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    Amazing photographs. Love the Spit. (Surprise surprise) https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2019/feb/25/the-second-world-war-in-colour-pictures
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    Easter flyin at Lakeside two years ago,,, ITS ON AGAIN THIS YEAR,,hope to have a better one this year,,,all welcome with camping and toilets and showers with BBQ breakfast on the saturday at Doug and my hanger side and main meal sat night at Poolys hanger,hope to interest any car/bike clubs that would want to come up for the night as well ,,had over 30 aircraft last time ,hope we can get more this time with a BBQ breakfast at BBQ beach as well on the sunday if you want to s...ample some great beach landings awesome hard beach ..no charge for anything except soft drinks and water bottles at cost, same as last time but a donation tin will be there to help with costs,breakfast ,snags and onions and eggs with bread , dinner variety of roast meat and steak with veges and salad,,,Lakeside two years ago, hope to make it bigger this year. All aircraft are welcome as well as local visitors,Midge point road from Bloomsbury turn right at Whit...sunday estates turn off, then over the first hill and stone walled driveway on left is entrance to field ...Please follow all signs and directions please thanks Easter Weekend starting Saturday morning early with a hanger breakfast of snags and onions and bread, and a good friendly chat session 18/04/19 till 21/04/19 aircraft are welcome to come earlier if you want and camp....... local area freq, 126.7
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    I thought I would post a new thread here about Kooralbyn Airport as a destination for breakfast/coffee lunch etc. We recently flew into Kooralbyn from Archerfield for the all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast for $22 at Lilies Restaurant, which includes reasonable flat white coffee out of a machine, cereal, fruit and the usual full hot breakfast items. Coffee connoisseurs, you've been warned! At least you can go back and try the other coffee selections for no extra cost. There is also a toasting machine and a pancake-making machine to play with as well. The restaurant is located in the Kooralbyn Resort main building about 200m from the airstrip. Valley Kitchen Cafe(VK's), closer to the airfield, is also very popular but we have yet to try this. On the operational side, the new bitumen surface is excellent quality and the new windsock has been re-located to the parking area in front of the now unfortunately vandalised terminal building and former sky-diving base. It is of concern to me that the displaced thresholds, that were clearly marked when I was last here 23 years ago, have not been repainted on the new bitumen. I remember the Chief Pilot, under whose AOC I was operating a C206 for charters at the time, reminding me on more than one occasion about how important these were considering the surrounding hilly terrain. I have noticed at least one aircraft landing very short of where these displaced thresholds once were. I cannot find any old photos on the internet which show clearly where these thresholds once were, but there is a small history section display on the left hand side of the Resort reception area as you walk in where there is a clear photo of the runway thresholds as they once were. Here a pilot can clearly see where they are in relation to the lakes at the SE end and the parking and terminal area at the NW end. Does anyone have an old photo that shows these displaced thresholds?
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    I do that all the time in the Auster...takes two hands these days to get full flap out. Stick between the legs. kaz
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    Good read about a country reporter who’s learning to fly. Best way is to scroll to the bottom to Episode 1 and make your way up from there. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-10-07/home-on-the-plane/5782534
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    Friends of mine went to that new pub up on the moon. Said it was crap, absolutely no atmosphere.
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    There are three things that do things beginning with “F” that will take your money ! If it Flys, Floats or F. Guess the last one ! I had all three !
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    Just had my yearly/100 hourly done, J 230, $ 530, LAME had it all day. Just had my wife's Volvo done, C70, had breakfast while it was being done, $1300, 2 hours. No flying, is not expensive.
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    If you were able to stop the Aircraft in mid air then let it fall vertically then it would behave along the lines your thinking but at stall the Aircraft still has airflow over the surfaces and the wings stall (lose lift first) causing the weight at the front of the aircraft to become unsupported. (Me Thinks)
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