a Seagull III Rogallo Hang Glider in 1974. You either flew or crashed. I flew & then continued for the next 20 years until I decided to spend some serious money. First solo was in a C152 with the Waikato Aero Club in NZ. The instructor got out & said "You can do ONE circuit on your own, just ONE". I can't remember the plane being any different or feeling lighter as I was busy at the time. Everything went well except the touchdown which was OK but I bounced and settled down, taxiing back in with the standard "First Solo Grin" on my face. The tradition was you had to shout everyone who was at the bar a beer. Another instructor was there & she congratulated me on a good landing & when I told her I'd bounced, her reply was "Well they were both good landings". Luckily there were only 8 people in the bar so it didn't cost me much.
  15. 1 point
    Just did my first solo last Friday at 15!!! After not having flown for 3 weeks due to aircraft maintenance and holidays I was a bit rusty on the first circuit, but on the second quickly regained confidence. On the third, my instructor told me to make this a full stop because He would send me SOLO. I could not have asked for a better solo circuit, the only problem was it went too quick!!! Now focusing on reaching my pilot certificate.
  16. 1 point
    You're not wrong Nev. First solo navex can be challenging. Leading up to first solo you will have made the trip to and from the training area a number of times, but with a navex, you do it once with the instructor, then do it solo, but in the opposite direction. Things look quite different then, when you are over unfamiliar territory. Then there is, or was when I learnt, the final five hour solo navex. A lot of things can happen in five hours - wind changes, weather changes, etc., and you can have system failures, like my five hour solo, miles from any familiar landmarks, and the directional gyro goes on the blink. You have to navigate using the magnetic compass, and trying to follow a bouncing ball in fluid type compass when the plane is bouncing around like a bucking bronco is no easy task for a novice.
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