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    Was a great lineup. My wheel was at the front where it should be, but I only came to look. Thanks for the pics.
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    Enlarged and enhanced a bit. Click to enlarge.
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    That took a lot of planning on the part of the driver.
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    And so is the complete dissappearance of an airliner, but it still happened......
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    Hi Scott, I used a small hammer and a rounded steel pin (ground it to the shape of the ball curve) to re-shape a couple of damaged ends. Then I used valve lapping compound to bed them in to their resp sockets. They are sealing properly again.
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    Yep, that...and gravity...are wonderfully reliable things.....)
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    If you watch the YouTube videos on heavy equipment accidents the first reaction might be that these Chinese and Asian operators are fools. But they are getting things done like we used to do 50 years ago. Putting diggers on the sides of mountains, trying to drive dozers through flooded ravines. Some them get killed, but we all gotta die somehow. Meanwhile they build a freeway in a few months that takes us five or ten years.
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    Arguably Australia's best-loved aeroplane, the Southern Cross lies almost forgotten in a small display case near Brisbane Airport. As Eagle Farm has been developed, this memorial to the pioneering flights of Smithy, Ulm, et al has been bypassed and is rarely visited. Meanwhile, about a mile away, millions of travellers pass thru the modern airport oblivious to this historic gem. Few are probably aware that it was first to cross the Pacific. This aircraft helped pioneer long distant flight and should be relocated and given pride of place where every traveller can see it. (There is a persistent rumour that bits of this aeroplane came from the one another Australian, Sir Hubert Wilkins, used in his pioneering over the North Pole.)
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