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    Was a great lineup. My wheel was at the front where it should be, but I only came to look. Thanks for the pics.
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    Yeah, those of us in glass houses should probably be sparing with the stones.... It's that easy to screw up your radio call. As a maintainer, I've been on a lot of test flights with military maintenance test pilots, in constant communication with ATC, both sides stuff it up on occasion. As professionals, they just correct themselves or question what they've just heard, and keep on flying the aircraft or controlling traffic.
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    Good read about a country reporter who’s learning to fly. Best way is to scroll to the bottom to Episode 1 and make your way up from there. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-10-07/home-on-the-plane/5782534
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    Sixty second circuits? Can't call that circuits. He's doing donuts!
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    Found a farmers Ag strip 5km west of Traralga and he is happy for me to use it. about 1000m in length and nice and wide. actually in bloody good nick and smooth
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    Yes Minister in full voice. It could have been said in one paragraph.
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    Absolutely agree.
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    Might be time to read the novel Stark by Ben Elton again
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    Can this be possible? I thought everybody knew Arnhem Land was the selected focus for space industry development and Australia’s interstellar aspirations (something to do with equatorial launch latitudes). We may all be going to the moon in a Queensland coal fueled rocket, but our journey will commence in a beaten up Toyota on a red dirt road.
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    If you watch the YouTube videos on heavy equipment accidents the first reaction might be that these Chinese and Asian operators are fools. But they are getting things done like we used to do 50 years ago. Putting diggers on the sides of mountains, trying to drive dozers through flooded ravines. Some them get killed, but we all gotta die somehow. Meanwhile they build a freeway in a few months that takes us five or ten years.
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