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  1. Yes, you are correct but that is not what was said. An erroneous RA signal earlier on the approach can command the auto thrust to idle thinking it is in the flare.
  2. As mentioned the 5G can interfere with radio altimeters on aircraft. Usually there are two fitted. So what you might say but the RADALT signal is intergrated into many aircraft systems. For example it changes the sensitivity to the ILS signal as you get closer to the ground. If both radalts are unserviceable the approach must be flown manually (Airbus) as the autopilot will not receive correct commands as altitude reduces. During autoland operations in low visibility it commands the engine thrust to idle during the flare. If interference occurred from a 5G signal the engines could go to idle a
  3. How is your aircraft progressing mate? Looks good!
  4. Yes, there are logistical issues that are NOT insurmountable. What ever the issues it would be a lot smarter than the current situation of utilising a dodgy hotel in a capital city.
  5. Are you sure they are olive trees. Some where near Griffith 🙂
  6. In the early 80's there was a mosquito (ultralight) at Forbes aerodrome in the eastern shed. Anyone know it's history?
  7. Did Trevor sponsor you with free beers at his pub?
  8. There were two cows chatting to each other in the pasture. One says to the other, " hey, are you concerned about catching mad cow disease?". The other replys, "why should I be worried? I'm a helicopter!!"
  9. This B727 is a home. https://www.awesomeinventions.com/boeing-727-conversion-home/
  10. I was at a quiz night recently. A question was, who were the first aviators to fly across the Atlantic. Someone from the crowd yelled, "Sammy Davis jr!!". The quiz master replied ,"don't be silly it was Alcock and Brown". Yes, thats what I said-Sammy Davis jr !!!
  11. With only 291.0 hrs on the Broome airframe it will be an interesting investigation.
  12. I won't put up the link but in utube "helicopter crash sydney 1966" will find it..
  13. I visited this aircraft in 2017. Trully magnificent, although doubt the airworthy/flying aim as it was stated at the time it would be flying by now. East Kirkby is also a 20km drive from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at RAF Coningsby. One of the best days an aviator could wish for!
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