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    He can't be voted out by the other Directors. The Constitution says: 38.4 The Directors cannot remove a Director or auditor. Directors and auditors may only be removed by a Members’ resolution at a general meeting. Tony has resigned. There are only two scenarios (a) he has resigned voluntarily, or (f) he has resigned by informing the Board he is no longer eligible under the Act. People resign for a number of reasons; pressures of work, family commitments, health. Whatever, lets hear it from a reliable source. He's been an active Board member for a number of years, so I doubt it is the Board as he's weathered stormier seas than this present one. Someone who knows him may be able to shed some light.
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    I've had a warp drive for 7 yrs, 600 hrs. Plenty of dirt strip landings. Holding up well. Reasonable strength (with nickel) edges. (Carbon fibre blades) Good range of sizes. Ground adjustable. Replacement blades good price. Can be matched to existing serial number, so dont need to buy all 3 if 1 is damaged. Probably not the most efficient or good looking prop but a work horse rather than show pony. Quite popular and plenty around.
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    The RAA Constitution says 34.6 The Directors may appoint a person as a Director to fill a casual vacancy if that person is eligible under Clause 36. It does not outline how this person is chosen, except by the Directors. As a recent election had been held the results show who was the next most popular with the members. They could have just picked a mate - then we would have something to complain about .... As for Tony King's resignation, best to wait for reliable news. He can't be voted out by the Directors, only by the members, under the Constitution. Reading the Board Audit, he does not appear to be the problem. The Constitution again: 37 A Director immediately and irrevocably stops being a Director if they: (a) give written notice of resignation as a Director to the Company with the resignation becoming effective as of the date specified in the notice, (b) die, (c) are removed as a Director by a resolution of the Members, (d) stop being a Member of the Company, (e) are absent for three (3) consecutive Directors’ meetings without approval from the Directors, or (f) become ineligible to be a Director of the Company under the Corporations Act. Tony has been on the Board for many years
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    Bolly, Aussie, well made, tested, proven, adjustable, good value.
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