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    The better your connections the further you go in life. Nev
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    If true, that might be a factor for those who clock up lots of hours. Many of us don't. My plane has had a Jab engine for over a decade and it's got less than 200 hours up and is cheap to run. At this rate, my Jab engine, bought for half the price a Rotax, should see me out...
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    Considering a polished finish to portions of this plane and I am aware there is a lot of work involved in doing this. I have watched a couple of you tube bits about it so my questions are 1. What products are out there to do this with? I understand that auto polish kits can be used. 2. Is the polisher vital to do this with? 3. What do you use to remove excess primer? i reserve the right to ask more questions.
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    All true - that's why I said I did not know for a fact but I do know one of my local flying schools, who operate an exclusively Jab fleet, are veritable experts in rebuilding engines. The other school, powered by Rotax,912's, seem to limit their maintenance to routine services. You can speculate why this may be and come up with a range of answers.
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    From my perspective as an ex service person there are many who are virtually unemployable outside in the real world. They can usually read instructions and apply them to a degree, as anything that can be left to interpretation will be. They are generally better of where the can just do what they are told and do it with a bottomless bucket of other people’s money. I know many maintainers, but I would I allow a small handful near my own aircraft.
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    I guess the defence theory then relies on the brits and yank willing to fight for THEIR assets....
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    Actually, Yenn is quite right. I travelled on them between Dover and Calais dozens of times. They operated that route for thirty years - Hovercraft end 30 years of cross-channel journeys - Telegraph
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    Conclusions based on assumptions or excessive speculations are not worth much. Some one "could have done or not done" many things but if you were not there you do not know for certain what happened unless an effective actual data recovery facility is available.. The actual judgement needs to be held back till the facts are obtained if any justice is to be maintained for individuals involved. Discussion over possible causal factors is often very useful IF valuable relevant knowledge is brought to light in the discussion process . Full investigation of incidents /accidents helps prevent similar occurrences happening into the future. That's always been the way it works with aviation and one of the reasons it's as safe as it is. Nev
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    Originally planned for January? Well, that was a mistake from the start. Might be fine weather in Devonport, but not so much the rest of Aus.... Good luck to him anyway...
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    Back when gliding was a new thing.
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