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  1. facthunter

    Lower your MTOW

    Remember trees and posts only hit you in self defence and the Tin top drivers don't "see" motorbikes. A good bang for your buck, a bike can be, but you have a bit of flying paradise up there on the right day, with your Sky Chariot. Nev
  2. The luck of the draw. Her good stars aligned that day. The Electra had a wing metallurgy and aerodynamic / aeroelastic twist problem associated with engine mount distortion, from near and I think 3 were lost from in flight wing failure without warning in the late 60's and most of them had a new wing built or were scrapped around the early mid 70's. The ORION , a military sea search and submarine tracker aircraft was a different wing. but looked the same.. They were all equipped with airborne radar for storm avoidance. At least in countries that didn't aovid the rules, to reduce costs. Nev
  3. Boeing didn't provide the detailed information on the new anti stall system because they didn't think Pilot's needed to know. Well, Mr Boeing Executive ,that's OK when all things are functioning normally. Not OK when Pilots have no idea what's happening with trim, because you haven't even told them the system exists. Nev
  4. facthunter

    Accident and defect

    That's true enough poteroo. We have to learn from and not emulate incidents and accidents.. Some regard a miss is as good as a mile . A near disaster has all or most of the aspects of an actual hit or prang which is a breakdown of the rules or conditions applying to SAFE conduct of flights with the added advantage being, the participants are still around to tell of it. . IF you are still alive and had a lot of close calls you are not alive because you are a safe pilot. You are alive because you are a lucky pilot (so far). Nev
  5. facthunter

    Please Vote

    Being where we are , Recreational Flying is the best available title I can come up with giving full note to current attitudes and the SCENE at the moment. It's a generic title but it does do the job. Nev PS. you might make more dough from "Baker's Dozen ".
  6. facthunter

    Lower your MTOW

    Franco, Your back and mine are in probably in a similar condition, from a similar cause Lower back , from lifting "too heavy" weights. Often surgery is not the answer and the right activity and exercises works, but you have to keep at it. In the early 90's when I (unfortunately) acquired a Vineyard the intense Physical work aggravated mine and I went to many Physio's . At the time they all more or less gave up on me the last one I saw at that time saying I would certainly not be able to drive a car unless for a brief time or especially a tractor (at all), fly a plane, ride motorcycles etc and that my back was the worst she had ever seen. Well that's about 29 years ago now ., I'm still going. I (like You) have to live with what I've got, as there's no other real option but I still do all those things. Cheers.. Nev
  7. facthunter

    Power Plants

    Easily fixed, compared to an open cut coal mine. Nev
  8. facthunter

    Lower your MTOW

    You are lucky to have those good mediterranean genes Franco.. Do you use a lot of tomatoes ? I've had a crook back for years from lifting V8 blocks in an engine reconditioning shop as a young fellow who wouldn't listen to anyone warning of back damage with lifting too much the wrong way. Use what you have for as long as possible. Operations don't make it as good as nature did. I got 3 discs moving that were described as dessicated by exercising (twisting) over a long period without load on the spine on a firm mattress( Lower back) Unrelated, I was also booked for a neck op but the final examination just before going under the knife showed it had improved and was near normal, and the planned op was not needed . The specialist said "It happens sometimes" but was somewhat astounded. That was done by exercising. (Movement mainly no load or jerking) Your spine needs to be kept moving. A disc was impinging on the spinal chord when it moved. Now it's OK. Better to consult with a good physio about it as they can be helpful . ( not always).. Nev
  9. facthunter

    Lower your MTOW

    The CSIRO's diet was criticized as having too much red meat in it , when it came out, connecting this with some financial support it received. This may or may not be true. The emphasis on high protein is to avoid muscle atrophy when losing weight supposedly, which can be a problem. I would say it's a way of losing weight without side effects. Slow and steady seems to be the way, rather than rapid. A lot of people look for quick results and are on/off the scales all the time.. It's certainly not helpful to have it going up and down rapidly. Benefits in blood sugar levels are almost instant in many cases, and a friend of mine who was quite ill with "type 2" diabetes related symptoms became "non Diabetic" after lapband. He has got around the surgery by eating differently but still too much it so has plateaued above ideal weight. I'm sure he would have been dead years ago without some drastic action, at the time.. I'm NOT recommending surgery as obviously IF you can do it without it you are better off. Like quitting smoking you have to make a switch in your head how you want to live. It's going to make you a much safer pilot as you eliminate a lot of risk symptoms with eyesight and circulatory problems, possible stroke, DVT clots, sleep apnea etc. Nev
  10. facthunter

