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  1. Rubidor

    Tuned Exhaust for Rotax 912 (Lost!)

    Hi Mark, Has as this project exhaust system evolved any further? Many thanks Robbie
  2. Rubidor


    Hi Hank, ‘I did a heap of homework around this mod for bungee replacement but haven’t done it, none of the guys round here have had any issues that I’m aware of. fuse off to painters next week so I’m nearly at the 95% done and 95% to go stage. cheers robbie
  3. Rubidor

    Another NEW Savannah XL on its way

    Sorry about the last post with nothing added, as these transducers measure pressure or head the “ head” value will change with every roll axis angle change, only going to be accurate or relevant as a straight and level setup with no g forces present also? Maybe, maybe not.
  4. Rubidor


    Good morning, Do the bungee cords last well in the Savannah? Has anyone contemplated using the Viking made steel spring for the Zenair? Thanks Robbie
  5. Rubidor

    Just landed

    Hi, Its pretty much unpacked and the stab is deburred so yep well commited, Most likely 912 uls, Where did you source your Alodine from? Cheers
  6. Rubidor

    Just landed

    Hi all, just arrived to gather information and tips for a Savannah S build. Regards Robbie