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    This is an aviation site so let's try and keep it to that...there is always https://www.whatsupaustralia.com for anything else
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    Good Heavens - I learnt the 1 in 60 rule 35 years ago, I didn't think anybody bothered these days, especially with the electronic gizmos. The 1 in 60 rule is used to estimate angles to determine track and heading changes. If you're off track by (say) 30 degrees and have been for (say) 10 minutes you would use diversion procedures to get back on track. Pages 14-19 to 14-27 in book 2 - Meteorology & Navigation by Trevor Thom. The 1 in 60 rule is much easier to apply when you have your track marked on a map with lines every 15nm or so. I only ever used it on big navs that required the WAC and covered hundreds of nm. I am glad I stayed awake during geometry/trigonometry class because that's what the 1 in 60 is all about. I love this stuff, it keeps my remaining neuron active...
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    Perhaps we close this thread now. I am sure we are all thinking about those that have lost their homes and or loved ones plus the work and effort of our firefighters.
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    I flew an ASW-19 with one water ballast tank full and the other one empty to see what would happen. There was no discernible difference in flight characteristics but on landing, as I slowed down, I could not hold the heavy wing up with aileron. This lead me to think that the load is distributed across the wingspan and the concentration of load is also somewhat spread along the wingspan. This is why pilots can't feel the fuel tanks levels. I guess that is why they put gauges in the tanks to measure the fuel levels!
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    Yes, DU, I do that now too. There used to be a preferences option where you could set to block all emails.
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    Sorry its a Deca battery used in jet ski's etc
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  8. 1 point
    The ATSB report will probably tell us what went wrong. However, if you haven't flown a big, heavy six place aircraft with C/S, RUC, a load of talking passengers and several complications, it's not really possible to understand what the pilot shold have done and when. There's a saying in this class "You have to stay ahead of the plane", and MANY people have shown they can't. At one stage this airctraft was reported as gliding down at 1000 ft/min, so even forced landings have a totally different dimensions. I've certainly lost sight of my selected field on the way down just due to the type of aircraft these are, so it's not surprise to me that when it got close the approach would be nowhere near as accurate as is would be for a Jab from 1000 ft. It could even have been that the hydraulic systems with the different engine caused problems setting up towards the end. The goo thing with this one is the ATSB is likely to be able to tell us based on the pilot's explanation.
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    That question has always intrigued me. In the biography of Charles Ulm there is mention of Kingsford Smith having to dump a couple of tonnes of petrol after an aborted takeoff. One of his backers quietly paid compensate to lots of housewives for the damage to their laundry.
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    Can we get politics and religion back off the site? We just lost e very informative thread after retaliation from a deliberate political slur which was left in place, and religious slurs like dog and doG do not belong on a site like this.
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    Manual activation of the gas cylinder is OK. You don’t want it to inflate before you’re out of the cockpit.
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    Back it time I used to enjoy getting in the wake of my mates Thruster in my Thruster, get in the right spot it would take about 1/3 aileron to keep wings level. Any heavier aircraft would roll me I have no doubt.
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    This one is with this site. I am unable to locate how to stop emails. I could do it before a number of software changes. It appears that I must select the no email option for each topic individually. I receive so many emails - this list from 5 pm yesterday to midday today. (The rest are spam). I spend an inordinate amount of time deleting emails, which I don't need, as I am on What's New (All) almost every day. I have resolved the problem on WUA, but not here. Usually I can work out these problems and help others with them, but this one has me beat.
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