CloudStreet: Soaring the American West Teaser

CloudStreet is a stunning high-definition documentary featuring the beauty and drama of a soaring adventure in the American West, as unbelievably serene as it is thrilling.

Using newly developed camera platforms, CloudStreet gives our viewers the sensation of being in the cockpit of a sailplane and the extraordinary experience of gliding high above the American west.

Along the way, CloudStreet educates our audience not just about flying sailplanes cross-country, but also about the science of soaring, about the unique geography of the intermountain west, and about the workings of our atmosphere. It is easy learning as the audience is carried along by the excitement of this cross-country challenge, and drawn in by the natural curiosity evoked from this extraordinary mode of flight.

We will hear from the pilots themselves about how it feels to cross vast distances using only the energy of the atmosphere to stay aloft. Their love of soaring is inspirational as they balance managing the dangers of motorless flight, and the joys of true freedom in the third dimension.

CloudStreet: Soaring the American West is produced in association with PBS affiliate KNME in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Air date and time TBD



Stock media provided by JolantaGalka at Pond5.com.

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