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    Like any other flying machine, the R44 can bite you if you fly it outside it’s limits. Flown properly its a very capable and safe aircraft.
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    Just saw this one. Any more info out there? https://www.news.com.au/national/south-australia/light-plane-crash-at-leigh-creek/news-story/e7720b4e33910bd5ddf65111a6727eb2
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    When you see how some of those cowboys (I use the term literally) fly the R22's in cattle mustering, as is often shown on TV, it's a wonder that not more don't crash.
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    Yes, very sorry to hear your condition's deteriorated that much, Ian. Reminds us all of the tenuous hold we have on our various faculties ... and to answer your classic "Doesn't anyone fly anymore?" in the affirmative, while we still can. All the best in adjusting to your new limitations. And thanks for all your on-going efforts to keep the site up and running despite it all.
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    Damn dude 😞 i guess youll have to fly to fly as a ‘passenger ‘ with friends o you can at least stay hands on
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    I remember a Pilatus Porter's STOL chops being demo'd at Port Moresby airport in the early 70's ... to much oohing-and-ahhing from assembled aviators. But that would have been the earlier (short nosed) piston variant. Ole Hartmann, of AAK (Australian Aircraft Kits) at Taree, NSW, drew up plans, a couple of years back, to offer a scaled down replica version of the PC-6 powered by a Rotax 914 (using the wings from their standard Hornet) but unfortunately that project never got off the ground.
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    There were Changes to compression ratio and ignition timing. as well as the jetting issues with the Carburetter.. Where you measure it has a bearing on it's VALUE also. High temps are an issue if you don't get it right. On plenty of occasions I've had to increase climb speed especially on high ambient days, but that's pretty basic isn't it? New motors do tend to run hotter for a few hours at least.. Nev
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    I have turned the Blogs on however I still need to migrate the existing blog entries over and set a few things up in that section. I have also turned the Clubs section on but there is a lot of configuration to do in this as well but it is there. Both of the above will be done today after I have tuned the What's New section which is the next priority
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    I have just updated the Main Menu. After I setup the other sections like Classifieds, Suppliers, Aircraft, Tutorials, On This Day etc, they will then be added to the main menu. This will be done in the coming days after I have the site running smoothly like we had never changed...well sort of
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    joyfully catching that day's last rays.
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