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  1. they arent.... people just dont care and the risk of getting fined
  2. hey seeing as its already SA people answering, any flying clubs hiring RAA planes out at Murray Bridge or Gawler? Perants moved down to Gawler at the start of the year, and I'd like to go for a flight when I visit them (especially as I grew up in the area, and the idea of overflying the friends/family ski boats when everyone is out together is a very attractive idea...)
  3. I'm already most of the way through it. And as I've said I've sacrificed to do it. Just wanted to give a different perspective to the time and cost. Where it's not viewed as a lump sum. - as I'm sure that many my age need to spread it out over time. And I've spent a decent amount of my savings when I felt I needed more stick time in a short time period to get the feeling of certain aspects of flying. I think it's essential for early circuits. Will be doing it again for practice forced landings after covid. Just can't get the hang of it yet. I've chosen against leaving work to change
  4. all good if your not working full time and paying rent.... its the old conundrum of needing time and money. $8000, is 13% of my yearly wage (before tax too). not a small sum lets look further, using the price of $250 for dual (not unrealistic, easy for quick math and not far off what I pay - edge of the eastern suburbs, Melbourne), lets say a weekend gives you 4 hours of flying. and costs $1000. thats a bit over a weeks wage after tax... that aint going to work. so we are back to 1 lesson a week, at $250. which is a bit more then a quarter of my wage. its doable...(28, single, w
  5. No Worries, I know the way I have done it is horribly inefficient, especially if I was focused on getting a certification. But the Qualification isn't the reason for me, its just a goal to work towards. That's one of the great things Ive found in aviation is there is always another stepping stone to work towards. I just wanted to go flying and Ive been able to do that, getting the qualification will be a great point of personal pride. But its not why I took that first lesson. I think that makes a difference with the approach and mentality. I'm happy to "waste" an hours lesson battling a
  6. Yep, I do most of that... But I just enjoy flying. I know my theory isn't where it needs to be - there is a reason I chose not to study after yr12, I don't have the ability to self motivate. I can only fly certain days due to work, so I take whatever Instructor is available, whatever the weather is. I know I could have soloed sooner, my first was at 30 hours... probably would have been 25 if I was only with the one instructor. But I find I pick-up something different from each one, and often they focus on a different aspect. I duplicate hours because I take time between lessons, often a we
  7. I'm at 40 hours and 10k already. easily get to 12k, 15k is possible - struggling with PFL's at least these guys are honest and up-front about the hours. I see so many advertise it as 25 hours, I know its possible - but wonder what the true average is
  8. Maybe they are just scared about mucking up their call's -no radio, means no mistakes
  9. difference between rule of law, and enforcement
  10. looking at the Mens shed it seems like a great environment. would love to join one. and learn off others experiences - as a 28yr old I reckon it would be an invaluable thing Unfortunetly I work way too much looking at the local chapters. only get Sundays free
  11. Are aircraft engines running an Nikasil bore? with modern car and motorcycle engines, the revs come at the expense of being rebuildable (in an economical manner). the old top end rebuild is a rare thing now
  12. you would be surprised, an modern alloy block V8 is about the same weight as an old iron 4 cylinder. especially with the internals being forged and alloy too. hmm, only vehicles I can think of that get set to 100% or cruise at 75% are boats, where weight isn't an issue. Or Jet-skis, most are running a motorcycle derivative engine with the revs reduced. the main issue is cooling, they normally use pressure and water from the jet pump. the exception is Seadoo... which is BRP (aka Rotax) they run a closed loop system... and have reliability issues because of it
  13. I don't know what to add. there is so much to say, it really is comparing apples to oranges. I remember there was a joke that statistically you have a better chance of not getting cancer if you owned a budgie. I think that sums up this thinking too.
  14. Went up on Saturday, had a call from the instructor an hour before to warn of conditions bumpy as anything, plenty of wind. didn't have the nose pointed straight for any part of the circuit, crosswind was about 45* off the direction traveled. first time back in the air for 2 months and learning departure and joining procedures. controls felt sloppy and had no resistance - and the turbulence meant trying to remember the proper calls while flying the Jabiru had me feeling task saturated. Good to have the instructor there to save my ass, he grabbed the controls momentarily a few times in the fl
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