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  1. lets not get into those details.... it upsets me that every dirt motorcycle in Hollywood is a 2-stroke. (most noticeable is terminator 2 - high pitch 2 stroke sound, over the low revving 4 stroke Honda XR) or magically changing tyres as they go from road to dirt and back (mission impossible 2, special mention to Torque for swapping bikes completely)
  2. Movie with the longest running joke - using propeller sounds in a jet aircraft
  3. and thats the issue they are working around, they already have systems that will sacrifice itself for a kill - its called a missile. they are working up self preservation programing, and the controls to be able to change it mid mission. The idea is its a wing-man system where one manned aircraft can control a couple of unmanned as a force multiplier and increase survivability. being able to switch them from defensive and offensive depending on the circumstances. and at what level they are willing to endanger the asset
  4. was actually listening to a podcast with the DARPA team leader for this project. he was saying its not accurate yet, the AI is taking risks that no fighter pilot would. they learned to go for a frontal shot - something that is high risk, and low probability of success. so advised against in the fighter doctrine. so basically the simulations learn to cheat. - which is part of why they run them, to see how it responds and adjust tactics accordingly. chance to see things that humans don't normally think of, or dismiss. next stage is building two F16's and two L39? to upload these programs
  5. Correct, We just acquired one of those boats in the family. (and most I know of are owned by the parents - like ours, or through family syndicates) ignore the tow vehicle, these are normally work cars with businesses plastered on the side. its so we can fit more people on the boat, current capacity is 12 people. (find me a 12 seat plane for 150K) you rarely see those boats go out with less then 6. and they offer the ability to stay away from the shore for longer (lets you get to clear spots in the river, and rotate through skiers without the need to come in and swap people in the bo
  6. seems one of the themes here is that the vocal majority are older flyers, makes sense that they would want the benefits of GA, without the risks of medicals revoking their status (arguably the medicals is less of a risk to younger flyers) I wonder what the shift of direction would be if RAA had the same medical requirements as GA?
  7. so this is my views and experience, the club culture is changing, there is a lot going on in our lives. The local flight school runs two barbecues I know of, one on Sunday that the old guys attend. and another on Monday nights as part of a study group - this seems to be a mixture, but more young people. which makes sense as we are all in the beginning of our journey. the facebook group for the study sessions is fairly active with young people. Reason for flying - its interesting that whenever we talk about what we want to do at the flight school. however I seem to be the only one
  8. not Lockheed. lets not forget the mars rover that crashed because NASA assumed the inputs were in metric, as per the standard practices for space flight
  9. better question is why they still call it Imperial? doesn't that go against there whole culture of freedumbs and independence
  10. NASA uses metric. From memory the Apollo missions were all done in metric, with it converted to imperial for the read-outs
  11. yeah, to do anything other than an oil change you have to remove the tank. which is a bummer when customers have just fueled up on the way in to service old days you would jut turn off the fuel tap and disconnect the lines. new bike with fuel pumps that bolt in from below will run a quick disconnect because of the pressure in the fuel system. few different styles, some have the ends threaded into the pump (Ducati and triumph style), others have one side cast in the pump plate or tank. (the Harleys from memory had a quick connect on the fuel line, but was just a tube coming off the tan
  12. motorcycle fittings, most bikes with a fuel pump run quick connect fittings. I know Triumph and Ducati do, and of course with the fuel tank over the hot engines it has the shut-off. with aftermarket metal fittings widely available (the stock ones are plastic and break on removal) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/333178511422
  13. instructors are still allowed to fly to keep ratings. there was some pics of the instructors in the Lilydale vixxens on Facebook.
  14. Good point, not to mention the problem is also a tunnel with clear entry and exit paths. All our tunnels seem to be in city's to bypass city traffic. The tunnels in Melbourne are all 3 lane, as is the one exiting Adelaide.
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