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  1. My understanding is that there is a certification requirement that as the AoA increases as the control column is being pulled back, the pressure required on the control column should not decrease. For the MAX, the aerodynamic effect of the larger, more forward engine nacelles led to a decrease - hence the decision to feed in nose down trim via MCAS as a quick and dirty solution to the certification problem.
  2. GraemeK

    Bloody PTV.

    I now understand why I go on trade days - what an awful experience Peter! I can't imagine what it must have been like in that crowd in that heat.
  3. GraemeK

    RPL fees

    Yep - but my last few have been in my logbook regardless (as well as on my licence)! Old habits die hard I guess!
  4. GraemeK

    RPL fees

    Don't even need to do that - I just email a scan of the logbook page to RAAus. Same with GA endorsements (RU, MPPC, etc, also for your X-country on your RPC).
  5. GraemeK

    Guess The Airstrip

    OK, I'll take a stab at Ballarat
  6. GraemeK

    Bloody PTV.

    I'll be flying in to YAVE, avoid the transport hassles (CASA ramp check a small price to pay).
  7. GraemeK

    Guess The Airstrip

    Looks like YPAG
  8. GraemeK

    Guess The Airstrip

    Looks like YLED ...
  9. GraemeK

    DC3 restoration series

    That'd be VH-ABR "Kanana" which was out and about today with a return trip to Bendigo. An original DC-3 (not C-47 conversion) with a pair of Wright Cyclones. One of the stars of the Lilydale airshow recently. Interestingly, based at Tullamarine YMML, not YMEN.
  10. GraemeK

    Lilydale airshow is on again

    Some fantastic shots from Duncan Fenn - especially the Decathlon! https://www.facebook.com/pg/drfphoto/photos/?tab=albums
  11. GraemeK

    Lilydale airshow is on again

    All good - weather turned out OK. Will post a few pics when I sort them.
  12. GraemeK

    Lilydale airshow is on again

    Looking forward to seeing the Auster at LIL!
  13. GraemeK

    Lilydale airshow is on again

    Airfield looking great, lots of activity setting up, some incredible acrobatic practice in the Decathlon - should be a great day tomorrow!
  14. GraemeK

    Lilydale airshow is on again

    Yep Peter, I was going to take up Kaz's solution of prayer, but I think if I tried that I might just be struck down by bolts of lightning ... See what happens, tomorrow is briefing day and if all turns out OK I'll have some fun marshalling aircraft on Sunday.