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    When I'm 90 (IF I get there) I want to be like this bloke. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-14/the-90-year-old-farmer-who-has-spent-decades-flying/10807908
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    Kasp I was pointing out that they can't get the date right. Nothing to do with the first post.
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    "Curvature of the earth", that is funny. But they are not quite that bad. A Cherokee 140 on the other hand relies on the madly sweating pilot and passengers stink to repel from the ground. Even mother nature has a sense of smell.
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    That is sad, if I owned one of these I would be fitting a fixed mast. Simplicity is usually best.
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    Approaching 8 yrs of happiness on this site can't be bad in anyone's books. Just so appreciative of all your hard work. Thanks Ian, and helpers.
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    A prime example is at one particular regional airport when being delivered by taxi in the morning the driver commenced driving past the terminal when I said in here my plane is out the front. His reply was everyone normally goes down here about 500m and goes through a plain wire two strand fence. The effect on security ZERO. At another location the refueler wanted to see an ASIC card before refueling after landing and parking in front of the bowser. Quite clearly the only people interested in the stupid ripe off card are those people gaining income from their use - nothing to do with security. There “may” be arguments made about their use at international terminals but in reality a red card being displayed is never checked so in effect serves no real purpose there either.
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    This coming April Sunday 14th the Peninsula Aero Club in partnership with Paul Bennet Airshows, will be hosting the Australian Short Take-off and Landing Competition at Tyabb Vic. There will be plenty to do and see at the event, including simulators to fly, a large collection of vintage and warbirds on display and new things to learn. Onsite camping facilities with showers and meals, BBQ's and music in the evenings. If we get more than 6 of type of aircraft we will open a specific class. We already have a Foxbat class and others are forming groups of Husky, Carbon Cubs, Storch, Savannah and even RV's and Cessna of all categories. Just about any aircraft will be eligible to enter, some conditions on pilot qualifications will be required. Full details on the website Entries and tickets are available now online, don't miss out and register now. https://www.australianstolchampionships.com.au Cheers Jack
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    Those blokes who fly Cranes are very professional and are the best in the industry. The water they were working out of was narrow, not much area to manoeuvre and tricky wind conditions. Fire work can be flying in the worst weather imaginable, how would you like to fly into conditions like these?
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    I'm going out on a limb here - but from the little I can glean from the limited amount of photos, it appears that this machine is a Titanium Autogyro model. If I am correct in my ID - of some concern, is the report from a previous Titanium Autogyro crash on Oct 31, 2018, at Spring Hill, NSW - which crash also resulted in a double fatality. This gyrocopter crashed whilst doing training circuits, and touch and goes, at Orange regional airport, killing the instructor and the student pilot. Investigation of this serious crash is currently being carried out by the ATSB - and investigation centres on structural failure of some of the (folding) rotor mast components, which appears to be the major reason for this crash. Whether the failure is a design fault, or the components were overstressed in operation is something that the ATSB is no doubt pursuing. ATSB Investigation AE-2018-073 I note that all Titanium Autogyros fitted with the folding mast option, were grounded shortly after this crash, by ASRA, after the release of an ASRA Safety Directive. That Safety Directive reads; "A preliminary investigation into the circumstances surrounding the (Oct 31, 2018) accident has been completed by Officers from the Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association (ASRA). The investigation is continuing. ASRA Officers completed an inspection of the accident gyroplane and reported that the gyroplane was fitted with an optional two (2) piece folding mast. There was evidence to support that the cheek plates locking the folding mast in the flight position, had failed. This possibility represents a major risk to flight safety. DIRECTIVE: With immediate effect, all Titanium Autogyro (TAG) gyroplanes that are fitted with a folding mast option are grounded until further notice." I have no information as to whether the grounding has now been lifted on all affected Titanium machines, or if individual Titanium machines with the folding mast have been checked, and deemed safe to fly. It is going to be interesting to find if; 1. This Busselton crash Gyro, actually was a Titanium model; 2. If it was fitted with the folding mast option; 3. If the crash was directly caused by a similar component failure, as in the Spring Hill crash Gyro.
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    Not exactly our last flight, but our most recent trip. Our stops were: Dingo Winton Adels grove Karumba Gilberton station Bowen Yeppoon And then home There was some spectacular scenery along the way and some really interesting stops. Winton, Adels grove, Karumba and Gilberton station were amazing
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