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    Very old fashioned, also very stupid, loyalty nowadays is very much a one way street. The employer would get rid of an employee in a heartbeat and not even blink. Cynical? Yes, but true.
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    Seriously, this guy has zero respect for the laws of physics! Any other RC pilot understands the basic concepts of gravity and lift and turbulence etc and stays within them...but not Jase. He just ignores those limitations and puts his airframe through unreal torture...all for the appreciation of the crowd at Weston Park International Model Show. Breathtaking stuff ! Jase is flying an Extreme Flight R/C Slick 580 powered by a Desert Aircraft DA120.
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    I might have given the wrong impression. The only reason I bought the engine and airframe for $300 was to have something to start with. I may never fly it but if I do it is because I was able to learn an intense amount of information and slowly rebuild it to a flyable condition. If I don't get it to that point it is because someone just had to have the Pterodactyl frame and engine and had a decent engine to trade me. I know not likely but a guy can dream. I don't have a ton of money to throw at this situation so I have to be as shrewd as possible and only time will tell if this was a waste of $300 or ???. If I do every get it to the point were it is flyable my guess is that it would be worth the initial money plus some of the time invested. It will all depend on the learning curve. I appreciate all of the comments and concern and thank you for this help and the help I'm sure you all will be in the future. Dean
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    That's the first time I have ever heard of having to pay for a form. Paying a fee for filing it to cover processing and other charges or whatever may be OK but I agree with SD or just get a blank one & copy it.
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    Unable to maintain straight and level flight. Sad, really.
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    What's so great about that? My Park Flyer was doing the same the first time I tried to flew one.
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    GA flight reviews require a form to CASA and written on the licence these days rather than a log book entry. It is not the training that counts as the flight review but the grant of specific endorsements etc - again a form to CASA and written on the licence. i.e. one needs a CASA licence - easy enough for anyone with an RPC to fill in the form to CASA and be given an RPL then go for it.
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    You can use a GA BFR for RAAus reg. aircraft. That is what I do, plus you can do training in some things in GA and it counts as a BFR for both GA and RAAus.
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    Just a thought, why not ask the brains at Raa Aus to check it out. You pay them a fortune so let them practice some membership service for a change.
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    No need to worry Bob, I`m not much of feed for them! and in any case, a Croc can`t hurt you unless it bites you! ....Seriously though! as you can see in the photo ( Rhonda took the photo ) the Croc is trying to get away from us as fast as it can! A real possibility though is that a Croc sitting up on a high bank can launch it`s-self into the river when startled and you could end up with it in the boat if you`re too close to the bank. A few months ago I was Croc spotting with one of my neighbors, in his tinnie! we were going up a gully about twice the width of the tinnie and a Croc we were expecting to see further ahead in the lagoon, unexpectedly launched off a bank above us and only a couple of meters from the nose of the tinnie! That one could have landed in the boat had it waited another 15 seconds............... The only predictable thing about Crocodiles is they are unpredictable!!!!!!!!! Franco.
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