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  1. Hi All Recreational Flying (.com) provides an important service to all aviators and as the site is growing we need a couple of staff to help manage a site feature for everyone. Currently we are looking for 2 volunteers who who would love to help in: 1. Quiz Master - a person that would enjoy creating aviation related quizzes in the new Quiz section. You could create any number of quizzes that you may like for example on BAK, aviation history, emergency reactions, human factors, aircraft histories etc etc etc 2. Event Manager - a person who would like to keep the Event Calendar updated by entering different aviation events from sources on the internet (I can provide one) and any posts in the forums that mention an event. All those that help the site for everyone else are made First Class Members and have access to a private helpers forum plus they any special pricing from the Clear Prop shop and don't forget the extreme enjoyment one gets by helping all their fellow aviators Please let me know if you could spare a little time to help out...it would be greatly appreciated
  2. Thanks however I have had to change it back till Ahmed can look at it as the sub menu isn't showing and that is tied to the main menu which Ahmed developed. Give it a couple of days and it should be back
  3. SORRY, HAD TO REVERT AS I JUST REALISED THERE ARE NO SUB MENUS - WILL GET @Ahmed Zayed to look into it and advise No doubt you can now see the new overall Theme of the site has been updated with a fresh look...hope you like it. Any comments you may have you can place them in the Discussion Thread on it at:
  4. I have just added this back into the Classifieds...hope that is ok
  5. Thanks for letting me know about this...It should be fixed now
  6. The Thread Post # has been added to posts in the top right hand corner of each post. T%his enables a user to be able to make reference to a specific post # within the thread if they don't specifically need to Quote the contents of the post
  7. The weekly email update is hopefully coming back. I purchased an addon to provide this however it is not working properly and has bugs...ripped off again...but anyway I am trying and hopefully this week I will get something happening to send out a weekly newsletter
  8. The coding for the new Aircraft Section is completed and waiting for @red750 to approve before I copy across all the previous Aircraft Section entries so that is looking good and will serve as the same look and feel for other sections of the site like Famous Aviators etc. There are two things that I have started threads on asking for your input before I can continue with them: Site Menu Structure proposal Site overall theme - Pick one Can you help by having a look at these two and adding your vote/comments...thanks
  9. As we progress through things it is worth considering an overall site theme i.e. colours, fonts etc. I asked @Ahmed Zayed for his recommendations and he suggested a packaged solution. Ahmed did develop the Xenforo look-a-like theme which you can see at: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9156-provision/ However he has also suggested one of the themes at: https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/ with my family picking the Elegant theme, I picked the Novus theme and Ahmed suggested the Shift theme. This is extremely important as the site is just basically white with a little blue so, what do you recommend from those above? Oh and don't forget we will still use the side column menu system we have now
  10. OME, click on your avatar at the top of the side menu, click Account Settings, then click Notification Settings on the right of the screen and you can set all your notification settings that you want. You now get a vast list of options to suit your needs
  11. Hi All Well the site rebuild is going absolutely fantastic and whilst I can't speak for everyone I am not experiencing any performance issues and I still have some ideas to increase the performance even more. The site is building and whilst all the quick things have already been added there is still a lot more to come which will be a bit slower however as sections are added we will run out of room on the Main Menu so I have come up with a proposed structure that I would like to get your comments on, it is based on overall site components of: Social - What's New, Forums, Clubs, Blogs, Events Media - Gallery, Videos, Articles, Aviation News Resources - Downloads, Maps, Links, Tutorials, Tools and Calculators Reference - Aircraft, On This Day, Famous People, plus any other reference items Commerce - Classifieds, Suppliers, Pilot Shop, Product Reviews Members - Leader board, Online Users, Staff, Site Support Other - Off Topic So the proposed Main Menu structure could be: What's New Forums Clubs Blogs Events Media - with sub sections of Gallery, Videos, Articles, Aviation News Resources - with sub sections of Downloads, Maps, Links, Tutorials, Tools and Calculators Reference - with sub sections of Aircraft, On This Day, Famous People, plus any other reference items Commerce - with sub sections of Classifieds, Suppliers, Pilot Shop, Product Reviews Members - with sub sections of Leader board, Online Users, Staff, Site Support (as it is now) Off Topic On a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 we have room for a total of 15 items on the main menu so with the above 11 that would give us some room to move for the future. Remember with this software, unlike Xenforo, we have the fantastic ability to create any new section we would want. What do you think? Is there anything else you want the site to provide you, aviation quizzes, member competitions, Chat Room etc...PLEASE TELL ME?
  12. I think the best solution for the Aircraft section is as seen in these screen shots. There is one little piece of coding left to size and center the aircraft image properly on the entry page but I think it looks good. Naturally any comments you have please start a thread so I can hear your thoughts. Subject to your thoughts I should be able to start painfully migrating the aircraft over to here through a copy and paste of the information which should take a couple of days.
  13. Ok, so what's next... I have added many great new features to the site now which are waiting for you all to use and populate Next features all require some lengthy amount of work: Overall Site Theme - I need to get an overall site theme going as in the colours, styles, fonts etc...I have asked @Ahmed Zayed explore all the hundreds of different ones to see if he can find one that will suit us... @Ahmed Zayed developed an Xenforo one Videos - as the Gallery can only accommodate pictures all the entries that have a video attached to it will need to be manually moved over to the new videos section Aircraft - all of @red750work in over 100 aircraft listed in the old aircraft section will have to be manually moved over to a new Aircraft section which I haven't defined the best approach for this new section as yet Tutorials - a tutorial section needs to be added and there is a couple of different alternatives for this...once I have worked out the best approach then all of the tutorials will need to be copied and pasted over Events - the events calendar is going but needs to be populated with upcoming events...this does require some time but only initially to get the basic and recurring ones in first Articles - the articles section is installed but not yet activated as it requires a bit of effort in time to start populating it and defining a way to keep it getting populated Aviation News - still to be defined exactly how I am going to achieve this ToDo's down the track - On This Day, Iconic Aviators section and more So there is a current snapshot of what is still to do but each one will be more time consuming to get going but in the mean time there are a lot of new sections on the site that I hope you will all start making use of
  14. We have long awaited a means to give commercial suppliers a chance to promote themselves here at Recreational Flying without the site being hijacked. Well now there is a whole and extremely powerful dedicated section to suppliers. Suppliers can create a whole page for them to promote themselves, list their products and even release news items like special sales, new products, etc. For site users you can look up a supplier for what you may need even see what suppliers are local to you from those that are listed and get in first with some bargains. There is even categories for places to visit, accommodation and more and if you would like to see any other categories added then please just let me know. Please help to get this great new section of Recreational Flying populated with as many suppliers of products that will help other site members know where they can go to to get something they may need. Access the new Suppliers section along with all the other new sections from the main menu column and enjoy.
  15. Admin

