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    Thanks for all the replies, I shall be buying direct from the USA. I guess I would like to add my opinion on Poly Fiber; I find that when people don't like using a particular product, 9 times out of 10, they don't have a lot of experience using the product, and they're just not good at using the product. Call me arrogant but that is what I've found, not just in aviation but automotive as well. Personally I wouldn't use anything but Poly Fiber because I like using it. I continually get advice from people why I shouldn't use Poly Fiber products for one reason or another, but I find it easy to use, fantastic to get a very neat finish and absolutely fantastic to paint on. Each to their own, but I will be using good ol' Poly Fiber, Poly tac, mek, Poly brush, Poly spray and 2 pak polyurethane colour coats with flex add. Cheers all.
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    No, it's a net benefit when Tasmanians migrate to the big island - there's an increase to the average IQ in both places!
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    I take the Whatsup forums to be the chat rooms of the Recreational Flying site. A place to kick back with a refreshing beverage and engage and join others in solving Society's problems, and enjoy the bonhomie of fellow enthusiasts.
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    Buggered if I know. I'm in the Twilight Zone.
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    Yes, that was planned if it went ahead
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    Sounds reasonable to me Ian. I'd probably post more often if it was combined here. BTW when I saw the thread heading I thought it was about Migrants. LOL.
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    Is that 6:60 pm or 7:00 pm OME
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    sounds like a plan to me Ian, brings the members together and boosts the rec site. Less work for you as well.
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    For anyone else who may have an interest: The believe the span of the newer Honeywell/Keller Rotax sender and gauge is 4 to 20mA = 0 to 10bar = 0 to 145PSI What that means is that any 4-20mA sender with a span of 0 to 10bar (which is one of the common values) will do the job (provided it will stand up to the working environment.) And any gauge that will show 4-20mA as 0 to 10bar or 0 to 145PSI will do (however there only seems to be the one in standard aircraft size). And when you move to digital gauges, the span is less of an issue, since the gauge can usually be configured to accept and display what the sender is sending.
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    Very sad to lose a fellow aviator. Condolences to his family and friends. Wonder if we will ever find out from the RAA investigation.
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    ... every taxi, and we are talking 10s of millions of them, most buses, and most commercial mini vans as well as private taxis and many cars in China run on CNG. There is about 1 CNG service station here to every 2 petrol stations in China. It is about 1/3 the price of petrol (petrol is only a little cheaper than Australia here), and partly why I can go across town, lets say 10 to 15 minutes, in a taxi for about $2 to $3. .
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    It was a good event and well attended. The Saturday dinner was a bit of a chaos with the food (compared to last year) but the company was good. Weather conditions were ok though a dust storm later Saturday arvo. Sunday fly home weather was good. The event is well supported locally by the council. It would be great if RAA could have been there in a more collaborative role, but for reasons we all know, probably won't happen any time soon. With a more "all aviators under one sky" participation, the trade distributors for aircraft and accessories would be there in greater numbers. The trade side of the event is an attraction, but the traders need a good chance of a ROI to show up.
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    “ABOUT BLOODY TIME” they all shouted, except for ft who stood snivelling in the corner because once again Bex would be submitting the forum to his horrid use of........ I’ll say it softly hear as to not upset anyone..... sketchup
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    Yes - But should be open only to members on this site not to general public.
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    Thanks. I don't need luck though, I need skill and good looks, luckily I have both in abundance.
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    Removable wings, so no. You should see where they are at now, weld and panel fit as good as any, still some issues to resolve, dash rattles for example, but the rest of the world should start to get nervous. Here's something a little relative to your "quip" I wrote elsewhere a few years back ... I reckon the reason I survive in China is because I am a bit of Monty Python fan, you need to see things in this vein otherwise you would go crazy, let me give you an example; Last week I wanted a sheet of stainless steel, 0.6mm thick. I get to the stainless steel sheet shop and ask for a sheet of 304 0.6mm thick please. Reply; "Do you want real 0.6mm or other" Me; "What? I want 0.6mm thick thanks" Reply: "But how thick do you want?" Me, confused; "I have no idea what the F$%^ you are asking, I want a sheet of stainless steel, 0.6mm thick thanks" Reply; "But there are different thicknesses you can get if you order 0.6mm" Me, getting angry; "Are you people morons? 0.6mm is 0.6mm, there is no other size for 0.6mm!" Reply; "ok, wait I'll have a look ...... sorry we don't have 0.6mm, we only have 0.6mm that is 0.48mm, if you want 0.6mm we will have to sell you 0.8mm that is 0.6mm ...." Me after a short spiel of anger; " FFS, just give me whatever you have that is 0.6mm thick" So sheet arrives, 0.8mm written on it, 0.68mm thick .......... Now when I tell the young bloke to go get a part laser cut, I have to tell him to get it done in 0.6mm which is 0.8mm which is 0.7mm ..... Pretty much sums up daily life in China trying to get anything done. Oh and my 1.5mm sheets are 1.35 and I tried to get a 1mm sheet last week - had to chose between 0.9 and 1.1 ...
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    I'm back !!!! Hopefully for a couple of weeks this time. Day 20 and the tank extensions are nearly complete, Dry fitted the Rotax today, sat in the Explorer and made plane noises for awhile. The nose is heaps high I'll have to carry a milk crate to stand on to check the oil. ( and I'm six ft tall haha ) C
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    Been awhile since posting, near 3 weeks in the NT and now I'm off to QLD for a stint working, gotta pay the bills I guess. With all that time away I have still completed my 17th day on the Explorer. Working an average 5-6 hours per day it's coming along nicely. Today I removed the wings after dry fitting them, set one on a trestle and started sanding and epoxying the cap strips. Contemplating extra fuel tanks so now is the time to study and work out if more fuel is worth it. I'll also loose time sourcing resins and making temporary moulds but thems the breaks. Does anyone know composites available here in OZ that are suitable for mogas particularly ethanol? maybe I should start another thread on the resins. Steve.
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    The kit has arrived, all unpacked and assembly has started. Cant believe how many parts there are, I'm sure KFA have sent me too much stuff. Looking at the parts inventory every part, nut ,bolt and washer is part number tagged which corresponds to the assembly manual drawings very professional. I'm impressed even I cant get things mixed up. They have done a excellent job.
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