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  1. Certainly was in June 6 of us in 3 planes flew in there early from Coober Pedy and we had a tour of the atomic test sites and then we went to Nullabor overnight i have photos of the trip on the Deniliquin Aero Club website on the Fly-Aways page https://www.deniliquinaeroclub.com/fly-aways.html Maralinga was an interesting place cheers bruce
  2. Maralinga is correct Probably was a bit hard until a few clues cheers
  3. It is in SA landed there after getting permission to enter aboriginal lands think of an airstrip about 2500 meters in the middle of nowhere cheers bruce
  4. rawnsley park flew over it last june i have attached one from the same trip
  5. Hi bruce , how are things going, steve
  6. Hi All How about flying in to Deniliquin for a $8 breakfast We have it every Sunday 8 - 9:30 Plenty of accommodation in town if you want to fly in Saturday night, maybe make a weekend and join us on Friday night as well Another good place is Wentworth near Mildura for a weekend get away, Darling Junction Motor Inn will pickup from airport and there is cruise boat that seats 60 people for evening meal and Darling Murray river cruise Excellent value, Deni Aero Club have been the last 2 years and we can recommend it Photos on our website www.deniliquinaeroclub.com Cheers Bruce
  7. shu77 Sorry I do not have it in writing but I think his name was Kevin or Keith he said that they would accept the ipad mini. Why not email CASA and ask them but we were quite happy to accept his word that the ipad mini was ok. Then you could have it in writing that they said that it was an "Appropriate Size". Bruce
  8. Hi Airsick as I said in the above post CASA told us that an ipad mini is OK but an iphone is not. Bruce
  9. The CASA rep that did a ramp check on us at Temora said that an Ipad Mini does comply even though it is not A5 size. He said that an iPhone did not comply
  10. Hi All Just a note on this, two of us flew into Temora on Saturday and we got ramp checked by CASA. We were able to supply all that they wanted as we had the current maps with the track marked on it. Flight plan with departure and arrival times that were up to date before we got checked. Our maps were up to date, they asked for the current WAC as well as the ERC Low and also our printed weather. If we had have had an Ipad with Oz Runways then this would have been acceptable as we had the maps and ERSA as a backup. We could have had no maps or ERSA and could have had a 2nd Ipad or Ipad mini as the backup. (Yes an ipad mini is acceptable as a backup device or primary device). I asked and they said that Ipad mini and maps/ersa/printed weather was acceptable. But no iPhones as too much scrolling is required. As long as they could see that we had the current weather as a printed copy or saved pdf on the ipad CASA were happy. They told us also that they are happy to accept a photocopy of the ERSA pages for the route, but it would be better to have the ERSA in case of a big deviation of course. BUT one question they asked did we use a GPS and we said YES we used the Avmap installed in the panel as well as the track on the WAC. If we said that used the Ipad (if we had one) then we would have failed as CASA do not consider the ipad to be a GPS only an EFB if you have Oz Runways. Hope that our experience helps others but at no time in the ramp check did we feel threatened or intimidated by the CASA reps, they could not be more helpful, in fact I felt sorry for them with some of the comments made to them on Saturday afternoon when they were hosting a ramp check seminar in front of a jab 230. Some of the comments that were made from some of our members towards the 3 guys were way out of line, these guys are just trying to help us. Do not know who the members were who said these comments but they should be ashamed of themselves. Cheers Bruce
  11. Hi Mark Do you ever get to fly into Deniliquin, if so let me know and I will come out and say g'day Cheers Bruce I will pm phone number if you are ever about
  12. Good Morning Tomo The guys who saw it were on their way to the airport and they stopped the guy as he was taxi-ing in, his first words were, have I forgot to remove the tow bar. It was sticking straight out the front and very lucky that it did not hit the prop. I guess nobody is perfect but something as simple as that could have very bad results. Bruce
  13. G'day Tomo Where did you get the photo from as a cessna 206(I think) came overhead today on final at Deniliquin and the tow bar was still on the front wheel, but sticking forward. Seems a co-incidence that you post this photo and one of our members seen the same thing today. Cheers Bruce