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    When I'm 90 (IF I get there) I want to be like this bloke. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-14/the-90-year-old-farmer-who-has-spent-decades-flying/10807908
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    Very relaxed last one in 2017, great company, plenty of food, chance to fly to local beach for breakfast, model aircraft club and car clubs invited, go for a flight anytime.
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    Love that B-19. That's what I learnt in.
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    Sorry misunderstood and quoted mixed numerals
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    https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2019L00134?utm_source=phplist1740&utm_medium=email&utm_content=HTML&utm_campaign=New+minimum+standards+for+community+service+flights+[SEC%3DUNCLASSIFIED]#_Toc349309 This is all reasonable in my opinion. They have dropped the 12 year time limit on engine overhaul.
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    Instructions are too complex to be understood.. 3 holes could also confuse. Nev
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    The great god thread drift is rearing its head again, even though 2 people died, its all about pontificating about things that have nothing to do with the main tragic subject. Oh well, a little respect guys would help.
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    "Curvature of the earth", that is funny. But they are not quite that bad. A Cherokee 140 on the other hand relies on the madly sweating pilot and passengers stink to repel from the ground. Even mother nature has a sense of smell.
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    Yes you have.. Hang in, though I've just about given up of it returning to what it was about when you started here. I'm not precise about the date. Flying is something you have to invest a fair bit in and I don't just mean money. Nev
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    Not exactly our last flight, but our most recent trip. Our stops were: Dingo Winton Adels grove Karumba Gilberton station Bowen Yeppoon And then home There was some spectacular scenery along the way and some really interesting stops. Winton, Adels grove, Karumba and Gilberton station were amazing
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