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  1. Thanks Marty. How is your machine coming along, what stage are you up to?
  2. Most of the structure is now built, just one more wing to go. Video update 7
  3. It has now been 12 months since the start of our build. First engine start last week. Latest build video is now up.
  4. Making good progress. It has been exactly 12 months since we have started. Latest video is here
  5. The 3D model of the engine was sent to me from Aeromomentum. I am currently designing an engine mount and cowling within Fusion360. Decided to keep going and build the whole plane as one day I might build a Xplane model for the simulator. I am building the model similar to the real build.
  6. Hi All, new to this site. I have just started building my Hornet STOL in Tasmania. All is going well so far (apart from the lock down !!!). If anybody wants to follow along with the build I have started a blog here Hornet Build Blog with a YouTube chanel as well.
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