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    This happened years ago but this is the first time I have seen any video... https://www.9news.com.au/2019/03/11/19/41/news-nsw-plane-crashes-into-ferris-wheel-trapping-riders
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    Isn't that the same as you only got a bit pregnant or I only got slightly killed. And if you ever get into a real spin one day, I hope you're not carrying a pax. It's only having better safety skills on your part if you are flying sport aircraft or GA to do a course in spin recovery with GA instructor. Just like engine failures that you practice flying, you might be lucky and never get a real one, but you'll never know until it does happen. Will you bet your life on that?
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    I am with you there. As easily as I can plan a flight on Avplan I still enjoy planning it on the VTC/VNC and then calculating GS/Wind Correction etc. manually. I fly with Avplan but still have the paper chart in the bag with the lines marked up on it.
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    No it's a single ECU. I did the first taxi today. Trying to upload the video.
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    I think that this is the first time this particular video has been released. The original newsreel videos showed the aftermath only. It clearly shows the Ferris wheel within the takeoff splay. The "Aviation Fuel" was actually Mogas but nonetheless equally dangerous if there had been a spark big enough to ignite it. I met Paul when I was in Taree to pick up my Sierra kit before this happened. He seemed like a nice bloke. Later he bought a Cheetah from Garry Morgan ( possibly to "Get back on the horse") but developed psychological problems I believe related to the crash and sold it and gave up flying. I am surprised that the Council hasn't settled these claims by now. They can't surely believe that they did everything right.
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    I thought you guys would have remembered the incident...the threads at the time were long enough on it about where the ferris wheel was placed and it was inside the takeoff angle from the airstrip at Old Bar. Although that is the first video I have seen of the crash thats for sure
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    DJP, Great information! One of the extreme turning stalls folks wanted to learn about is the base to final stall/spin scenario. Always discussed what led up to this situation and how to prevent it, first. Used to do this maneuver in a Cessna Aerobat at altitude. We would bank at 25 degrees with almost full rudder in the direction of turn with up elevator until the stall broke in the direction of the bank, skidding under the bottom break. The airplane rolls quickly in the direction of the bank, sometimes inverted, and pitches down to almost vertical while entering the spin. When this stall happens in the Aerobat, it happens quickly. It used to take at least 500' to 700' of altitude during recovery. Have had students to enter a spin before recovery because correct control inputs were not used after the stall.
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    Hate to be a cleaner for that airline...
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    I spotted this bloke about to climb into one of the F22 Raptors. Apparently the U.S are down seizing there pilots to help avoid radar detection.
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    My CH701 sat untouched for two years because I was so pissed off with trying to interpret the plans. Eventually got back to work and finished it because it was worth nothing as a pile of bits if I wanted to sell it. I’ve been flying it for about four years now and I’m really glad I persevered.
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