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    A mate of mine has a long EZE and when he built it he installed a pee tube. Just a bit of plastic tubing that runs done the wheel strut and I think bends a bit aft at the end. The Venturi effect caused by airspeed is enough to draw urine out rapidly. The cabin end is just plugged off till needed and then he inserts a funnel into it. Apparently no problem to use. In my Jab I just use plastic 600 ml fruit juice bottle ( wide neck one off course ) Getting back to the original question about getting fluids in rather than out. I think the perceived need is probably in error. Even in a place as big as Oz I don’t have a need for any type of fluid dispensing device of the type being offered. When it’s smooth flying you can use any normal delivery system. We take thermos and coffee on longer flights and typically cold water or juice in a bottle if it’s too hot. When it’s too rough for normal beverages you don’t want to be drinking at all.
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    When a newly installed CEO sacks a lot of the workers they call indispensable assets, the SHARE prices rise. That doesn't compute if they are assets. When the company expands the new hires cost more as they need training and have to be carefully selected. The "liability" comes with accumulated sick and Long service entitlements, but that is a known expense if you have been doing the calcs accurately. Going broke (on purpose) gets rid of that , but being old fashioned .. I regard that as theft.. Worn out plant is a liability IF you want an example as is lack of research expenditure/investment. Any IDIOT can sack people and change Logo's. and scare everyone about being there next Monday. All that does is make everybody think of working somewhere else.. Nev
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    Takes the concept of pissing in someone's pocket to a whole new level.
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