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  1. facthunter

    Radio Operator Exam

    Must have been the advice. Nev
  2. The IFR procedure is different really. There was practically NO IFR flying in PNG though I've had to resort to it a couple of times, having to cross the Ranges later in the day when the clouds have built up. (as they do) Normally you rely on the VFR rules and stay with the ceiling and visibility restrictions and can fly between the peaks.. and all works out OK. if you are careful and have some experience. In mountainous areas becoming Non VMC has serious ramifications and often they are catastrophic for the people involved. It's not different to flying an IFR level complying with a stated and properly established LSALT and having to divert or becoming ICED up or losing an engine and not able to maintain the level . Flying into a valley with a cloud overlay (Ceiling) is an area where you must leave an escape route. ie Be able to do a 180 without hitting the valley sides , stalling in the turn or entering the cloud.. This is part of that type of flying training which is essential and encourages you to fly near one side of the valley to have the room to turn . etc as an example or don't go there. I've had friends who appeared to be very safe pilots, end up flying into cliffs in IMC when conditions deteriorated, often trying to climb up through the cloud and get on top.. Nev
  3. They run a "differences" course but don't tell you about the differences. They are now altering the "software". Bit late for 189 people and the Companies reputation. There used to be a saying... "If it's not Boeing I'm not going" All the systems are made by the same manufacturer (Honeywell) but the system LOGIC varied. There was usually less "Mystery" with The LAZY "B". "What's the bloody thing doing now?" stuff. It's a trend to leave the Pilot out of the loop as not being important.. Airbus started the "pilot safe" aeroplane myth. Nev
  4. The recovery technique used on earlier versions was NOT suitable for this version and the differences course did not bother to mention the system or how it worked even in other countries as Boeing thought the pilots didn't need to know about it. This was publicly stated by one of their senior executives.. It was designed to work automatically to reduce the angle of attack by actuating forward STABILISER trim at high altitudes primarily. (I presume) When a sensor or sensors fail all bets are off with this type of system logic. The pilot in this case fought the plane for an agonizing time to it's inevitable fate having not been informed of the "problem " pre flight as the pilot the previous day had. From what I know, I don't blame the crew at all for this tragic event. You need to be careful where you get your information from. Recovery of the CVR will help clarify the situation. The Company have decided to spend dollars to search for it . There are strong currents in that area which haven't helped. Nev
  5. You could not rule it out unless all OAT's were above freezing where the plane was operating at. Unlike Carb ice it is directly related to visible moisture and actual OAT (temperature) for the types of planes we are referring to because they are not fast where some heating effect is present. Ice accumulation can be rapid and the only way to counteract it is to fly clear of cloud and descend where possible to a warmer level. The props ice up and vibrate making the instruments impossible to read and the airframe loses aerodynamic efficiency and your stall speed can become quite high due to the altered airfoil shape and added weight. Supercooled rain drops can form ice very rapidly. Nev
  6. facthunter

    RAAus to disclose member details

    The issue is HOW this was arrived at and whether members rights as expressed by wishes/instructions were disregarded. without prior warning ,advice or consultation.. Nev
  7. Weather in that area noted for rapid changes and spectacular rugged topography. It used to record annual rainfall in the region of 190 inches in the old measurement. Multiply by 25 to get MM's . Sad outcome . It's not your normal bit of countryside by any means, and an air service is the only way to get some places. Nev
  8. facthunter

    RAAus rego Vs Casa cost

    You won't know till you try. I think most warbirds are on exp. To modify "anything" on a certified VH is close to impossible in a practical sense. The exception is complying with AD's where the action is mandatory but the manufacturer has done the" revising" usually as a result of some fault becoming evident. Nev
  9. facthunter

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    Maybe the cars , but not aircraft. I also don't regard Bugatti styling to be anything but gangster big car "elegance" . Nev
  10. facthunter

    RAAus rego Vs Casa cost

    There's considerable costs in certification and the price must contain something to cover it. It also restricts modifications like ALL VH except experimental. some people who would know more than I do suggest VH exp is the way to go. Use a PPL or above to drive them. Nev
  11. Statistics are only valid if the numerical size of the considered units is so large that the figures are not distorted by a small cluster of a certain type of event.. You are not immune from danger if there's been a spate of deaths even if that's above those for a normal year. You can't say we've had our quota for the year, already. Some still believe everything happens in groups of THREE. Believe that to a great extent in aviation, YOU make your own luck and you will be better off by planning and being skilled and careful. Nev
  12. It was BY a diversion that would have helped keep away from High terrain. A clearance into controlled higher levels would have been given if requested and would have saved the day. Fit people can keep oxygenated for short times at those levels by using the mask intermittently and some may even be able to go without it for a while and permitting staying clear of icing conditions (which may have contributed to it) But loss of control and airframe break up resulting was probably the cause. Once you have a bit of Rime icing the stall speed goes right up and performance deteriorates and the ice flying off the prop blades is distracting in the extreme, often with vibration that blurrs the instruments even IF you do know how to fly in IFR. Even using the autopilot won't guarantee good results once the plane is iced up..Nev
  13. facthunter

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    CASA is probably the only body in the game who /which has the resources to carry the liability at the level it could reach. It also has the deep pockets to make them immune from the ordinary individual fighting them in court, and having a chance of winning.. The Absolute/ strict Liability that is imposed on the activity. is onerous and scary. (Look it up it doesn't take long). Spend a few minutes at looking at what it is. Nev
  14. facthunter

    Accident and defect

    What ATSB investigate and why might be questioned but the quality of their investigative process is generally accepted as fair and impartial. They are open to the public supplying information and opinion. Things were better when it was an Aviation only organization though some commercial pressures may have been exerted on occasions...Coronial investigations bring up some very "not aviation savvy" statements at times, which may be totally irrelevant unintentionally just by lacking aviation "Knowledge" which is quite specialized since only a small % of the population get involved in it other than as a passenger, generally on RPT. Nev .
  15. Covered well. IF you MUST go. Book a seat on RPT. If you are flying VFR you may ARRIVE days later safely when the weather is OK, or not at all.. Nev