    Lower your MTOW

    Some bad influences on this Site. Heaping sugar and condensed milk and wearing other animals skins. SLOW animals obviously as you wouldn't catch the fast ones.. Leather s make you sweat and that causes weight loss. Being SICK causes it too. Maybe where you live also. In the Tropics a lot of white fellows drank a lot but stayed thin.. Obesity is a modern thing. If you look at old photos, there are not a lot of fat people, unless you are a King or a Friar. One thing we agree on, is it's not that healthy to be overweight, particularly if your ancestors are Aboriginal or Pacific Islanders that don't go well with "junk" food. and get Diabetes to a greater extent.. Nev
  11. facthunter

    Power Plants

    I believe as a rule of thumb over a distance of 400 kms water is cheaper by desal of sea water, than to pump it. I guess if the pumping is done using solar It might be more feasible. Storing water in the hot drier areas is not a good idea as the evaporation rates are very high unless the storage has a low surface area to volume ratio and doesn't leak into substratas or get siphoned off illegally. Nev
  12. facthunter

    Lower your MTOW

    Avoid processed food and soft drinks.. Non wild meat is fatty and poultry the same. Sugar salt and fat are addictive and cheap so eating out expect to get a lot. of that. Salt just hides more subtle flavours, and becomes a habit. You get enough usually, from natural sources to not need added salt. Steam or grill, preferred or use a Wok. Don't overheat cooking oils Use whole grains and fresh nuts (keep in fridge) and quality Olive OIl.. Protein is expensive . Sugar substitutes can have bad side effects.. Green tea in excess can cause liver damage. Drink WATER. It's the best drink there is. Mineral water rarely. You don't know what's in it. IF I'm in a pub, Soda and bitters . Give up cakes and pastries if you're serious and limit bread. If you are not going to maintain the "New " regime you will put it back on. IF you are stable in weight but have a "gut" you want to get rid of a reduction in energy intake WILL shed weight. Exercising helps also. Slow reduction is best. Drastic FAD diets are dangerous.. As the fat is metabolized the toxins stored in them may make you fell pretty crook., as you eliminate them. Drink water. look after your Kidneys. Vital to your wellbeing. Some medically supplied drugs are hard on your Kidneys. As you lose weight some prescription drugs may become unnecessary and you can come of them, and that's all good. None of this is expensive.. Do some of your own cooking and experiment with new vegetables. Nev
  13. facthunter

    Lower your MTOW

    The oldies tend to do OK in endurance situations, rather than sprint or weight lifting achievement The injury aspect is a serious problem as the weaknesses developed when you are immobilised don't recover like when you were younger.. Exercise of a certain kind will improve bone density which should be checked before doing any serious work. Nev
  14. facthunter

    Lower your MTOW

    However you do it, with weight, If you don't permanently change something you will put it back on. People who go on crash diets and then put it back on are worse off than if they had remained steady. Some energy rich food will take a heap of exercise to cancel out. So better to restrict the food , or change it's nature, than exercise like you are preparing for a triathlon contest. As you get older it's easier to do some damage to yourself so the exercise programme has to be for your age group, not some 18 year old. If your muscles and joints get weak you lack stability and are likely to fall. It's all a delicate balance, and a realization of where you are actually at, what can be done and what is risky. Doing NOTHING in the way of exercise will cause muscle atrophy quite quickly. Loss of muscle mass is a risk with fast weight loss if you are a senior citizen.. Nev
  15. facthunter

    Trident trivia.

    I don't know how many Tridents were eventually sold . Most APU's don't contribute much (if ANY) thrust. but it's not a bad idea but may cause more drag when not used. They supply bleed air for airconditioning on the ground and starting engines and electric power (sometimes if required ) in the Air..The Douglas DC-9 could use the APU as an extra generator if one failed but wouldn't start above a certain altitude. (about FL 15 OTA). Once running it is useable at all cruise heights.. Multi engines with ALTERNATORS have complex electrical systems. Synchronising the A/Current is mechanically complex. You need a CS drive on the alternator or the back EMF can smash everything. Nev