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  1. Never used it myself Pots and the 20 mins I mentioned earlier was considered a "Practical" absolute minimum. The further you are from destination would require planning for a 10% error of total Flight time and you can easily exceed that. IF you doing airwork in the training area it's another matter. You are only minutes away. There's no point in pushing these boundaries without alternative plans of action...Nev
  2. Grounding it is logical in the circumstances till more is known.. Having all the parts will disclose the nature of the failure. Being an ex meat bomber, I was always concerned about loading the strut , or someone hitting the tailfeathers.. The plane is close to the stall and a lot is happening. Nev.
  3. Move enough air around so as it makes your plane do what you want. Your plane is an aerodyne. Nev
  4. There's no difference between us and other animals who survive by eating other plants and animals. this "phenomenon" is from way back and there's no "moral" aspect to it in it's original form. "Naughty Tiger eating poor little animal" is simply feed time.. Our propensity to attack others (before they do it to you) is based on tribal survival, fear and distrust and no doubt ingrained in our DNA. We NOW have weapons that can effectively destroy the Entire planet as a habitat for us, so perhaps had better use the brains we have evolved, in a better way to ensure we survive at all... Nev
  5. There's a fair chance the airflow near the spinner is stalled at no forward speed. I've always wondered whether angling the dual intakes to take advantage of the rotating nature of the airflow under those conditions, would aid cooling on the ground. Regarding head temps of 130 C (without using Evans) isn't there a distinct possibility of hot spots and excess pressurizing. and consequent coolant loss.. I've had the "green stuff" on the cowl and window a few times ..Nev
  6. Becomes a lot as you get older.. Most of your friends DIE.. Nev
  7. We will NEVER learn, mnewbery, Unfortunately and will forever repeat our mistakes.. Nev
  8. The carby vent tube affects mixture. I only mention it in passing for you to be aware of. Nev
  9. It's not impossible (in theory) but to realise it in practice, is not easy or guaranteed. Flying machines eat money. IF there was an easy and cheap way, everyone would be doing it.. Nev
  10. There's a little more to doing a take off properly than "open the throttle and point the aeroplane.". You are supposed to brief yourself on what you will do if the engine falters /fails at any stage and it's a potentially critical phase of flight, every time. AND you might have to land on something which isn't the aerodrome at short notice.. Of course if you just want entertainment watching landings on challenging days is more fun. but you are "setting up" THAT landing from way out so have less excuse if it goes pear shaped and you have the whole strip to land on.. If the landing has a great element of luck involved, then time with an instructor on "rougher days" is warranted. SAFE landings with maximum control in evidence constantly is better than a series of squeekers on fine days.. Nev
  11. Insurance is just risk assessment applied to a premium determination." Actuarial somethingy"...If they get it wrong they go out of business. You have no idea of how good your "cheapest premium" is till you make a claim and read the fine print. Nev
  12. That result is exactly what will happen if a PT 6 engine loses power and is not able to be feathered. A turbo prop has the potential to develop DRAG many times that of the rated forward thrust, so has to have auto feather capacity to be safe it low level on initial take off. This is NOT what happened at Essendon. Nev
  13. The position of the vent tube from the CARBY's is critical to how that works. Nev
  14. If you routinely use all the aids to get around you will develop a dependency on them whether you think you will or not. People in a repetitive situation tend to get lazy and cut corners. it's very human to do so.. I've seen this happen with many during my time "in the game".. and in reports of mishaps. Nev
  15. Landing lights reflect off Props. Matt black (on the back) helps but the effect is still there. Buy a jet.. Makes it easier in SO many ways. Don't tell ANYONE. They try to keep it a well kept secret . Daylight backlighting is very bright. Destroys your night vision if you don't dull it down. It's automatically sensed in some "modern" planes. Nev
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