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  1. The POH for the Warrior recommends running on the first tank for 1 hour, then second tank for two hours, then back to the first (assumes tanks full initially, each tank roughly 2.5hr). I usually follow that recommendation.
  2. Recently in Mumbai - and it's bizarre that the "Towers of Silence" are effectively in the middle of the city, exclusive real estate.
  3. A friend, following her late husband's wishes, scattered his ashes from their 172. Unfortunately, they all blew back into the aircraft, apparently took months to get rid of it all. So just "out the window" won't work!
  4. I always reckon it takes 2 to Tango!
  5. Given you can see the sky through it, it has to be a Skye Trek Sky Seeer, er Skyseeker, MK 111.
  6. GraemeK



  7. GraemeK


  8. My understanding is that there is a certification requirement that as the AoA increases as the control column is being pulled back, the pressure required on the control column should not decrease. For the MAX, the aerodynamic effect of the larger, more forward engine nacelles led to a decrease - hence the decision to feed in nose down trim via MCAS as a quick and dirty solution to the certification problem.
  9. I now understand why I go on trade days - what an awful experience Peter! I can't imagine what it must have been like in that crowd in that heat.
  10. Yep - but my last few have been in my logbook regardless (as well as on my licence)! Old habits die hard I guess!
  11. Don't even need to do that - I just email a scan of the logbook page to RAAus. Same with GA endorsements (RU, MPPC, etc, also for your X-country on your RPC).
  12. OK, I'll take a stab at Ballarat
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