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    This is what happened at Deeral today! Perfect Drifter flying conditions so fly we did! Recreational aviation just doesn`t get any better than this!!! This morning. This afternoon...Sarah and Tanja, both from Germany!
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    They shall not grow old ... We will remember them. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-england-south-yorkshire-46762440/sheffield-man-s-pride-tending-to-plane-crash-memorial
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    Heading down to Avalon for my first Avalon air show. Who's going?...….
  4. 1 point
    Cant see why not. There are so many non TSO radios doing great service (crisp/clear comms). The aim is to have good reliable comms - being TSO'd does not seem to enhance this objective but obliviously is a requirement for certified aircraft.
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    We;ll be at the SAAA display most of the show. Pop over and say Hi.
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    I got seasick in 10 seconds watching that vid, looks like a History channel reenactment ?
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    720's are very reliable. They will run all day at max continuous. Usual fitment for Fletcher, you wouldn't get a much harder engine life with a take off every 5 or 6 minutes. These engines run to their TBO on AG ops no problem. Trouble is cost of overhauls, very expensive. They do use a lot of fuel but if you want power you have to pay for it. Those in the picture Freddie's?
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    Which is why I was taught to say "Traffic" before the location...
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  10. 1 point
    got the throttle bolted in place. Soon will start the final covering of ply on Fuselage
  11. 1 point
    worked on rudder horn and rudder pedal stops. and working on getting the full throw stop timed were there will be no stress on pedals at either end of the system. Also added a T-6 Alum plate on my rudder base plate to help with wear from heel movement from brakes. I'm just plugging along and making a lot of plane noises in my head.
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    Hey all, Someone asked for it so here it is. We have a few ATC in the house (Myself, Nathanc, Ian0098, Rhys(unsure of username) and perhaps even more. I may have dobbed the others in for this but if you have a question we will see if we can answer it. Admins, if this is in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it. Cheers, Shags
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    If I was about to be Rogered I'd respond Negative.
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    I’ve not only thought about it; I’ve driven past the point of impact many times, and done the Planning checks. He almost completed the impossible turn. He hit the side of a building that should not have been there based on the surrounding zoning. At that point, pre-building he would have been perhaps 30 feet above the grass. I didn’t look any closer in terms of what was ahead of him at that point, but he may have slid alonside the fence or had a survivable thinking. Certainly the ATSB action is very welcome and hopefully some manslaughter charges will come out of it.
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