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  1. Not sure the" bigger the safer" is a direct association Bigger is more efficient (Reynolds number and scale effect) also the sheer size of the operation tends to keep it away from less "capable " operators and half @r$ed environments (less regulated) that plague charter and remote area operators.. Boeing's latest offerings haven't entirely been without blemish or concerns. For operators of the A 380 the commitment decision is formidable. You need a minimum fleet size or be an offshoot of another airline that operates them and the$ 400 million ea and the need to get seats filled (High Load factor) to be profitable is critical. Probably fares have been artificially LOW for quite a few years now .Nev
  2. facthunter

    Fuel Draining Jab 230c

    It's worse if it's a 2 stroke with premix. Mogas Is not as reliable a product. When it goes off it really stinks sometimes if it gets a BUG in it. This also happens in AVTUR and they put a chemical in it to help prevent it. It blocks filters.. A recent largish lawnmower I purchased stipulates a "conditioner " for the fuel. it's a TORO . There might be something on line about it. I only advise you. I'm not taking any responsibility for it's safety. 2 weeks is not long .. I wouldn't worry about a bit of avgas remaining in the tanks. It does mix OK but the Mogas degrades it (as you would expect) but it's still better than straight mogas. Nev
  3. facthunter

    Carby heater on a Rotax 912

    I agree with that and Bill knows his stuff. It's up to the designer to prove the engine as installed isn't dangerous. I've heard a figure quoted also for a specified temp rise and it might be an IF it does "this" all is covered sort of thing. Not only pistons have icing problems with engines. I think the Bristol Brittania went back to the drawing board after icing tests near Darwin. .
  4. facthunter

    ME 262 Sturmvogel - Was Hitler correct?

    You need thrust to turn fast and" lifting" wings. I've seen a dogfight with a Vampire and a Caribou and the Caribou easily turns inside the vampire every time. I don't know what critical Mach No the 262 was but it wouldn't be anything special and with low thrust and a big thirst it's a bit operationally limited... It catches the imagination I suppose, being a jet but would probably require 2x the runway length the Bf 109 needed to take off and might have a pretty limited payload and little range... They had the best supercharger systems in their piston engines as they built plenty of race cars and bikes with them. Nev
  5. facthunter

    Jabiru LSA vs 160

    I did … Once, when they first came out. Nev
  6. facthunter

    ME 262 Sturmvogel - Was Hitler correct?

    Unreliable engines and the poor climb these early low thrust engines gave would have made them easy prey for a good piston fighter plane. the DH Vampire is far better but still a very poor performer at low speed in the power department. They all need a lot of runway (Like the earlier B 707 ).Jet engines keep a more or less constant thrust, so give more power as their speed increases. The high thrust engine were turbofan High bypass ratio motors which are also more fuel efficient. Turbine blade metallurgy has a lot to do with it also, enabling high EGT's. equals efficiency. Nev
  7. facthunter

    Carby heater on a Rotax 912

    IF the body of the carburetter is hot enough the ice will not form on it or stick to it. I have flown with such a set up and it's left on all the time. You don't have to get the intake air above the temp where ice is likely to form . Perhaps you might get some ice forming downstream of the carb but that is unusual and only likely with long intakes which are the most troublesome. Hot intake air will reduce power available and IF you are descending for a while your source of hot air will cool off. That's why you should apply FULL carb heat in cruise for about a minute before descending if icing condition may exist, AND descend with some power on, if the condition warrant it. You don't need to be in cloud to get carb icing. Your carburetter resembles a refrigerator as it has gas expanding near the throttle and the venture.(Adiabatic) cooling and also evaporation of the fuel in the same area. Just pour avgas on your hand and wave it in the breeze. You are less likely to get carb icing in very cold air as it holds less moisture than warm air. Some of the driest air on earth exist at the south pole. Near the coast of after showers in the tropics with an OAT of say 25 C you can get carb ice. Warm with a high Relative humidity means a lot of actual moisture is in the air. You carb can cool it to a below zero C. Injection near the inlet port has much less likelihood of icing. It's also probable that a slide type carburetter mounted directly on the motor and getting some heat from it to the carb body, would not be susceptible to icing. Individual set ups will vary a lot.. Certain engines will REQUIRE a stipulated temp rise occurrs That would be for things like a Continental 0-200 which generally uses the same carb set up on all of that type of motor and would have been tested extensively. Nev
  8. facthunter

    Flying Club Sign

    Instructions are too complex to be understood.. 3 holes could also confuse. Nev
  9. facthunter

    From airsickness to aerobatics

    Just to clarify.... IF you are doing the flying , You are less likely to get sick than if a passenger. Maybe it's FEAR. (Just kidding.) but I believe fear is a factor in some situations. Where you "look" can affect it. Ginger is said to help prevent it. Have cool air on your face. Be cooler rather than too hot, and don't have clothes tight around your neck. Nev
  10. I thought we might have bashed the motorcyclists enough. Nev
  11. facthunter

    Jabiru LSA vs 160

    It's an old saying that was applied to some of the earlier big piston transports. I recall one that had 4 engines and max wt 72,000 lbs and max cruise engine power around 3400 Hp. total that works out at 106 HP for each ton of plane, Allowing for the climb TO and climb fuel burn . Hardly overpowered. I recall one day it had made 2500 feet by Katherine out of Darwin.. Nev
  12. Most motorcycle "gear" (attire) is not good to be in when you are stationary, and the heat is coming up from the engine, or heating your legs on the older stuff. If some rider moves up through the traffic and gets away at the lights it's no skin off a motorists nose provided they don't wipe off a mirror on the way. Many mirrors get wiped out by other 4+ wheel vehicles like semi's and Luton Peak vans . Every bike is one less car on the road so slow you up.. Nev
  13. facthunter

    Jabiru LSA vs 160

    Push pull cable systems, (more friction) never have the good feel of rods and cranks, The size of the control surface and the plane's speed are the main factors in control forces. Of course you can (and should) trim the elevator out but that doesn't change the friction in the cable. Some trim systems are only a spring that pushes/pulls the control to the new position. It's the sort of thing you notice when you first get into another plane after a fair bit of time in the previous one.. You get used to it pretty quickly.. Nev
  14. facthunter

    Carby heater on a Rotax 912

    IF you keep the carb body above freezing it won't have any ice forming on it. The advantage of electric it's not dependent on the engine being hot, and it doesn't cause significant loss of power. You can just have it on anytime the plane is in use AC or DC doesn't matter with a heating element. Nev
  15. facthunter

    Rotax 912 Coolant

    My reply is not just about Rotax. 912's The 582 runs O rings I think and there are other auto engines it applies to Like Suzuki ,Honda Subaru that run gaskets. that deteriorate and seep . Nev