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    Leonce Bertin was quite an inventive fellow. He also designed a helicopter first in 1908, and again in 1912. The 1912 model appears to be powered with a 4 cyl version of his neat little engine. What is more - the rotor was designed in the shape of an aerofoil, rather than a propeller shape, as in current (rotary wing) design. This shows Bertin was aware that more than a simple propeller was needed for lift. The 1908 model utilised biplane aerofoils, but the 1912 version utilised a monoplane wing. There is a photo on the 'net (not readily accessible) of Leonce and his son Rene in the Bertin monoplane, apparently taken on the day they crashed (14th July 1913), which resulted in the death of both father and son. Bertin helicopter - 1908 Alamy stock photos - the 1912 Bertin Helicopter
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    I think we need to consider whether what we are posting is beneficial for everyone in the forums generally or specifically in our own blog, or in the photo gallery and insert the pics into our forum post or blog entry...it is going to be interesting how we all get use to the extra functionality. Having said that yes you can insert pics in your blog entries of your own blog, there is no limit at this stage, you can post a link to your blog anywhere on the internet and point others to your blog here, you can tell your own story with photos, links, quotes, etc. I can also advise that soon I will be opening the new Recreational Flying Clubs System where you can create your own club with other users with your own forums, events calendar, pic gallery, sponsors etc. You can create a club representing your flying club,, aircraft type club, specific interest club, private (invite only) or public, heck you will even be able to charge a membership to your club if you wish, you will be the moderator or you can have several administrators/moderators of your club and much much more so stay tuned for that. In the meantime Blogs are for individuals to write themselves about specific topics of interest and what's on their mind and others can add comments of which the Blog owner can moderate if necessary...hope this helps you to enjoy using the new Recreational Flying Blogs System
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