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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have any links to parties or cases so not quite sure what you are referring to there. I also understand that ASQA won't do anything with complaints and there advice is to go through the complaints process of the institution (in this case Box Hill).
  2. I'm one of the students "left in the lurch". I had no issues with Soar or the processes they were following. Soar were a whole lot safer than the school I came from prior who would consistently allow flights to go out over MTOW. However I do take exception to their statement saying "they are doing everything possible to assist the students impacted". Neither Box Hill nor Soar have made any formal statement to any student other than what was written in the BHI letter. They both seem to be passing the buck to the other and communication has been non existent. I have an $18K debt now that needs t
  3. I'm a student pilot on my way t oPPL. When I get there I was hoping to be able to visit friends in Lakes Entrance and Port Campbell (actually Timboon) I can see an airport at Lakes Entrance (though landing fees seem high!) but wondered about port campbell. I know there is a helicopter base at port campbell and I know planes fly down there to show off the 12 apostles but not sure if I can get to my friends at Timboon by plane? Whats the best way to find out? Just lookup the ERSA?
  4. Hey everyone, I’m an absolute newbie so apologies if this is a dumb question, but Is there an easy way to do short flights? For example, I want to visit my sister in lakes entrance in cup weekend and I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I could fly those 260 Kim’s instead of drive them. Given aircraft appear to be hired by the hour I can’t see any way to do this without it costing thousands of dollars. Am I right? Is that the case? Has no one yet figured out a way to connect pilots to aircraft (Uber app style). If there is an app or some other way then I’d love to know about it. Thanks!
  5. Great thread! I had the same question. Saw a post that suggested it would be cheaper to buy a small Cessna (or similar) and then train in that and sell it when you have your licence. I've only been flying for a week (yes, literally) and am already absolutely hooked. Cant wait to get up in the air again and thinking about flying constantly. Love the idea of the convenience of your own plane but also understand the economics associated with planes and the maintenance costs (i.e. if its cheap then it will soon cost you a lot of money!). Will be looking at getting PPL first and then see if I want
  6. Learning at amber aviation out of Essendon. Currents flying a pa 38 tomahawk. 4 lessons down so far!
  7. Hey there, after 54 years on the planet I’m finally living my dream and learning to fly. Hoping to get to cpl, but who knows. Just want to enjoy the learning and the flying for now. Looking forward to "speaking" with everyone on the forums.
  8. Has anyone else used these practice exams? Is it worth the subscription?
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