    Clear Prop Pilot Supplies

    We are a family concern here and after 15 years of running an aviation products store we decided to split the store into 2 components. Firstly we kept the ever popular ClearProp store for pilots and aircraft owners but also opened a general products store. This is why you may see some products that have a broad appeal and use available in both stores. We found that pilots not only needed discounted pilot and aircraft supplies but also every other kind of product at discounted prices from what they could find retail. Also as we were trying to get more and more lower prices for them in aviation by dealing direct with manufacturers, buying in bulk, going to product auctions etc, we began to find more and more manufacturers, suppliers and products that we could also offer to them at ridiculously discounted prices. And this is how we expanded into a vast product range, and more different products arriving every day, to offer to the wider public. Hopefully the word gets around to more and more people and as the customer base increases so so to does the quantities that we can order to get even better prices for everyone as buying in higher quantities reduces the prices even further. So thank you for using our store and please help everyone else by spreading the word about us more and more by telling them that they can save so much by simply purchasing their needs right here.
  16. Profile completion done. There are some components of the site that derive information from a user's profile such as the User's Location Profile field in order to populate the Maps section which enables the opportunity for greater social interaction between site members. The system will ask for these profile fields to be completed when a user logs in...currently the fields are: Location - as described above Aircraft - so owners/pilots of specific aircraft types can help each other Country - so pilots are not caught out between different laws and conditions between countries Thanks for your help and understanding in this
  17. Oh, forgot to mention...the maps will slowly update with users locations over a period of time so it doesn't strain the server with trying to add nearly 12,000 users all at once on the map
  18. Ok, the Maps facility is now operational for everyone. In the main menu you will see the addition of the Maps option. You will see on the Maps page all the different Airfields have been imported and you can select which level of Airport, Airfield, Airstrip etc that you would like to see plus you can add any comments to any of them that you may like to make. I hope to add other map components for you to select from but at this stage there are: Members Major Airport Licensed Airport Unlicensed Airfield Private Airstrip Clubs and Schools
  19. I have been able to add the Prefix system to the site like we had before. Prefixes help to define your thread better when you start one with a small icon being displayed just before the thread title. Hope they help
  20. At long last the Recreational Flying Google Earth Airstrip Database is coming back and it is even better. What makes it better is it now has the ability for site users to add their location to the map as well so if anyone is flying to a specific strip they can see which other Recreational Flying members are also near that strip to organise a catch up, help to see the area, things to do, places to see, available accommodation etc. The new Recreational Flying Airstrip Map will help bring the social aspects of our flying together. The map also shows the location of Clubs and Schools etc More on this very soon as all that is to do is to reformat the current list of Airstrips and import that into the mapping function...hopefully the developer doing this will have that done in the next day or so. This will be a great asset to everyone here
  21. Admin


    This is a test
  22. Do you want the Filter Box showing across the top of the What's New Page???
  23. WOW, we are powering ahead here...the Classifieds system is now up and running and the best of all...IT'S FREE I have created some standard categories at this point for all your classifieds so select which one best suits your type of classified and enter away. Let's get the Classifieds section up and running and populated with anything that you may want to convert to cash...there is even a Non-Aviation category for you to use For commercial users I have also enabled the "Store" facility as a test to see if that works well. The Store feature is very much like an ebay store so when you list a classified it will show a link to your store for users to view your other items you have for sale. To turn the Store feature on simply go to your Profile settings and turn the store on. Let's see if that helps everyone here at Recreational Flying A great new feature for everyone
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